Posted by: graemebird | July 19, 2008

Why Does The White Wall Of Death Come On So Strong?

I’ve brought this one to the front because its a heading that I never ended up writing anything about. A bit of a conundrum arises with accumulating ice and glaciations. People get confused as to whether this means warming or cooling. They get confused about WHETHER it means one or the other and WHY does it mean the one of those two they ASSUME it means. So an alarmist will say that the increasing ice in inland Antarctica (if he is under torture and admits to it in the first place) is proof of global warming since warming means more precipitation, means more snow, means ice accumulation. Well immediately you see that these people are trying to have it both ways. But on the other hand things could be different for the North and South poles. You could have one scenario for the North Pole and one for the South. Since the ice down South is so much colder and also to do with the configuration of the non-ice land.

But this is not just a matter of typical alarmist idiocy. Most issues we come up against in this controversy wind up just being a matter of alarmist idiocy and dishonesty. But not this subject. This is indeed a bit of a poser.

It is-in-fact an anomaly, why during the cold times, this ice starts accumulating. People say “That makes no sense?….. Or more like they don’t say it. They just think it and get all confused…… ” That makes no sense… ” they think…. “Because we need more precipitation to get the ice accumulation but how can we be getting the ice accumulating when we know that its getting cooler and there will be less precipitation….”

This conundrum has lead to people having these terrible fantasies about matters getting so warm that they suddenly flip to cold. Like its so warm, all this precipitation develops, and the earth, in its vengeance, will suddenly flip to cold mode in an over-reaction to our transgressions upon it.

Now all of this is truly bullshit. And it comes with half-believing the lies. The historical record is clear. The cold times mean the dry times. Not on a decadal level but for time periods considerably longer than one decade. Cold means droughts. And yet cold means massive growth in ice sheets and glaciers. So how in the hell do we square this circle?

Well we can start by trying to square this circle uncluttered by alarmist un-science, lies and soothsaying. And the first thing that we come up with is eminently sensible, and worthy of non-stolen-money financing, to see if it has legs.

Here is my version of this very simple reconciliation of the facts, as they are known outside of leftist lying.

Posted at Dr Jennifer Marohasy’s blog:


All 48 glaciers in the Southern Alps have grown during the past year.
The growth is at the head of the glaciers, high in the mountains, where they
gained more ice than they lost. Noticeable growth should be seen at the
foot of the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers within two to three years.(27 May 2003)
Fox, Franz Josef glaciers defy trend – New Zealand’s two best-known
glaciers are still on the march – 31 Jan 07 – See Franz Josef Glacier”

Right. Thats the answer we were looking for. And note. Its pretty much the opposite of the impression Luke tried to create.

“The growth is at the head of the glaciers, high in the mountains, where they
gained more ice than they lost.”

I think thats a very important point. Compare this to what we know about the heat island effect on precipitation when you have a hot city and then its cooler down wind from that city.

“Partly as a result of the urban heat island effect, monthly rainfall is about 28% greater between 20-40 miles downwind of cities, compared with upwind.[1]”

You are getting that extra precipitation when the clouds pass over and go from a warmer to a cooler area. So what we have to explain is how we get powerfully growing white wall of death during the cooler times when we ought to be getting less precipitation. I’m saying the only way (I can think of) to square that circle is to assume that we indeed get less precipitation during these times. But that the wind systems may work such that the winds at cloud level are a bit stronger or faster. And so less precipitation but more of it being blown further from the equator….

Which of course implies drought in the mid-latitude regions.

So why does the white wall of death wind up traveling like a slow-motion river, or billowing larval flow, crushing all that is before it? I think that what this is about is that when the lesser-precipitation-blown-further finally hits the ice front…….. shall we say 20-40 miles back from the front (going only on that heat island quote) the fact that the clouds have been traveling over this cold patch for that length of time will encourage the clouds to let go of more of their booty on average at that point. So you’ll have this build-up many miles back from the front which will keep on driving the ice-front onward. So what we’ll get is this vicious cycle that will bring the ice down off the mountains and then keep the glacial sheets moving across the land killing everything and buggering things up bigtime.


Right. Thats my explanation right there and its pretty simple aint it. Its also about the fourth pretty good scientific hypothesis original to me that I’ve come up with on my blog and its pissing me off that the Nobels hasn’t shown up in the mail but I’d settle for an honorary doctorate of some sort or another.

Now just because I’m talking about the global warming fraud again doesn’t mean I’m through with that “long-legged Mac-Daddy” usurping communist-jihadist: Barry Soetoro.





Show us your birth certificate Barry. How about that certificate hey Barry. Show us your birth certificate or get your fraudulent, pimp-ass, back to Indonesia. 

Barry has chosen the lamest, most one-sided, most tendentiously picked, economics team EVER. But he’s only doing it for the purpose of what in SELLING they call the “ASSUMPTIVE SALE”.  

But then more about that on another thread.


Hello to some of you academically employed sheilas at Prodeo. I know you read my blog and keep up the denial to your friends. But there will be no fooling me on this point.

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