Posted by: graemebird | August 4, 2008

Paydirt: ABC Unleashed/I need a favour.

One of the science-fraudster-leftists associated with the IPCC-UN-Scandal has made the mistake of actually trying to make a science-case for this global warming racket.

Heretofore these guys had maintained this science-fraud by studiously filibustering on the issue of the science. Lying and pretending that there is a consensus and so forth.

When the movement gets wind of what a damaging thread this is they will have to close it down in some way. Or take over moderation in such a way as to attempt to frustrate the climate rationalists and make them look stupid.

The favour I ask is for as many of you as you can to just go there and keep about two or three different versions of this thread saved at any one time. Make sure if you are saving over an old version that they haven’t wiped old comments on the sly, that had previously been allowed through.

Its almost too good to be true so it cannot stand.  But don’t let the permanent record be wiped.

Freelancers unnconnected with the ABC can potentially cause all types of strife for just 3 or 4 people and their computer. But if we get this thread saved often, by many people, it will be the gift that keeps giving:



  1. David Karoly Blatant fraud:

    Check this clown out here:

  2. Fucking check this lunatic Robin Williams out:

    This fucking retard Williams reckons the hockey stick holds up.

  3. What’s needed is detailed piece on carbon in realtion to surface radiation. And it needs to be presented in little paragraphs like those ‘… for dummies’ books so people who think communism can work can grasp it. I’m going work on it on my blog soon.

  4. Ha Ha. Yeah well they have mountains of data on this matter. And other than on this really long time scale where CO2 follows and does not lead warming they have nothing.

    These useless bastards who have been elevated to prominence by this racket say the most stupid things. The problem is one of Detection and atribution. That is to say “evidence.” But I can remember James Annan blaming the practice of “Detection and attribution” for what he thought was confusion about this racket. That is to say he was blaming the people who look for evidence for not conforming to his nonsense. Or something pretty close when you boiled it all down.

    I’m trying to find this pearler of his so I can link it. Perhaps after my taunts he may have taken it from his blog. Its just wall-to-wall unreason all the way down the line with this science fraud crowd. With science frauds like Annan and Karoly.

    Here it is:

    “Detection and attribution has a lot to answer for in respect of this confusion……”

    Just a beauty don’t you think? Its like saying “Evidence and reason is the real problem here!”

  5. The debunking is still going very well. With the science fraud Karoly still hiding underneath his desk.

  6. Right. What do you want to say about climate science?

  7. I think he’s after a bravery medal for commenting on your blog…
    You wouldn’t want this guy on the frontline holding his fire till the whites of the enemy’s eyes are showing.

  8. So the ice has been melting in the net sense since the 1800’s. And yet now its melting and you are claiming industrial-CO2. But it went backwards in 2006 and this year it will go backwards also by the looks of it. So where is the evidence?

    Why don’t you morons ever admit when you are wrong? This is what it means to be a leftist. No longer do you need to admit that you are wrong. A bunch of stupid sheilas the lot of you.

  9. The oceans have accumulated a great deal of heat energy through the 80’s and 90’s. Right up until as late as 2003. So if we have this negative and positive phases of the North Atlantic Oscillation it is hardly any surprise that the melting would continue as it has done for more than 200 years.

    So what was your evidence?

  10. In other news the evidence-filibuster continues on ABC-Unleashed. Science Fraud and leftist whore David Karoly hasn’t so much as shown up to clarify the logic of his idiocy. Let alone come good with any empirical evidence.

  11. As I say. Evidence -free posts are not immortal on this blog. This evidence filibuster is just annoying me.

  12. You were talking about ATOLLS. Atolls sinking. Now if you find that an atoll is sinking is it normal to conclude that the sea level is rising?

    Supossing an ATOLL drops ten metres? Is this evidence of the oceans rising?

    OF COURSE FUCKING NOT. DON’T BE A LUNATIC. A rise is in sea level is a universal thing and not restricted to ATOLLS. The water hasn’t risen by many metres along the NSW coastline. Or the New Zealand coastline. Hence it has not risen substantially anywhere. Because a rise in sea level anywhere is a rise in sea level everywhere.

    This is the sort of “EVIDENCE” these lunatics have to resort to when they involve themselves in science fraud.

  13. Good day Mr Bird

    It is lamentable that you do not have more time to share your wise ponderings with us. It surely is a great burden that you need to waste countless hours culling the flotsam and jetsam on your blog to add insult to injury.

    I wish I could help you Mr Bird but my pockets are only so deep. I have been, as you may have noticed, indisposed because of the legal fees I have had to dole out to fend off the government’s persecution of my family and attempt to seize my farm using some minor firearms ‘misdemeanours’ as an excuse. Can you imagine what the righteous among us are reduced to Mr Bird while parasites like this Adrien continue to feed off the heritage i have left him? It makes my blood boil.

    But keep up the good work.

    From a very tired old man …

  14. The communists have gotten to me on a more humble level. They seem to have all but cut me off at UNLEASHED. The evidence-filibuster continues unabated and it just amounts to a confederacy of the stupid, the wicked and the wicked pretending to be stupid.

    There has to be this commitment to punish the science-fraudsters once the weather gets so cold that the public turns against this racket.

  15. The world needs your voice more than ever Mr Bird and I hope you come out of retirement soon and fill the web with your wisdom. Strapping young lads like you need to carry the flame as we old soldiers move on or get run into the ground by the traps laid by Leviathan. I may npt be long on this earth Mr Bird and young people like you are the country’s only hope and freedom’s final breath of oxygen.

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