Posted by: graemebird | September 13, 2008

Research Project.

Following on from the sea level conjecture. We were wanting to see if sea level might not be the best measure of CUMULATIVE joules in the ocean. We also have the Argos floats and we have a study, I think, of how the oceans take in and expel energy every year. Also we have satelite measurements of solar wind and we have people everywhere taking measurements of the make-up of solar activity. Like for example the amount and composition of UV light hitting the ground or even at the level of the satelites.

Now surely this is where our modelling efforts and our DETECTION AND ATTRIBUTION efforts ought to be going into. Instead of spending another 50 billion trying to prove a bad thesis, we ought to be trying to make that link between solar activity and cumulative joules in the ocean. As well as seeing the differences in time and magnitude, between what we are getting back from the Argos floats and from sea level measurements.

The argos floats will surely tell us that imbedded oceanic energy peaks and falls yearly as the earth moves closer to the sun, and the peak won’t be reached until some time after that point. As well the sea level will be giving us the same story but slightly different. So here we have a chance to find out a great deal by a simple reconcilliation between these two measures of imbedded energy.

Thereafter once these are reconciled it ought to be a small step to sussing out the direct month by month effect of the sun on both of these metrics or a third metric that the reconcilliation process has produced. So we can dissaggregate what the effect of solar wind is and what the effect of solar radiance is, both in its raw power and its composition.

Thereafter the research project would cascade out to take into account whats happening with the ocean currents at the beginning and end of each month.

Only then might we be able to sort out other influences.

But if we keep on coming at the problem through the seemingly near-irrelevant CO2 level end of things, moderated through this bogus watts-per-square-metre jive we can spend another 50billion dollars and get exactly nowhere.

Looking at this graph one would think that there is an

 enourmous amount to learn simply by reconciling

whats happening in the Northern versus the Southern


More time ought to be spent inductively working

 through all the angles before you let your

 science-workers take off into the field accumulating

 bills that must be paid by the taxpayer.

Or even before you let the programmers and

mathematicians buy more computer power

and hire more staff.


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