Posted by: graemebird | September 14, 2008

Tim Lamberts Major-Me Strikes Again.


Comment from Graeme Bird 
Time September 14, 2008 at 11:57 am

Right Jim. The alarmist camp is dead from the neck up. But this doesn’t stop Tim Lamberts MAJOR-ME….(that is to say the beloved Professor Barry Brook….) from continuing with a power-load of circular reasoning.

Here he contradicts another thread he wrote. Which claimed that the question was why haven’t we cooled even more? Why have the temperatures held up? Then in this other thread he talks about El Nina and solar influences. He doesn’t think once about the oceans having accumulated a great amount of joules and still being relatively “warm” in this regard.

But nothing phases these guys and least of all Tim Lamberts Major-Me. He just keeps going like a combination between Uncle Fester and the eveready bunny. After much circular reasoning he announces this bizzare conclusion:

Thus if the sun remains “out”, i.e., stuck for a long period in the current solar minimum, it can offset only about 7 years of CO2 increase.”

He says this yet he will not come on here and present a study that brings forth evidence for CO2-warming. He is assuming 3 degrees for a doubling. Total nonsense and flat our irrational. But he doesn’t so much as have any evidence for CO2-warming. He doesn’t know of any evidence for it, he cannot find anyone with such evidence. He doesn’t know anyone who could track such evidence down.

By his own reasoning this CANNOT be right. Since he is going on the air temperature alone. And we have had at least a 5% increase in CO2 since 1998. So why at least 2 years of cooling? If he used the Argos floats or the sea level as proxy for joules within the system, rather than merely air temperature, he might be able to make a case for some sort of humbler CO2 influence. But no he’s sticking with his ludicrous 3 degrees for a doubling based on nothing at all.

Imagine if this 3 degrees business were true? How fortunate we would be? We’d have our own thermostat. Our own ability to expand the tropical and subtropical zones to help us through the Landsheidt minimum. I’d like to believe this stuff only its rubbish. You put on your wishful thinking hat you might imagine one tenth of this slipping through the data and unable to be recognized. But if CO2-warming isn’t negative its probably even less than that.




  1. At least attribute the research article to the right scientist – the piece in question was by James Hansen from NASA. Prof Brook presents and agrees with Hansen’s research – as do the bloggers on BNC and the vast majority of the world’s scientists.

  2. Brook and Lambert are doing a two step? how funny is that. Brook is now selling low carb(on) diets on his stupid site and the dwarf is selling a trip for two to NY. Pretty soon these two idiots are going to do chook Raffles in pubs. LOL

    i really don’t know who is worse out of these two. lambert simply lies when the truth would better support his argument. The dwarf is shockingly dishonest.

    Meanwhile the other idiot, Brook is actually suggesting we’re experiencing massive extinctions. These two nut balls would be dangerous if they had a functional brain stem.

  3. So if the beloved Professor Brooks agrees to it all and passes it on he has to take responsibility for it. He is qualified to take responsibility no? Hopefully you all can take responsibility for it when you are running into eachother at Centrelink.

    Now go to my latest thread. The link of which I also got from the beloved Professor Brooks’ site. See if you can fault the logic of it.

  4. Blover:

    But how would brook know if Hansen is right or wrong as he has no qualification in Climate science- unless of course if you think his title is supposed to suggestive.

    In any event Hansen is an extremist and any of his work needs to be treated sceptically since his latest outburst about jailing people. as someone said, Brook is a political activist on the government payroll.

  5. Yes Brothels. I see it as akin to a scene from Waiting For Godot. Where one idiot has another on a lease. Or a scene from Blood Meridian where Judge Holden leads this handicapped mute through the desert at the end of a rope.

    But in this case the mini-me leads the major-me.

  6. So Bird, is Brook Lambert’s mini-me or is lambert Brook’s mini-me? lambert couldn’t be taller than 4′ 8″. Are you suggesting Brook is even shorter?

    Both these nutballs are taking this thing as some sort of religious experience and ought to probably join a church. They’re both end-of timers.

  7. Oh , sorry, I read it now. Brook is Lambert’s major-me. That figures as I couldn’t imagine anyone shorter than Lambert on any academic faculty in the country.

  8. Did you notice recently that Brook was flogging a low carb diet. That’s not a low carb as in a carbohydrate diet. He actually means a low carbon diet. The fucking idiot actually wants people to starve to death in certain ways. Our wonderful tax system is making sure this fool earns a living.

  9. Brothels. Audit my logic on the next thread. See if you think I’m coming off the beam. What I’m saying is if we put (lets say) 7 gigatonnes of carbon in the air each year, then we must be putting about 3.5 gigatonnes in the air and the biosphere, including the oceans just swallows all that like it isn’t there and far more beyond that. So our output is powerless to halt these yearly free-falls and perhaps can only mitigate them a little bit.

    Hence when the several trends have also turned down the CO2-trend will have to turn down also. Perhaps with a few years grace.

  10. Goodness me. What I’m saying is that we must be putting almost half the amount in the air during that time when CO2 levels are dropping. Since from the graph CO2 levels appear to be dropping almost 6 months in the year.

    We put that much in the air and the cooling oceans just gobble it up and far more to boot.

  11. Have you seen Brook’s portrait? He has to be uglier than blind cobbler’s thumb.

  12. Yeah but don’t be too nasty about it. It was Lamberts first go at cloning a life-sized version of himself. Don’t hurt Lamberts feelings. He’ll likely destroy his earlier drafts, and come up with something less unsightly as time goose-steps onwards.

  13. I like your metaphorical descriptions Graeme. LOL
    I suspect you know Hansen was Gore’s chief scientific adviser. His mate Stephen Schneider both contributed to the UN IPCC.

    Ironically in the mid 1970s the ‘new ice age cometh’ mini series (Available still on U Tube)
    contradicts their present day ‘theory’. Stephen then had long hair and a beard, looking really new age, now a bit hairless, nevertheless, for that series and hypothesis, he used a program developed by Jim Hansen. Small world, covering their backs eh? Even Al Gore in his Inconvenient
    Truth mentions, AGW CO2 emissions can bring on a new ice age? Is that what I call hedging your bets? Or covering your bases. If one thing is working out, well ‘We told you so – another excuse, eh?

    The world warms (not through CO2 emissions) but
    just before another ice age starts. Now scientists from Antarctica are telling us that once Antarctica once had tropical forests and crocodiles. Sure mate millions of years ago – baa humbug – but their conclusions is wait for it – with ice melting
    this proves climate change is one the way. I wonder how much they were paid to do that survey, that we all knew anyway. The planet once didn’t have polar regions.

  14. Hansen really is a fool. Notice that he is an astronomer. His view of the weather seems to be confined to what can be picked up by looking at a planet from a very great distance.

    These people are just powermad. I think this is what we will find with this Ben Eltham geek as well. Clive Hamilton wants to censor the internet and have peoples children brainwashed to believe the state over their parents. These people are all lunatics.

    Consider what a lunatic this Ben Eltham is. Reckons he’s flattered to be compared to Clive Hamilton. I didn’t think to compare him to Clive Hamilton ever until the dummy brought it up.

    Jeepers what a moron. And someone who has fallen for this racket as well.

  15. Graaeme, it’s all politics and money involved, and keeping faith with ones comrades. Certainly the AGW theorists and frauds are on the back foot right now.

    Without strong governmental restraint, they will worm their way out of this. So much money has been invested in Carbon Credit tradings, that if no ETS or Cap and Trade legislated in the name of – Saving the Planet, it will be slow to prove they are frauds and whores in the name of Climate Change.

    I sent you my ‘Ode from a Carbon Whore’?

    Well here it is again.

    If you appreciate metaphorical expressionism you’ll like this!)


    When I was young and flighty
    I rarely wore my nightie,
    Now I’m old and failing
    My bank balance is also ailing!

    So- me thought and with thinking
    Invented a ship that was sinking,
    HMS CO2 is warming – effing shocking!
    Rescuers never saw it and me docking?

    They traded in their carbon credits,
    Giving trillions to the masses debits.
    ‘Somethings wrong?’ screamed some smart sage,
    ‘It’s snowing? -cometh another bleedin’ ice age?

    So – “We made a little error”, I replied,
    “Be grateful now – you could all have died!”
    “As temps plummet – just close your door
    Cos – I’m off to warmer climes with Al Gore!”

    And so be it if we don’t wake up to the IPCC and Senator Wong et al – LOL

    Nite Graeme, late here in Oz, see you tomorrow eh on Joanne’s site?

  16. I don’t think Hansen is a fool. Just an opportunist.
    Like the rest of these so called AGW theorists.

    Who have been paid millions to PROVE AGW. And corrupted the data (that can be done easily) to please their employers.

    Clean energy, etc., carbon credits is a futures. But it won’t solve climate changes. Nor will CO2 emissions cuts. In fact there is one section of believers who believe AGW might be holding off a pending ice age, that will be disasterous for the Northern Hemisphere more than the Southern
    Hemisphere. I believe actually they all knew this anyway, if I do a mere BA why wouldn’t they?

    Thank goodness for Lord Moncktons, McIntire and MacIntrick, Soo, Daly and others who right from the start saw through the whores of climate change. I believe Mann, Jones, Hansen, Gore, Pachauri Schnieder and all those frauds should front up in front of governmental inquiry commissions and be charged with gaining monies under false pretenses.

    And clean energy investors like Pachauri, and Gore should start to think about their priorities.
    Well of course it will be firstly and lastly with their personal dollars invested. Not how they can save the planet!

  17. Ha Ha. Ode to a carbon whore. Nice. Bush Bunny I’m living in Sydney. What are you doing up so late at night?

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