Posted by: graemebird | September 18, 2008

Bloody Obvious Theoretical Breakthroughs/Viscosity Et Al

Can we get a moratorium on lying about the Malinkovitch orbital cycles needing C02 to make their gig work?

Finding that Roger had released a study that used Stefan-Boltzmanns and marginalism to show that the flat earth models are senseless….. something I had been almost physically trying to beat into the internet for about two years now….. I thought it was high time that I rounded out this matter a bit.

A long time ago I showed that a major influence of paleo-climate was the resistance-to-circulation of the oceans. And I maintained that you could SEE this in the paleo record via continental layout. This remains my most-read post. I didn’t want to push this too far since no-one had taken it up with a formal study. And also because there was another factor that I couldn’t integrate into the picture on my own. And that was the thesis that cosmic ray levels can be influenced by the suns orbit around the spiral arms of the galaxy. I didn’t have the time and resources to try and integrate the two theories together to explain the paleo record. And also the continental layout gives you a bit of a picture. But there was no way I could reconstruct the actual changes in the oceans conveyer(s) of the past so I went a bit silent on this for awhile.

1. No-one seemed to even be able to understand what I was going on about. I was getting no feedback.

2. The above meant I could be contradicted and belittled since if this galactic orbit business was right I could be shown up with ice ages when you wouldn’t expect them.

But now Rogers published his study. People do seem to understand what I’m on about. So in a burst of anger at some dope I decided it was time to flesh this out a bit:

Comment from Graeme Bird
Time September 18, 2008 at 5:27 pm

10 1.308 × 10−3
20 1.003 × 10−3
30 7.978 × 10−4
40 6.531 × 10−4
50 5.471 × 10−4
60 4.668 × 10−4
70 4.044 × 10−4
80 3.550 × 10−4
90 3.150 × 10−4
100 2.822 × 10−4

Here’s a secondary effect right there. You all ought to get out of the habit of constantly looking at things via radiative heat balance.

In economics the tautalogy MV=PQ is very useful. But it is limiting to look at things through one prism alone.

Having said this I’ll compromise just this once to point out that lessening the viscosity of water changes the radiative heat balance immediately. What a wondrous planet it is. It can only go so far, this easening up of the great ocean conveyer…., and of water upwelling and so forth, since, if we warmed too much the push-factor behind the circulation (heat differentials) would reduce and so, though the resistance-to-circulation was lower, the power BEHIND circulation would reduce as well.

And how about water being less salty more generally when all the ice melts?

There is less viscosity right there, so less resistance to circulation, so that therefore the heat balance kicks in at a higher average temperature.

Also it is a feature of water that it can absorb a great many more joules without going up much in the way of temperature. It has a high heat capacity. it can expand. Expanded warmer water may even be able to absorb more light for all I know. That would change things as well since it would increase the photic zone.

Water under great pressure EXPANDING surely implies enourmous joules intake.

But the expansion itself does not lead to a higher temperature. More joules without changing the direction of those joules. OK so the water gets warmer as well. But the expansion part of this deal is itself a secondary effect. Stored energy.

H20 can be both water and ice at close to 0 celsius but the water version contains far more joules. So joules can be stored here. We can get cumulative joules here.

And under great pressure at the ocean floor it will be harder for the mantle to conduct joules to the water down there if that water is already warm.

So there is the opportunity here for CUMULATIVE warming and for secondary effects where they matter. And they matter in those instances where the bloody bloody bleeding material involved has the capacity to store some substantial amount of joules.

And thats not the bloody bleeding air least of all the CO2 component of it.

These dumb-left mantras are a huge barrier to the taking of a wider view of the situation. I only wish I could swear in a stronger fashion.

Comment from Graeme Bird
Time September 18, 2008 at 5:43 pm

I had been going to spring the viscosity theory on people for a very long time. But the problem was that no-one seemed to get my resistance-to-circulation argument until Roger Pielke published his study. Or at least how it followed directly from Stefan-Boltzmanns law when you stopped aggregating every damn thing and took a marginalist approach.

Extra viscosity is a sort of LATENT heating potential for the planet entire. Also if the extra surface viscosity leads to greater flow and this in turn leads to some sort of pressure buildup at points in the conveyer….. if this sort of buidup takes a long time to pulse through and these sort of loaded springs could be set up along the chain this too could amount to an extra stored warming ability.

A good scientist like Roger will sooner or later come up with a study to add or take away weight from this sort of thing. But you must always remember you heard it here first.



  1. Mr Bird,

    Its a shame that your talents are not recognised more widely. I have a vision that you will go down with Mendel as someone who’s great discoveries where not understood by others in their lifetime.

    Perhaps the internet will give you that little peak of coverage you need to set it in motion and be saved from the fate of by-gone genius.

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