Posted by: graemebird | September 22, 2008

Glenn Albrecht: The “Philosopher” Who Cannot Piss Or Get Off The Pot

Another alarmist has gotten into the blog game and this one calling himself an “ENVIRONMENTAL PHILOSOPHER.” Your tax dollars at work. What next? Too stupid to think in wider terms perhaps?

Well he’s styled his blog as follows:

“A Blog devoted to critical evaluation and analysis of the ‘values’ that are implicit in global warming and climate change articles in the media.”

But when you read his absolute rubbish this idiot is just another dummy doing an exercise in Lamberting. I don’t know whether he wants to be let off the hook on the basis that he doesn’t even pretend to be a scientist.  But all he’s really doing is implying that if you don’t depend on stolen money financing then its not real science.

Hows THAT for a powerful philosophy? I mean hasn’t that been done already?

Look Glenn you fuckwit. You aren’t a philosopher you are a moron. Do you have evidence for more-than-negligible CO2-warming or not? You are such a dim bulb you haven’t even been able to get to the heart of the issue.

So let me help you out you philosophical retard…

Here is the questions you ought to be asking.

Do you have any evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic warming at all?

Do you have any evidence that a little bit of human-induced warming is a BAD thing during a brutal and pulverising ice age?

And again. Do you even so much as have any evidence for more-than-negligible warming from industrial-CO2 or not?


Stop mucking around. Piss or get off the pot. Or wasn’t getting to the heart of the issue part of your philosophical training? You are just another jerk that is incapable of doing the job that allegedly justifies the thieving that sustains you.


The quality of academics in this country is just appalling.



  1. Interesting level of anger in your blog post. It obviously touched a raw nerve (or perhaps the truth). I’d rather listen to the gathering consensus of esteemed scientists who would completely disagree with you. Perhaps you are showing late signs of what Albrecht would define as somaterratic illness.

  2. Esteemed by whom? The dopes all hold hands and tell each-other that they are geniuses. If you go on the basis of someone elses opinion, rather than thinking for yourself, then you’ve just confessed to blind faith; To not knowing what you are talking about. And therefore (in strict logical terms) to your opinion being utterly worthless.

    Why waste your time writing an utterly worthless post? Any philosopher worth his salt would have transcended the bandwagon fallacy, and seen through the bad and fraudulent science, to do with the global warming fraud. Particularly as there hasn’t been any net global warming since the 1930’s. Glen is therefore a failure in his profession.

    We have to accept that civilisations go through periods of comparative reason, and through comparative dark ages. Right now we have a wave of manifest unreason engulfing the culture. I surmise that we often seem to get these glitches ….. paradoxically, in periods after an improvement in communications. Like in the 30’s after the widespread penetration of radio in Germany.

    So I think we are in an internet-driven mini-era of unreason. Particularly in the English-Speaking world. You might have noticed, for example, the Americans, scuttling their once unassailable position in the world, in an orgy of debt and banker-subsidy. This is a symptom of the deterioration in standards of public discourse since that time period, that I take to be a brief period of reasonableness, in the late 80’s or thereabouts. Another symptom is the idiocy of your post. Which contains not a shred of conceptual value to it.

    This reminds me of something that Clive Hairshirt Hamilton would say. A fool, posing as a philosopher, who confesses to knowing fuck-all-to-nothing about climate science, acting on faith, yet the idiot-cunt enters into every debate on the subject with his warped sense of ethics and his leftist-projection. Fuck me Clive is that you slumming it? At least your mate Quiggin is an observant bugger and once and awhile has something truly useful to say. If thats you Clive I’m yet to catch you out doing likewise.

    I’ll tell you one of you commies that I do like and think is a reasonable man. And that would be Bob Ellis. So far the rest of you lefties are pretty suspect.

  3. This would have to be one of my favourite all-time songs. Seldom to you get it available on youtube.

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