Posted by: graemebird | September 26, 2008

Leftist Hero-Worship Of Liars.

There is this strange psycology with the lefts relationship to people who come out and lie in public and never back down from it. Not every leftist would have the courage to do this. But it appears to be an act which garners immense admiration and hero-worhsip in leftist circles. So it goes with the lefts former attitude to Alger Hiss, to those people who denied everything before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. To Clinton and to Wilson. To Michael Mann.

The admiration and support is furious. It can be dented a little bit by the  findings of a court of law. But it seems to turn to rage and hatred if the leftist ever buckles and owns up. Its just an extraordinary thing. As long as you keep lying or deny everything. As long as you admit to nothing. The left will see you in glowing terms. Telling the truth is an act of personal weakness to be regarded with the most utter contempt. Whereas in the Christian theology coming clean allows you to be forgiven. It can allow you to be considered with really high regard like in the parable of the prodigal son.

Hence people like me (a cultural, rather than an actual Christian) would tend to hold someone like Whittacker Chambers in very high regard. Whereas the hate would ooze out of your average leftist at someone like Chambers. I’m sure if I’d seen Hiss in action I’d be furious at him. Furious for the damage he’d done but also for letting down a friend. Since he had been friends with Whittacker Chambers.

Relentless lying and never owning up.  This is something that seems to hold a very big place in the hearts of leftists and in their theology.

For those of you from a different cultural background (Catholic, Confuscian)who have inherited some of these habits and poison because of your association with leftists, do think about recognising this in yourself, and trying to exorcise these tendencies. Do think about coming in from the cold. Because its never a bad time to be getting in touch with your pre-Leftist roots.

I touch on these subjects a bit in the following comment:

Comment from Graeme Bird
Time September 26, 2008 at 5:05 pm

Is there anyone who doesn’t agree that RW was caught redhanded lying.

Sometimes these socialists do this you know. They figure that the conversation is going to end so they’ll just show up to tell blatant lies to keep their side of it in play. Its as though they believe that the argument isn’t over as long as someone on their side is still talking. Hence RW, amongst his peers, is likely to be a hero right now. He was the one with the courage to come on and keep it going with outrageous, blatant, flat out lies that no-one, even on his side could believe. But that everyone on his side appreciated.

Lying in public. This is heroism on the leftist side of things unless or until you own up.

Thats why that Wilson-Plame fellow became a great hero. Not every leftist would have the courage to come right out on the TV and lie relentlessly month after month like that.

I thought that Clinton had special Jedi-Knight-Powers. He was a real phenomenon. But he was eclipsed by Wilson who made donkey of the year 2003 a one jack-ass race and he is still much beloved by leftists who would can his ass entirely if he ever came clean.

RW you are a piker. You are a man without courage. You are not like your great heros Clinton and Wilson. You showed up here to lie flat out and its true that you haven’t weakened and owned up to it.

But by God you will never be like Wilson. You are a gutless pig because you came here to lie anonymously.”


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