Posted by: graemebird | October 27, 2008

Bailout/ If You Won’t Believe It Coming From Me…..

……… Then listen to the exact same message coming from legendary investor: Jim Rogers. Blog: Jim Rogers: Farmers Will Be Driving Maseratis



  1. […] Bailout / If You Won’t Believe It Coming From Me….. ……… Then listen to the exact same message coming from legendary investor: Jim Rogers. Blog: Jim Rogers: Farmers Will Be Driving Maseratis …[Continue Reading] […]

  2. Thank fucking goodness. When challenged to slow down and actually understand somebody’s position prior to passing judgement on it……. Mark Hill has finally sworn off spilling his graffiti over my site for good.

    This means the “thread of doom” rubbishing of my site is likely over and I won’t have to keep wiping the comments.

    Hopefully we won’t have idiots like JC coming here and claiming that I’m proposing to have your granny get her pension paid in barrels of oil. Or that I’m advocating people spending all their resources moving barrels of oil hither and yon.

    Putting a real dumbass like Mark up as some sort of expert allows them to get away with this shit-rain of idiocy.

  3. Ah bird, he’s not coming back because like a lot people, he think you’re retarded.

    By the way hows carrying a 44 gallon drum of oil on your back going, you idiot.

    Seriously the country would be ruined with what you’re advocating.

  4. You are such an idiot mate.

    You must be so fucking dumb that when you trade oil futures you must imagine that this sets in motion a whole army of people scurrying about hither and yon with all these oil barrels.

    The level of your comments is like that of a nine year old. And you are always wrong about everything.

    When people trade e-gold the e-gold people don’t have to go down to the vaults and start running hither and yon with little bits of gold you know.

    How about attempting not to be a retard Joseph Cambria?

    Is that a little bit too much to ask?

    I mean you are an idiot Joseph Cambria. You are a compulsive liar Joseph Cambria. But how about attempting not to be a drooling retard. This idiocy about some-ones granny having to accept barrels of oil, at her doorstep, as her pension is just you being a drooling nitwit.

    Look you guys are phonies. You’ve endorsed rampant bank-stealing and bank-socialism. And here is Soon endorsing Barrack Obama. Not saying its a good time to vote for a third candidate. But the socialist is endorsing Obama outright.

    Phonies I sez.

  5. if a right winger votes for a third party candidate instead of McCain isn’t that as good as handing the presidency to obama, you fat fuck?

  6. Why don’t you want McCain Palin to win? Its like you can never shake that socialist background.

    Its always a good thing to vote for a third party. Its sticking it to the duopoly. But to actually come out on Obama’s side is crazy-talk. If he is to win let him win via third-party leakage.

    He wants to let the Bush tax cuts lapse. Thats a massive tax increase. He wants to raid the 401k accounts. Which is the ultimate treason. I mean I didn’t like the big-spending that Costello and them did. But the one good thing they did do is section off the shitrain of looting away from our retirement accounts. Which if enhanced would make it so much easier to move away from socialism since a lot of our old blokes would wind up well-provisioned.

    But Obama wants to raid these 401k’s.

    Whats your problem with Palin. She’s terrific. Its McCain that is the problem. He’s a Democrat. You have two Democrats going against eachother. So its a good time to vote for Bob Barr or Chuck. Especially Chuck. And if you are on the left Ralph Nader is a perfectly reasonable leftist candidate who at least would have not caved in to this banking-heist.

  7. whereas you opposed electricity privatisation

  8. No I didn’t.

    I made that very clear that I didn’t oppose that. When I put caveats on something I expect them to be believed. Just because you lot are dodgy as all get up that doesn’t mean my view of the situation wasn’t to be taken at face value.

    Its all right there on Unleashed. Its there for the permanent record that to me it was important to get the privatisation RIGHT. And not allow it to be a hasty plunder-and-splurge operation.

  9. No Palin is not dumb. She’s highly intelligent. She will likely be President one day. And most of all she has those donkey-stubborn whistleblower tendencies. We don’t even want to send one person to a capital city that DOESN’T have these tendencies.

    Thats my problem with Terje actually. He would seem to be the perfect candidate in all other respects. But its this pigheaded, in your face, I’m not going to take it attitude that he lacks. He always want to soft-peddle rather than bulldoze the enemy. Palins great. If only she could cut loose from under the shadow of the old man. One doesn’t exactly want to wish a heart attack on McCain because personally he is not without honour. One just hopes he listens to Palin.

    And he is listening to her over energy. And these are the crowd that are going to push nuclear and far north oil exploitation. The oil and gas exploitation needs to happen now in order to tide them over until they can get their nuclear generators up. So its actually pretty critical the difference between the two camps.

    For a third party candidate with a clear message to score a lot of votes would be a very good thing. If Chuck scored many millions of votes and Nader scored a lot but less than Chuck it would force some sort of reform within certain sections of the duopoly.

    Palin really likes Ron Paul. She is far more likely than the other three to consider seriously opening up the Fed to scrutiny and future abolishment as things go haywire with the economy. And things will go haywire with their economy don’t doubt it. By the end of the next guys first term there will be galloping inflation.

  10. JC. A free market would probably have most of us getting around with big copper and small silver coins and with debit cards. I don’t see paper as being part of that. Gold is more for the big boys. Silver is expensive enough to replace all our notes.

  11. Thank you for your input.

    Here is the Jason Soon guide to misleading people.

    Take the full sentiment:

    After trashing the leftist Obama and running down McCain on the grounds that he’s basically a Democrat I made the case, whether you are hard lefties or hard rightists its a good time for an American to vote for a third party candidate to stick it to the duopoly-kleptocrats.

    “….. So its a good time to vote for Bob Barr or Chuck. Especially Chuck. And if you are on the left Ralph Nader is a perfectly reasonable leftist candidate who at least would have not caved in to this banking-heist….”

    Clearly this preserves my right-wing stance on the matter and cannot be used for the Jason-Soon leftist projection.

    So next comes the truncation:

    “….And if you are on the left Ralph Nader is a perfectly reasonable leftist candidate who at least would have not caved in to this banking-heist……”

    But you see. Not good enough for the Jason Soon leftist projection. Since it shows I’m appealing to people who obviously think far differently than myself.

    So what is the quote that Jason-the marxist-Soon will take for his leftist projection… He’ll cut it right down so it looks like the sentence starts here:

    ” Ralph Nader is a perfectly reasonable leftist candidate who at least would have not caved in to this banking-heist.”

    I tell you we are dealing with a bunch of phonies here. This is what you younger libertarians have got to watch out for. You’ve got to sniff out the posing leftist infiltrators and the ROYAL-“libertarian” crony communists and send them back off to the other side where they belong.

    And on top of that we don’t reject clear quality people like Palin or other conservatives who are of good character, simply because they don’t agree with the libertarian agenda in its totality.

    Its the shyster chameleon unprincipled types that will let us down every time. Some were not really ready to here the Ron Paul message and couldn’t make head nor tail or his foreign policy so rejected in on that level. And a lot of such people were reasonable enough.

    But then there are the other bigots who would just look for any excuse to dumb on a Ron Paul or a Sarah Palin type. Even if they themselves were for bringing the soldiers home right away.

    Its this latter type that are not to be trusted.

  12. Thanks for your input. But I expect people who once had a physics degree and who have extensive banking experience to try just a little bit harder when they show up on my blog.

  13. Here’s Chuck and Ralph at a third party candidates debate.

  14. JC. Says:
    October 28th, 2008 at 5:59 pm
    Honest question here. The right is pretty spooked about Obama being a strong endorser of socialist redistributionist policies. His tax policies and other factors seem to suggest that.
    Why do think he would be a centrist?
    Jason Soon Says:
    October 28th, 2008 at 6:16 pm
    Because the policies he has already announced aren’t that hard-left and he would only moderate them when in power and had to take responsibility for the economy.”

    That would be a valid point of view if it was 1994 and you had responsible Republicans to restrain this guy. But have you seen whats going on now? Its one stimulus package after another. Ever since Paulson showed up its just a horrorshow. Who would restrain the Marxist Obama? You cannot risk something like that. He is for massive spending and tax increases in a debt-crisis. This is lunacy and its matched by lunacy within the ranks of Republican incumbents.

  15. Jason Soon Says:
    October 28th, 2008 at 6:20 pm
    The other factor is he is smart like Clinton and will learn on the job and moderate himself.

    See I knew it. You think its going to be 1994 over. Clinton was a moron. Totally crooked. A thug. A traitor and a proven rapist. And he didn’t have a financially responsible bone in his body.

    The fiscal rectitude was forced on him by the Gingrich generation of Republicans who are now hopelessly corrupted and passing stimulus packages and bailouts.


    The most astonishing part of the debate. 50 seconds into the youtube. Ends about 3 minutes and 50 seconds in.

    Nader starts asking about the constitutional rights of corporations. This is magnificent. And BOTH SIDES AGREE. The scoop that Nader had was that Scalia thought it was an open question. That he did not know the answer to it and would have to research the matter.

    I’ll have an article up on this on the weekend in all likelihood.

  17. Mr Bird,

    I must heartily concur. Clinton was a scoundrel low-life. A silver tounged liar philanderer and ultimately by his inaction a terrorism enabler. I fear that Obama may be the American Mugabe, trying to print money to dig themselves out of their current ponzi-hole.

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