Posted by: graemebird | October 28, 2008

Explaining The Relentless Lying Of Cambria Over…….

….. The Last Few Months. What has gotten into him? Could it be explained by his Catholic upbringing?


I may stick this one up every time Cambria tells a lie. I took it off but I’ll put it back for awhile. Jason Soon should let me back on Catallaxy to subject Cambria to more scrutiny. Last time I was there I was being plagued by people using the thread of doom technique on me and I didn’t see that Cambria had lost his way and the stupid gene was taking over.

In the world of economics, there is no breach between macro and micro, but that ponzi-money makes it so. The delusions and fallacies of Keynesianism, and those fallacies that lie behind the American bailout, are only made plausible by the effects of the ponzi-money.

In fact, on a more cosmic level ponzi-money makes fools of us all. Sane man and simpleton alike. Take the war for example. Its never a bad time to take out a tyrant. Yet it was our ponzi-money system that made the outrageously expensive and soft-headed strategy seem plausible. Ponzi-money made it seem that the Americans had the resources for a strategy that, in sober reality, separated ends and means. Ponzi-money deludes one into misjudging the extent of the resources one has at ones disposal. Ponzi-money disturbs ones thinking as to what is prudent and what is not.

Bringing the subject down to earth, and taking into consideration this bailout alone….. the fact is that the ponzi-money can be allowed for by the dual use of new-cash-injection and the raising of the reserve asset ratio (DON’T GO THERE. TALK TO THE HAND BECAUSE THE FACE AINT LISTENING.) This dual technique is essentially a way of indirectly replacing ponzi-money with cash-money while still attempting to maintain at least the appearance of some arms length between the government and the banks (for practical purposes two wings of the same racket).

Once we know this then the decision of how to deal with the banking crisis is the same as figuring out how to deal with any outfit that has grave debts. And that means you either go bankrupt or you pay off those debts. This can apply also for banks and the calibrating of extra cash and the reserve asset ratio (DON’T EVEN GO THERE!!!) can be something that is going on in the background without any of the laity needing to be too concerned about it.

So why hasn’t Cambria backed down from his support for open public stealing insofar as it pertains to the bailout? I mean people can get all excited and panicky one supposes. But Cambria has had a great deal of time to think about these matters.

Yet Cambrias very strange behaviour started some time before the onset of the crisis. And so we must look to deeper explanations as to why a seemingly honest man has fallen into habitual lying. We cannot escape the fact that Cambria is a Catholic.

Now as everyone knows the one true Church of the only valid religion is the Church of Rome founded by express order of the saviour himself. Only someone totally ignorant or congenitally quarrelsome would even attempt to dispute such a proposition and it is not my purpose to argue against the bloody bleeding obvious here.

“When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, He asked His disciples, saying,

‘Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?’

And they said,

‘Some say that Thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets.’

He saith unto them,

‘But whom say ye that I am?’

And Simon Peter answered and said, ‘Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.’ And Jesus answered and said unto him,

‘Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-Jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but My Father Which is in heaven. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.’ Then charged He His disciples that they should tell no man that He was Jesus the Christ.” — MATTHEW 16:13-20 (KJV)

Pretty exciting and spooky stuff. Given what we know now. That in unbroken succession the Church has held firm defying the longevity of any like institution known to man.

Lets hone in on the key part which proves that the Catholic Church is the one true church.

“And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

We need the original quote, prior to translation, and the expertise to understand the Greek of the oldest extant writing in this regard (Jesus was believed to have spoken in Aramaic.). Since the objection might be raised that the quote lacks for non-verbal communication. The saviour may have been looking at Peter but pointing at a literal rock on the ground. And such foundations that may have been raised on this obscure stone might have been washed away but one or two weeks hence, making a mockery of what seems to be the astonishing predictive power of the saviour.

Putting aside such loopholes and fanciful interpretations we see that there is far more than a prima facie case for the validity of the Catholics belief that they have stumbled into the true church by the pure fluke of being born into a Catholic family.

The Catholic church is something different to merely just another religion. It is like the longest-standing multinational corporation. It has a very flat management structure with wide spans of control. We have to be protective of most of our institutions that are voluntary and stand between ourselves and the state. The prophecy of the saviour would seem to suggest that hell would never destroy the institution.

“That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

But this is not to say that the agents of the tempter might not infiltrate the citadel. Nor does it suggest to us that the true church does not need competitor churches for it to function well and in the service of righteousness. We see that in various time periods the church has had perhaps too much power over many individuals and was resented more than the sovereign and his bully-boys. The resentments that this sort of thing breeds is such that some European countries, not  subject to the religious wars and the violence of us hyper-jihadist protestants, appear to have taken great vengeance on the Church in subsequent centuries when they got around to some sort of secularism.

So we want these institutions to prevail and balance the power of the state and hopefully oppose both the depredations of the state and the tendency towards barbarism that is always hiding behind the next dark cloud. We want people both leaving and joining the church to keep the institution honest. And fervently do we hope that the church ends its celibacy requirements so such a distinguished institution ought be plagued no longer by the infiltration of Satans kiddy-fiddlers.


No sooner had Reagan won the election, and prior to the President-elect taking office, than the phone-calls from his Californian radicals went out to the Vatican and this was only right and good since the Americans were to provide the firepower backup but Reagan was not one to make the same mistake as Stalin and underestimate MORAL leadership.

We have been lucky with our Popes. The co-destroyer of Communism was our last one and the new guy a great European philosopher. Non-Catholics can lose patience with Catholics however. Since Catholics can be bigots in favour of institutions more generally. The upbringing that has helped maintain the great organisation for an astonishing and unparalled length of time can spill over into a respect for OTHER institutions. A respect that is entirely unwarranted. With all due apologies to Joseph Smith, the saviour did NOT show up in New York and bequeath legitimacy on Citibank. Rather he threw the money-changers out of the temple.

People stick with the practices they are used to and people brought up to worship a sky-god or his agent may start kneeling before the golden calf if you turn your back on them for one minute. But with Catholics you face a different problem. Not that they’ll bugger off like a thousand disaffected wandering cats and take up with some cult or another. But rather that you will get to a point where you will not be able to reason with them any longer because the invisible rubber band that ties them to INSTITUTIONS of various degrees of dubiousness has simply pulled them back in line.

But what appears to be a hopeless disadvantage with this multinational flock can be turned to advantage as Reagan showed. You can beat your head against the wall with these people as individuals. But if you put the hard yards in when all is lost, as it appeared to be in 1980, then they may come through for you, and as a large group. They may swing behind the right course and finally come through for you in spades. As they did earlier against Australian Marxism when many of them got behind the intellectual and moral giant Bob Santamaria. 

Catholics ought not let their upbringing, in support of the institution that the saviour founded, spill over into sheeplike support, for all sorts of shabby norms of behaviour and golden calf organisations.

I tell you the truth. It suprised ME ALSO!!!! that the leftist streak had buggered up our CSIRO and corrupted many areas of our science. But once you see that this is the case then what use is it to deny the fact of it?

If you find out that our CSIRO has been buggered in particular and whole chunks of science have been corrupted in the general…. Well then you just have to bloody-well accept it.

Cambria tried to tell me that this global warming movement wasn’t fraudulent?? When things go so far towards that level of dishonesty and bizzare behaviour, you just have to console yourself that its the Catholic potty-training talking and you can no longer reason with the gentleman.

Its outrageous. Its frustrating. But one has to just live with this particular “externality” of the Catholic upbringing.  We just have to wear this bias. The bias that comes out that by extension of them rightly supporting the great institution, that there will be this externality where these Catholics wind up not straying too far from all sorts of shabby faux-consensus shit-aria.

But what we cannot put up with is the defense of false institutions and golden calf banks. We cannot put up with the soft-peddling of producers of pyramid schemes that undermine the viability of all voluntary associations, the Catholic church being the most prestigious.

This is simply not on. In this case the potty-training, so important for the future of humane civilisation, in our struggle against both state domination and barbarism……………  In this case the Catholic potty-training must be overcome.


The Great Wave: Price Revolutions and the Rhythm of History 

When David Hackett Fischer wrote the above book, he did not know that the waves of inflation that he was writing about were all caused by the outbreak of ponzi-money. He in fact thought that his findings contradicted the quantity theory of money. I only discovered the hand of ponzi-money behind these “great waves” by cross-referencing his information with what was known in banking history.

The breakout of ponzi-money first brings boom conditions, then it brings the inflation in food and energy prices, then comes the stagnation of real wages, the international and domestic violence, the breakdown of societal tranquility.

When the decades-long medieval inflationary periods would finally end And the ponzi-money would collapse… then the money-famine could last as long as twenty years.

But once the recovery came, the times in between the great inflations,  were times of relative peace, creative endeavour, and rising real wages. It is the ponzi-money that is behind the bad times. And it might be the case that Fischer does not know the fact of it to this very day.

In ‘The Great Wave’ Fischer studies periods in Western history where prices were rising over many decades. And other periods when they weren’t. When prices were generally dropping. 

The specific time periods of inflation he looks at are: 

1. The medieval price revolution 1180-1350 
average inflation about .5% 

2. The Price Revolution of the Sixteenth Century. And the crisis of the 17th. About 1470-1660 

3. The Price Revolution of the 18th century: About 1720-1820 

1. The Equilibrium of the Renaissance 1400-1470 

2.The Equilibrium of the Enlightenment 1660-1730 

3. The Victorian Equilibrium. 1820-1896 

Now what we see is that it is the time periods of rising prices where you wind up with horrid social conditions, falling real wages, social unrest and relatively more violence. Whereas in the era’s of falling prices we get great cultural acheivements, less war and violence and after a time increasing real wages, and a more even distribution of wealth. 

We find that when ponzi-money is concerned even a consumer price inflation rate of 0.5% price is still unheathy. And we can be sure that this is because its not the price rises that are doing the damage but the malign effect of the ponzi-money itself. 


There is no place for the support of fraud-money institutions by anyone in or out of the one true church.

This is the new political-correctness.


  1. Mr Bird,

    I can’t believe the dreadful trolling you are getting here. I’m glad to see the respect you have for the rightful church which even us agnostics can see is the right way to go about things, but I am unsure of your position vis this Cambria goon.

    I have been reading some interesting documents about the freemason’s involement with the ponzi scam that is currently plaguing us. You might be interested.

  2. Bird’s right, I am liar. LOL

  3. Right. Well stop doing it. You are treating it like it is some sort of neat and lucrative new bank pyramiding scheme. You cannot seem to get enough of it.

  4. JC. Says:
    October 29th, 2008 at 11:41 am
    I know Jason.
    I haven’t set foot in a church for 25 years. Some Catholic. Lol
    He’s obsessed with me.

    There do you see it. Once started, like bank pyramiding, it can barely be stopped. For were his children not baptized in the one true church in defiance of Satan and all his works? No mass at Christmas? Nor the death of any elderly relatives?

    The lying never stops.

  5. Cuz
    you noticed how Cambria’s decline has mirrored Catallaxy’s?

    It used to be a good right wing site.
    Now look at it.

    full of faux-libertarians and crony capitalists. lawyers, thief economists and bankers.

    what happened to catallaxy cuz?

  6. Yeah I noticed. Its a crony-faggot sewer. Where Cambria goes so goes the fate of Catallaxy.

    I propose he gets in touch with his church post-haste. We must not give up on him entirely. And his church will not forsake him. We believe in redemption but its got to be genuine.

  7. i dunno cuz. he’s had plenty of chances. he’s an old man isn’t he?

    If wisdom won’t come at this age when will it come?

  8. full of faux-libertarians and crony capitalists. lawyers, thief economists and bankers.
    Which one am I?
    Now as everyone knows the one true Church of the only valid religion is the Church of Rome founded by express order of the saviour himself.
    Oh yeah. Everyone knows that.

  9. We need the original quote, prior to translation, and the expertise to understand the Aramaic.

    Two things.

    The Gospel According to Saint Matthew was not written by St Matthew but some unknown Christian scribe who lived about 70 years after Jesus got the chop.

    It was originally composed in Greek not Aramaic.

    Carry on.

  10. I’m not predicting that there will be any improvement. I’m only going on the idea that the saviour would not give up on him and so one always must hold out hope.

    The Catholic pays plenty of attention to the traditions of the Church and the guidance of the head bishop of Rome and I would not wish for them to do otherwise. But a Catholic who seeks wisdom ought to work hard against the biases of his own upbringing. And so he, more than others, ought read the book of wisdom. He ought read the bible often.

    Some folks go to far with this sort of thing. Like they would want to set up a bilbliocracy. But a Catholic, if capable of reading, ought make a point of reading the good book.

    “You shall do no unrighteousness in judgment, in length, in weight, or in measure.”


    Just balances, just weights, a just ephah, and a just hin, shall ye have: I am the LORD your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt.


    “17And He taught, saying unto them, “Is it not written, `My house shall be called for all nations the house of prayer’? But ye have made it a den of thieves.”

    Mark 11:15-19

    Exodus 20:16 “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”

  11. Yes Adrien. I was wondering about that. Did the greek scribe just make it all up? Still we would wish to know what was likely said in the original. It all looks to be a big game of Chinese whispers trying to nail down what might have originally been said.

  12. But a Catholic who seeks wisdom ought to work hard against the biases of his own upbringing.


    And so he, more than others, ought read the book of wisdom. He ought read the bible often.

    That’s why I read such books of wisdom as Marcus Aurelius, Epictitus and Aristotle. If you read the Bible too much you’ll end up setting people on fire. Still The Gospel According To St Matthew is class.

    I was wondering about that. Did the greek scribe just make it all up?

    Nah there were several gospels probably based on oral history and the mythology that”d grown up around the guy since.

    After Masada the Christians and the Jews went their separate ways and began hating each other. By the end of the 1st century the Church was getting organized and the Gospels were produced with political ramifications in mind (for example blaming Caiaphus and not Pilate for the death of Christ). The Gospels have inconsistencies. In some the Last Supper happened on the eve of Passover, in others Passover was the LAst Supper.

    Greek was the lingua franca at the time. Like English today.

  13. didn’t JC used to support libertarians in the US cuz?

    you think the wog was fundamentally decent and got corrupted or was he after libertarian street-cred from the beginning?

    what do you think cuz? was the stupid wog always faking it? if not what corrupted him?

  14. I would wonder if he knew himself. Thats the thing about the bank pyramiding. You want to have your cash and lend it to. You want to be an Austrian and trash Ron Paul. Sell the share and hoard the share simultaneously. Sell the share, lend the share, hoard the share all at the same time. Say your for capitalism yet support fiat-money. Have your cake, eat it to, and have it lent out to 5 different parties at the same time. And have each party paying negative-cake insurance and selling them cake non-existence-swap-derivatives all at the same time. And no fucker left making any cake. Except maybe some put-upon plebians.

    Banker Edney. If you want your posts to have some longevity say something substantial. Or is there nothing in the vault?

  15. “That’s why I read such books of wisdom as Marcus Aurelius, Epictitus and Aristotle. If you read the Bible too much you’ll end up setting people on fire….”

    That aint so bad. Just so long as the right people get burned. Remember to bring this inspiration around when the new bank regulations are being written. I wouldn’t mind reading some of this epictitus fellow. He’s hard to get hold of in your local library.

  16. jeepers

    what’s happening here.

    Cambria has been revealed to be a worthless bum and goth-boy adrien ain’t so bad after all. at least he’s making a contribution?

    funny world cuz.

  17. Well yes. But you don’t want to go overboard here. There is only so much I’ll allow on this site. Think of the younger readers.

  18. hear that Cambria?

    we believe in redemption
    but its gotsta be genuine …

  19. “JC. Says:
    October 29th, 2008 at 4:17 pm
    He just loves Islam now, so no wonder he hates Catholics. Jihadi Bird is obviously going to set up a Sharia bank.
    There won’t be counter of course, just safety deposit boxes.”

    Sad really. This is a soul that has wandered a long long way from home.

  20. its not true is it. this stuff about your loving Islam? where did that come from?

  21. Creating fakery out of thin air is a way of life for these bankers. You see that with Edney if you talk about any subject at all. For Edney the computer model can CREATE a warming problem totally regardless of whether or not there is any underlying evidence. He always tries to justify a bad paradigm by reference to the paradigm when it is the paradigm itself that is in dispute.

    In audio engineering they have a saying “You cannot polish a turd” which refers to the futility of engineering quality into a mix if the underlying performance and recording is just crap.

    This is the approach that these people take to banking. Thinking if the packaging is good enough, the guys programming their risk models are smart enough and if their capital requirements are strong enough they will avoid trouble despite their bank pyramiding or the fact that they are loaning to people who cannot pay.

    Edney will talk about the miscalculation of risk, without reference to the fact that this type of banking is all a ponzi-scheme, that must be bailed out, protected, and subsidised, to prevent it from collapsing. And even with all their subsidies, and protective regulations the ponzi-racket can STILL collapse, so unsound it is.

  22. that’s sad cuz
    can you think of one australian libertarian besides yourself that has stayed true?

    what’s in the water in oz?

  23. come back to New Zealand and join ACT cuz.

    you don’t see any CO2 bedwetters in ACT do you? Not like the lilly livered pansies here.

    Compare LDP and ACT. That;s the difference between Aussies and Kiwis.

    Burn that Australian passport and come back here cuz.

  24. Some of the older libertarians in the LDP are pretty faithful and righteous but they don’t really understand sound money. There are one or two of the younger guys who seem to have good instincts. Like for example a young fellow called “Fleeced” usually falls down on the right side of matters. I don’t know where he stands on sound money. Cato has good judgement usually. But he’s a bit back and forth on the money issue. Seems to go in for some crazy notion Hayek came out with just after getting the Nobels, at a time when Hayek hadn’t been doing work on monetary-economics for decades.

    I’m sure there are lots of them around. But they don’t want to be out there being ridiculed I suppose. Gerry Jackson is always spot on. He’s Australias best economist be a long shot. Frank Shostak is another of the older Misesians.

    Here’s a youtube advertising the upcoming Mises-org conference on the gold standard. You even catch a brief glimpse of our greatest living economist in it:

  25. its a crying shame that SOON has so much influence over libertarians through his blog.

    you think that fella is just after our street-cred or does he THINK he’s a libertarian????

  26. He still wants to be in with the Bahnisch crowd. He looks at what Mankiw is saying and he’s overwhelmed by the Harvard brand name. Mankiw is really bad news because he comes out with the same pathetic excuses that Soon would use. Like since the bailout is going to happen we have to put up with it. An argument so stupid that it means he really is on the side of cronytown and just doesn’t want to argue about it.

    It should be remembered that Soon started Catallaxy, not as a libertarian but from a “whiggish” perspective. When all is said and done he’s the ultimate house-nigger.

  27. and yet you had drinks with him and ZED and JC

    what were you doing drinking with those thieves and not breaking their noses cuz?

    and you let HUMPHRIES get away scot free too

  28. I wouldn’t mind reading some of this epictitus fellow. He’s hard to get hold of in your local library.

    Yeah it’s pretty rare. Some volume of the Stoic philosophers is your best bet. Or a University library.


  30. “Mr Bird,

    I can’t believe the dreadful trolling you are getting here. I’m glad to see the respect you have for the rightful church which even us agnostics can see is the right way to go about things, but I am unsure of your position vis this Cambria goon.

    I have been reading some interesting documents about the freemason’s involement with the ponzi scam that is currently plaguing us. You might be interested.”

    Richard I just retrieved that one from out of the spam folder. I don’t know how it got there. But I took the link out. These are pretty childish people we are dealing with there and that link would be seen by them as incriminating.

    We who are against global governance can spend a lot of time speculating as to whether those moving us towards the loss of our sovereignty are just congenital traitors? Incredibly stupid? Psycologically house-niggers, or involved in some evil conspirationist pact.

    And I think such arguments are very healthy. I myself tend towards focusing on the useful-idiot element and don’t tend to try to hard to wonder about what goes on behind closed doors.

    These arguments, about stupidity versus conspiracy, as I said. These arguments are very healthy arguments. But when the arguing is over at the end of the shouting, you know it really doesn’t matter the nature of the movement. Because the main thing is that they have to be stopped. We have to get back our sovereignty. And the people we have to be hardest on are alleged libertarians and conservatives that always angle towards us losing our sovereignty.

    Always angling in favour of more debt. Against the Americans missile defense. In favour of fake free-trade deals that are really attacks on our sovereignty and are indeed government to government crony-pacts.

    Just yesterday Cambria seemed to imply that it would be just fine if we sold all our wharves off to the Chinese Communists. His argument was that they communists weren’t going to come and steal our wharves in the night.

    He didn’t used to be like that. He’s turned traitor just lately or so it would seem.

  31. ” Based on media coverage, conventional wisdom suggests Wall Street would favor Republican Party candidates when donating to campaigns. But that’s not the case….”

    Yeah good link Jason. I tell you these people are all leftists. Why wouldn’t they donate to the Democrats? Thats just what you would expect. These people after all are welfare recipients. They know which side their bread is buttered on. But then we are talking as if the two parties are any different in 2008. And they aren’t right now. The Republicans, like Cambria, have lost there way.

    Which is why a good third party showing would be worthwhile. Since it would force the Republicans to reform their tawdry act.

  32. Cambria reckons that banks don’t create money out of thin air. And he reckons that he has the proof. He reckons that

    1. if banks created money out of thin air double entry book-keeping would be violated.

    2. Double entry book-keeping is not violated.

    3. Ergo banks don’t create money out of thin air.

    This is how ludicrous the goth has become lately. Peter Pan flies into your bedroom and rapes your wife at knife-point. He then flies off with your daughter. Is double-entry book-keeping violated?

    The French bomb your house with a neutron bomb. Double-entry book-keeping violated?

    The sun switches off and then switches back on again. But its too late. The next glacial period is already underway. DOUBLE-ENTRY BOOK-KEEPING VIOLATED?


    Yet the idiot Cambria is still claiming that banks don’t create money out of thin air. WELL WHO DOES THEN CAMBRIA?


    Someone had to do it. Because the extra money beyond just cash is there. I’m blaming the banks. Who you blaming Cambria?

  33. Ayers and his wife wrote a book in the 1970’s. And amongst the people they dedicated the book to was Sirhan Sirhan. This is one of Obama’s buds.

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