Posted by: graemebird | November 4, 2008

“All Conspiracies Are True”*

*A phrase that Murray Rothbard apparently liked to say.

From Dr Marohasy’s blog:

Look. The alarmists are mindless sheeple and lunatics. So while it could well be a conspiracy it doesn’t have to be and it doesn’t matter. Go through your books on logic and try and find the argument where it is held that sarcastically saying that “its a conspiracy” is some sort of trumping argument.


Conspiracies happen all the time. Its just standard leftist tactical moves. Conspirational behaviour was extremely big when communism was a live international force. Communist party members were there to carry out Soviet policy and they were subject to manipulation and always were involving themselves in conspiracies. Well we know this. And we have jihadist conspiracies going on daily. Every terrorist attack that ever happens is on account of a conspiracy. There is no getting away from that.

But alarmists are so sheeplike, mindless and loathsome, that they don’t need to be working in collusion to pull off such an apparent conspiracy. It could have been co-ordinated and it ought to surprise no-one if it was. And on the other hand it didn’t need to be co-ordinated since this sort of environmentalism is an evil movement at its core, and the proponents act in a tribal, if not an insectlike fashion.


When we see this behaviour and we are witness to alarmist idiots or leftists in other areas of life, normal human beings often start debating amongst themselves whether their opponents are evil or are they merely stupid. Whether they are engaged in a conspiracy, or are they just herdlike and mindless insect-drones.

These are healthy arguments.

Bitter disputes can break out over these arguments. But still I would recommend that conservatives spend as much of their extra-time arguing (as to whether its a conspiracy, or whether its group-idiocy) as they can afford.

But on another level it doesn’t matter.

Whether its an organic movement of stupid people, or whether its a conspiracy, in the end………. IT DOESN’T MATTER.

What matters is that we defeat this movement, and that we get on with the business of nuclear energy, and coal liquification using nuclear energy.


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