Posted by: graemebird | November 5, 2008

Alan Keyes For Secretary Of Defense.

“The media in the tank to an unprecedented extent, two wars (one yet to win), the worst financial meltdown in decades, three quarters of a billion dollars spent on his campaign – plus deceased folks, cats and dead goldfish voting on his behalf via ACORN – and all of that buck only delivered Obama the bang of 52-47? Crikey. So it was actually a Ruddslide. Or as the left used to say pre-B.O., ‘America is a deeply and bitterly divided nation now thanks to SorosObamaHitler and his digital brownshirts.’”

Well I’ve got a big job on. I’ve got to compile the deeper thoughts of Obama when it comes to military theory, dealing with terrorism, coping with financial meltdowns and reforming corrupt governments.


There its done. The guy is pathetic. He wasn’t even born in the USA. He’s going into the job illegally.

He better choose some good people. He looks like easy meat to me; putting myself in the position of the various people who choose to take an adversarial approach to the USA. He goes to negotiate with these people he’ll be lucky to come home with his shirt.

The only thing he can do is get some Hard-core people into key positions. I mean really hardcore. The sort of people who would bring absolute fear to the hearts of the bigshots in Riyadh, Beijing, Moscow and Tehran.

In defense or State the only choices would be Alan Keys and Angelo Codevilla. Few others could keep the peace by inspiring fear in potential enemies when you have this nobody know-nothing running in the top job.

Here’s Keyes talking about Obama. Who is actually a cold-blooded ideologue.


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