Posted by: graemebird | November 5, 2008

Cabin Fever.

I’ll have to take time to find out more about this election. But its very scary as to what it says about America and the prospects for them and the rest of us. The Americans have elected an incredibly stupid Marxist demagogue to the Presidency. This guy is an idiot. An empty suit who followed a strategy of saying almost nothing of substance, so that people could use him to project any damn thing they wanted to onto them. And they FELL FOR IT. Its the new illiteracy. If the people on Saturday Night Live imply that Palin is stupid thats enough for them.

Remember this day. Its the day that people all around the world, and not just the American voters, shamelessly embraced irrationalism.

Everywhere we see that currency debasement brings Marxists. In China, In Russia, In Germany and now in America. Always the monetary inflation comes first.  I understand why Bush left people in the field so long. But it was a mistake. Since all that debt, those war measures against civil liberties, and that currency debasement sets up the conditions for a fascist shift down the track. 

Here we have a guy who is just uniquely unqualified to be President. If we walked down any street in America we would find dozens of small businessmen who would have more mental capital to be able to do the job. I think it would be impossible to even THINK of someone who has been this unqualified in the past. Even Jack Kennedy had a better background for it. At least he had the Joe Kennedy infrastructure.

And yet alleged libertarians and even conservatives here in Australia were quite happy for an Obama win. This is something to do with the new media. The new media always presents new problems and hysterical behaviour when its first introduced. 

They talk about this global village. But its more like cabin fever. Its more like living amidst some sort of unstable cult. If its a village its an hysterical medieval one.



  1. Here’s an extreme version of Obama-as-projection screen:

    “That’s interesting JC. I have my most sincere doubts that Obama’s plan is redistributive taxation. Especially now. His plan will be to wean the US of credit, introduce transparency in the government and boost science.”

    Just bizzare. Like now Obama is the King of debt reduction and a sort of closet scientist.

  2. Think about it. The Americans now have a Marxist President who wants to destroy small business owners (see his tax changes for 250 000 plus) at a time when the Patriot Act is still on the books.

    The Patriot act should have expired in 2003 at the latest. Its a disaster that it outlives the Republican President.

  3. i think you would have supported the Patriot Act Graeme

  4. btw calm down
    compare the US tax policies with australia’s

    by our standards he’s not that far left, he’s a social democrat

  5. What the hell is a social democrat? He’s a marxist. His position is not dependent on what he can and cannot get through. He’s going to increase taxes on businesses that will immediately reduce their retained earnings. That is to say spending within the business. That is to say employment and that other spending that brings about recovery.

    You are being a lunatic Jason. We have people like yourself failing to act like adults.

    For one thing he’s not been entirely secretive about what he wants to do. He told Joe that he really meant it. That he did in fact want to “share the wealth around”.

  6. “i think you would have supported the Patriot Act Graeme”

    But thats just because you are a lunatic and dishonest. For six months yes. But not for six years. What was the deal about the patriot act? They’d be searching old white ladies at airports. It was lunacy. And it sets things up for fascism down the track.

    Now this Marxist can send in the FBI to bug your house. They don’t have to notify you that they’ve been in your house for 18 months. And if you tell anyone, even under oath, that you’ve been visited by the FBI you can be arrested for so much as revealing the fact.

  7. Explain what this “he’s a social democrat” defense is for Marxists.

    So you have this Marxist right? And he’s ok if people call him a social democrat? Right? Thats the size of it right?

    Like turning a cat into a dog just by saying Fido from henceforth will be called tuppence.

    This is juvenile Jason.

    How does this social democrat defense work? You tell me.

    First Adrien and now Jason.

    Adrien wants more money for science and to wean of credit. So the juvenile Adrien thinks thats what Obama wants.

    Now Jason shows up and he’s a social democrat whatever the hell that is. So because Jason is a social democrat he thinks OBAMA is a social democrat.

    Well he must be.

  8. Yeah I’m beginning to think you’re right Graeme. There’s some indication of a Castro connection to Obama’s people. This has been submerged. There was a website I linked to a few days ago but it’s gone now. It seems Obama spent some time in Cuba and that this fact has been driven underground. Not even McCain’s people were allowed to use it. I don’t know how they got to him.
    Gordon Brown’s in on it too.

  9. He’s a Marxist. Of course his people had connections to Cuba you fuckwit. No need to go with “its a conspiracy” trumpcard.

    You were never a smart person. But you’ve taken leave of your senses.

    Go to your guide on logic and find for me the “sarcastically call it a conspiracy trump-card”

    Thats not an argument you moron.

    He’s a Marxist. He’s a Marxist who hangs around Marxists. He’s not a social democrat because Jason is a social democrat. He’s not interested in weaning credit because you are interested in weaning credit.

    Do you understand that yet? Your fantasies don’t control what he is.

  10. BTW I think a lot of the original Social Democrats were Marxists. As in members of the second Socialist International. The Marxist-Leninists were members of the third International. The Trots founded the fourth. There’s a fifth that probably consists of Neo-Larouchites and there’s a sixth that’s some dude with a hairy back and his dogs in Dubbo.

  11. Why are you abusing me Graeme? I’m backing you up. Time to cut down on the espressos man.

  12. Does somebody else have characteristics that they are projecting onto this black-white-board that is Obama?

    Jason projects that he is a social democrat.

    Adrien projects that he is about to wean the Americans off cheap credit. That Obama is a new-found hard money man since Adrien has a newfound interest in hard money.

    Come on lets get it out now. JC thinks that though Obama has no relevant experience at all. But that he will rise to the occasion because you either have it or you don’t.

    This is because JC has no relevant experience to be President. But he thinks he’s “got it” and would rise to the occasion.

    And so it goes all the way down the line. Snap out of it you committed irrationalists.

  13. BTW I didn’t read the website fully. I didn’t get the full story on the Cuba-Obama connection. What is it? It mentioned Gordon Brown but I wasn’t sure how he figured. I wish I’d printed it out. It was quite comprehensive.

  14. Social democrats are Marxists. Marxists just keep changing their names.

  15. I don’t know about any Cuba connection. But he’s a Marxist who hangs around Marxists. So of course there is a Cuban connection.

    Look the guy is constitutionally unable to be President. But thats overlooked since he’s a Marxist. He was supposed to have been born in Hawaii.

    All hard leftists are supposed to be geniuses come election time. And white rightists from a working class background are all dummies. So you guys fell for that with Obama and Palin also.

    You fall for every dumb tactic the left come up with.

    This guy is such a dummy he wants to destroy the coal industry.

  16. Tell me about Obama’s credit-weaning leanings Adrien?

    What do you think his tax measures will do to employment? People will actually have to borrow money to pay the income tax whereas that money could be spent within their business. That is to say it could become part of business-to-business spending. And it is only the revival of business-to-business spending that can end a recession.

    All empirical indications to the contrary only come from the fucked up interpretation of what a recession is and how to measure it. But in reality only a revival of business-to-business spending in real terms can end the recession.

  17. Is that white rightists or right whitists?

  18. Don’t be a moron Adrien. What a lunatic implication you are attempting to put about. By Christ you are an idiot.

    Now where is this Obama as Credit-weaner in chief….. where is this fantasy coming from Adrien?

  19. Lets here it Adrien. Obama as credit-weaner. It came from YOUR PROJECTION didn’t it. It came from you right?

  20. Now what other fantasy-Obamas have you guys got on the go?

    Obama as the ender of wars? Obama as the maker of peace? Obama the hard money man was a pretty weird one coming from Adrien. But I’m sure you all have a lot more examples of this projection.

    This is a fellow who could never be relied on for a yes or no vote. This empty suit almost always voted “present” except when it came to killing babies who survived late abortions.

  21. “Regardless of how we regard Obama there’s one thing you can say came good today. The Black Folks finally got a piece.”

    What an embarrassingly stupid thing to say!!!! What the fuck can you possibly mean by that? They are going to finally lose their jobs is what is going to happen to them. A lot of them are just about to lose the only piece of the pie worth having that they ever did have.

    What the fuck could you have possibly meant by that?

    Do you never get embarrassed saying dumb racist shit like this?

  22. “Should read:
    We got creamed fully and we’re trying to save face. ”

    Holy crap. You are actually like a giggly schoolgirl about this aren’t you?

    You are nutcase mate. This is a tragedy. A lot of people will suffer. And the US seems to have lost any hope of avoiding hyper-inflation if indeed there was time to avoid that.

    And you are HAPPY about all this.

  23. Still reckon Obama is better than Mrs Clinton based mainly on her open attacks on the free market functions. Obama, the Demorates for that matter, were always going to win be default unless some amazing event occured.
    Obama’s elixir to treat the credit hole involves sending 20% of US income tax to dictators in third world countries in exchance for ‘magic credit fixing beans.’

  24. The Clintons had way too many skeletons in their closet. Essentially they would have been beholden to China. So I’d tend to back you up on that minor point. Anyone but the Clintons would be my motto.

    Yeah look we are headed for a real American collapse. Obama will wreck both their small business and energy production.

    There is inflation down the track because of all the monetization thats been going on now. And Obama is hardly the person to stop this happening.

  25. care to bet on it Graeme?

  26. I’ll be betting on it alright. I’ll be arranging my finances accordingly.

    You don’t understand monetary economics Jason. So its pointless you even talking about it.

    They COULD salvage the situation. But they won’t. After all in inflationist circles like your own reserve asset ratios are tabboo.

    After creating all that monetary base the only possible way to avoid hyper-inflation is to have a reserve asset ratio.

  27. Yeah alright. You decide how to make the bet specific. Make a specific metric and I’ll tell you what odds I’ll accept. But just don’t expect me to accept USD as the payoff.

  28. I think I want a piece of this as well. How about we bet on US GDP 6 months hence? I bet it will greater than or equal to its current level in real terms.

  29. Of course it will be. But that doesn’t mean anything. Thats no bet because their figures are crooked.

  30. It wouldn’t mean anything even if their figures weren’t crooked.

    Try another metric.

    Zimbabwe’s nominal GDP keeps rising too.

  31. GDP= C+ I + G + X – M

    The answer to an authentic recovery is not within this equation. Since I is a net figure. The gross of I includes all business to business spending. And to have an authentic recovery you need increasing business-to-business spending in real terms.

    You can get a boost in GDP easily. The Bush tax cuts immediately gave them a quarter of 8% GDP growth. Which was entirely bogus and not representative of the health of the economy.

    You need to figure out a better metric.

  32. “The media in the tank to an unprecedented extent, two wars (one yet to win), the worst financial meltdown in decades, three quarters of a billion dollars spent on his campaign – plus deceased folks, cats and dead goldfish voting on his behalf via ACORN – and all of that buck only delivered Obama the bang of 52-47? Crikey. So it was actually a Ruddslide. Or as the left used to say pre-B.O., ‘America is a deeply and bitterly divided nation now thanks to SorosObamaHitler and his digital brownshirts.’”

    Well I’ve got a big job on. I’ve got to compile the deeper thoughts of Obama when it comes to military theory, dealing with terrorism, coping with financial meltdowns and reforming corrupt governments.


    There its done. The guy is pathetic. He wasn’t even born in the USA. He’s going into the job illegally.

    He better choose some good people. He looks like easy meat to me; putting myself in the position of the various people who choose to take an adversarial approach to the USA. He goes to negotiate with these people he’ll be lucky to come home with his shirt.

    The only thing he can do is get some Hard-core people into key positions. I mean really hardcore. The sort of people who would bring absolute fear to the hearts of the bigshots in Riyadh, Beijing, Moscow and Tehran.

    In defense or State the only choices would be Alan Keys and Angelo Codevilla. Few others could keep the peace by inspiring fear in potential enemies when you have this nobody know-nothing running in the top job.

  33. “Obama has a diverse team of economists – some of them very good. Hopefully the good ones will prevail over the others.”

    Come of it Sinclair. You have to be kidding. Whose his team. Its inconceivable that they will not be a bunch of bums.

  34. Diverse all right. All the economists from Keynes to Neo-Keynes to lefist-NeoClassical. Pretty much the whole school of know-nothings and pretenders.

  35. Mr Bird,

    The American Mugabe has won the day it appears, hoodwinked the masses with his smooth negroe vocals and polished cadences. Make no mistake this man is a plant by Islamicists and Marxists. Impregnate the White woman to produce the black baby, have her marry a Muslim and school him at Madrassas, brainwashed by radical preachers to hate all that is white and American and finally mentored in the ways of terrorists he leaps fully formed onto the scene like a Messiah. He’s not even true afro-american in the usual sense being of east african farmer not west african slave stock.

    Soon the American Mugabe will begin the money printing, the land stealing. The Canadians will errect a border fence to stop the innundation of white refugees from the farms and cities of the USA. Boatloads will arrive on our shores.

    It is truly the beginning of the end. Do not think this is a coincidence that he was getting money from the very same wall street thieves who lined their pockets and then brought down the system with such precise timing before the election. This plan is an old one – hatched during the cold war. A final insurance for the communists should their system fail.

  36. Its worse than this though. There is no doubt the “ex”-comunist are back in charge in Russia as well. Do you think Bush can intervene in the time he has left – do something to reveal the alien behind the mask.

    Perhaps organise some sort of real thorough inquest into the Mugabe’s links the sort of proper scrutiny the media should have given him perhaps even the democratic congress will reject him when they see the truth. I can’t believe they are all in on it. Most are merely stupid not disloyal.

  37. Mr Soon,

    What did I write that is racist? This is a malicious communist plot. Perhaps you are refering to my comment about impregnation of the white woman. Is that not true? I do not oppose misengenation, but it is clear that this was a cynical attempt to mix races to produce an acceptable cross race candidate.

    And he is on record as a radical “redistributionists” that is clearly code for taking property from the wealthy (whites) to give to the poor (blacks).

    It is not I but your idol President Hussien that is the racists as we will see in the coming years.

  38. Mr Soon,

    I neither knew nor care about Mr Birds Lineage. He was Kiwi to the core as far as I knew. And it makes no difference. You wish to shut down the discussion of the racial issue in President-elect Husssein’s candidacy when it is obviously cynically manipulated by him and his campaign for votes.

    Why do you cover for him? While you are clearly misguided I had not previously mistaken you for a fellow traveller.

  39. Mark my words Mr Soon, Obama will raise the hopes and aspirations of the black man only to crush them once more under a marxist jackboot.

  40. Why do I get the feeling that Graeme’s Gloved friend is SOON having a conversation with himself?

  41. Probably because you are not real bright. He doesn’t sound anything like Jason.

  42. Mr Z,

    Mr Soon and I are indeed two different people. He is a faux-libertarian crypto commie/crony capitalist.

    I on the other hand believe in individual freeedom and the power that that concept has to give the little guy his dignity, lift him out of the gutter and teach him to stand proud on his own two feet.

    Real dignity will be gained by the black man this way, not by the sachrine words of a silver tounge liar, teleprompt reading covert marxist.

  43. Well, there is some good news out of the election. Ward Connerly’s anti-affirmative action ballot initiative, the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative, passed with a large majority.

    Notice how Warren Buffett was one of the leading donors to the NO campaign. These crony capitalists just love big government and racial preferences, don’t they?

  44. You are just being ridiculous mate. So whose the idiot then? You or Palin. Clearly its you. You thought it was Palin but it turned out that it was just you again.

  45. No no. Thats just you being an idiot. Don’t um and arr ME mate. You get your own lame act on the go.

  46. Palin was the class act of the four of them. There is nothing to defend. Anyone claiming that she didn’t know that Africa was a Continent is just being an idiot.

  47. All this is revealing is the hatred of the house-niggers for talent that comes out of the field-nigger pool. The house-nigger has room for minorities who tow the leftist line, and for the rentier class hooray Harry’s. But no time for the self-made. No time for a girl who is one of us. One of my crowd.

  48. Nonsense.

  49. Stop the um and arrr. Its always a prelude to you saying something stupid. And it would make you look stupid even if what you subsequently said was true.

    TURNBULL? He’s a banker. That doesn’t count. Thats a racket and more or less a public service racket at that. On the other hand you could have a point if he was an authentic business startup type of banker. But despite that side of things Turnbull is a dummy who seems to fall for every leftist fashion there is no matter how silly. Still I accept you have an argument in terms of his business ability. You might think of him as a sort of Romney-like candidate. Not particularly sound but some management credentials.

  50. I checked out this Africa business. Imagine you two gooses buying into that one on the basis of alleged third-hand reports. Its not Palin that is the stupid one.

  51. […] Purple Teardrop with Clutched Pearls Cluster – for enduring the cruelest butthurt for his article “Cabin Fever,” which they list as “Americans Embrace Irrationalism.” The reason for the change of title is not […]

  52. congratulations Graeme

  53. If we walked down any street in America we would find dozens of small businessmen who would have more mental capital to be able to do the job…

    Iowahawk has convincingly argued that Gary Coleman was more qualified to be America’s first black President.

  54. Tell it like it is Graeme.

    ‘A “change” we can “believe” in’. Anyone with a brain should be totally and immediately disgusted by a statement like this.
    Aan absolutely horrible slogan with its anti-reason implications and general meaninglessness.

    It’s truly scary to think this guy is so popular. (Not that I support the Republicans)

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