Posted by: graemebird | November 7, 2008

DISTRIBUTED!!!!!! Nuclear Power Miracle. The New Hyperion Module.



More later.



  1. what is this Bird?

  2. Its a mini-nuclear reactor. It produces heat. When attached to a turbine it can produce enough electricity for 20 000 households. But you could use it in remote areas. Instead of having one big reactor you could have these dotted everywhere about town. You could be under war conditions but since you electricity generation is distributed you could keep the power coming.

    You could have one out Bush where there was oil shales and use it to produce steam to liquify the oil shales and then pump the liquid to a more substantial factory for further processing.

    The thing can work for 5-10 years wherein you can replace the unit with a new one and ship the old unit to the factory for revamping, never skipping a beat.

    The unit ought to cost about 25 million. The costs will come down not by size but by mass-production. Where you want to get to the point that these guys are pumping these units out like cars.

  3. “He’s got as much chance of pushing that through as homer has of winning the Nobel prize. He’s just young and restless, trying to shoot his load before he starts figuring out how the fuck he’s going to carry out all his fiscal promises when he’s running a deficit of 10% of GDP.”

    Dude. Don’t soft-peddle the ignorant Marxist idiot. This is precisely the sort of thing that COULD get through when the government cannot pay its bills.

  4. Bird
    perhaps a little more elaboration on your blog would be helpful including where you heard about this

  5. Codevilla on Palin:


    I heard about it as a sort of rumour a long time ago. But now its broken loose on Google. Just put in Hyperion nuclear reactor in the google. Actually my own company could use one of these.

    The thing is they aren’t in production yet. The 25 million is an estimate for after mass-production is well-established.

    The inventor envisioned it as a way of dealing with the tar sands. This will be a massive breakthrough for tar sands. Now at 60USD a barrel tar sands are fundamentally uncompetitive. But even at 200USD they were a hard ask to get beyond about 5 million barrels a day for Canada. Because you need to keep dragging tankers of natural gas up to where the tar sands are. And the natural gas locally produced was getting a bit scarce. Here you have units that you can take up there and Bobs your uncle. Steam at maybe nearly 300 degrees heat to liquify the under ground tar sands.

    Hence with these units the tar sands contribution doesn’t need to level out at 5 million barrels a day but can keep on climbing. Keep on climbing another million barrels per day every year perhaps.

    Maybe you’d even take a second unit and a turbine to produce all the other power needs for the makeshift towns near the tar-sands areas. For the hot water and electricity. To pump the liquified tar sands out and pump them somewhere not too far away for further processing.

    This makes out oil shales out at places like Tamworth far more doable.

    I’m telling you this is the breakthrough we needed.

    We needed to have nuclear take over electricity so the coal would be available for liquification. We simply were unable to get back into a low-priced energy era without this combination. But the interest costs of the nuclear power plants were too high,what with all the red tape. Yet with this unit the company would be able to arrange finance and the nuclear units could be leased.

    So this is it. And our greenies won’t be able to stop this once it gets down to a daily leasing cost rather than a massive upfront project.

    What this all means is that instead of 30-50 years to get back to cheap energy (the current prices are an illusion and will last only a few months if that) we could do it in 15.

  6. You see when you have a liquification project you can have two or three of these things. You could imagine one providing steam to make the under ground remote gear turn to liquid. Then you have another for power for all your associated workers being flown in and out to the remote place and also to pump the liquid out. Then where you pump it to you might have another unit to pre-heat the liquid to a gas to pump to a furnace where you might further heat it with natural gas and then purify it for commercial grade fuel.

    People are working on nuclear for process heat application. But this depends on them being able to generate heat at 1200 degrees celsius minimum. I’ll have to see if a controlled nuclear reaction is able to safely work at those temperatures. I think the hyperion only works at 300 degrees. But these big reactors which are Helium Cooled Generators. I think they are working at about 900 degrees celsius. So its really just a case of sussing it that they can work at a higher temperature.

    Why this is important is that nuclear is easily the cheapest source of raw heat. And its such a shame to be wantonly using up all your hydrocarbons turning them from solids to liquids. Or from gasses to liquids for that matter.

    So you want nuclear reactors of various sizes to be providing the heat, electricity and hydrogen for all stages of the process that you can use for them.

    You don’t want two tons of coal to become one tonne of liquified coal. You want it to become two tonnes. What with getting rid of impurities and adding hydrogen.

    The thing is this is so cool. Because with these little modules at the first stage of the process you could easily imagine gassifying wood in your first furnace and pumping that elsewhere to be turned to diesel in a second furnace. This could be the pre-heater extraordinaire for all that sort of stuff like for turning municipal waste into high-grade liquid fuel.

  7. You are just an idiot mate.


    And do it this time without lying.

  8. She’s white. She’s not Asian right. She’s from the working class right? So you think she is trailor trash. Thats about the size of it right?

  9. Come on Jason. Explain your fucking stupidity?


    Palin is really smart.

    You got it the right way around this time you fucking moron?

  10. Come on Jaosn. Apart from pure bigotry. And you being an idiot. WHAT IS YOUR FUCKING CASE!!!!!!!!!

    Come on Jason lets hear it. So far you have not made a case except through outright lying.

  11. Come on Jason. Lets see your case!!!!!

    Don’t hide behind a link.

    Lets have that case of yours.

    In your own words. GO!!!!!!

  12. Right so you have no fucking case. Its just you being naive and sucking up everything the media lays on you.


  13. I’ve seen that link fella. Thats where I confirmed that you, being a goose, and that other goose Kemp took an anonymous third-hand report by the leftist media as the gospel.


    Make your case. You want talk about our sheilas like they are all trailer-trash you better have a fucking sound case behind it.

    Come on.

    Lets have it.

  14. Don’t hide behind Steve mate. Lets have your case.

    No bullshitting. No barely concealed racism.

    Just make your case?

    This is a Malaysian Chinese traditionalist looking at all our pretty girls like they are all tramps.

  15. Come on. Lets have your case. Anonymous AND RIDICULOUS third-hand rumours are hardly a case.


    You see you said it was Palin that was a dummy but it turned out to be you.

  16. Come on then. Lets have your case. So far its the gospel of Faux-news and the compromises of Steve Edwards. A kid. A smart kid who happens to be wrong on this score.

    Lets have that case then.

  17. Come on Jason. This isn’t the first time you’ve parroted this horseshit. Lets have some sort of case.

  18. Fucking mindless bigot.

    So you’ve got nothing.

    You can’t think for yourself. You’ve got nothing. And you are a bigot.

  19. I said come up with an argument you jerk??????

    Posting Cambria idiocy is not an argument.

    Fucking hell man. Don’t you see a pattern here? If you can’t up with a proper argument than its personal bigotry on your part.

  20. Make a case for fucksakes you fucking dopey gook.

  21. This is like the stupidity you showed about Reagan the other day. Making like his speech was written by others. Making out that he was past it when he actually was President. Whereas the whole deal was that he get two terms as Governor just to get the experience and then he was to take down communism.

    All of it planned and carried out. And still you persist with these leftist myths that he’s a lightweight. Completely surprised by his speech and thinking that it had to be written by someone else.

  22. Make a fucking case Jason. Don’t hide behind anybody else.

    Lets have your case in your own words.


    What you don’t realise is that we’ve seen this all before. With Quayle and with Reagan. And I read a bit and we found out they did much the same with Goldwater. They didn’t say he was dumb. They just said he had psychiatric problems.

    So try not to fall for the lamest leftist bullshit imaginable. Its McCains leftist handlers that screwed this deal up. And dumb-leftists can always be relied upon to start idiotic rumours.

  23. Well there you go:

    “I just can’t get enough of Sarah Palin and her lack of suitability for office. In the flurry of briefings from furious McCain staffers it has been revealed that she did not know Africa was a continent, thinking it a single country.”

    This idiot has bought into the same bullshit story. In defiance of all principles of journalistic professionalism.

  24. Look. Lets get this straight first. You just bought into a whole bunch of IMMENSELY SILLY LIES. Various aides are disputing with eachother. And the ones who made up these really stupid lies are making these claims on the basis of anonymity.

    Just ridiculous man. Of course you have no evidence she’s in favour of free enterprise. She was chosen for that reason and she’s running with a leftist Senator. She had to bristle under McCains leftism. . You’ve swallowed the Katie Couric stuff and all the Saturday Night Live gear. All the editing. The leftist mania. So where in all this is Palin herself. Its just the leftist thing. They said that Reagan was dumb, a B-grade actor. Shallow. All that. He was a political philosopher, was really smart, was arguably the best prepared for the job of anyone…. and wrote more of his own speeches than anyone since Calvin Coolidge. Of course Calvin Coolidges speeches were very short.

    You always swallow every fucking dumb leftist mania.

    Use your own words. Don’t hide behind links like a fucking global warmer.

  25. He’s a leftist. He’s spent 20 years waging war against the conservatives. But its true he never did go in for the Bush fiscal incontinence.

  26. As Edwards has pointed out Obama is already talking about part-time conscription/slavery.

    Did you know they are also gunning hard for freedom of speech? Obama is already flagging the violation of freedom of where you want to be, and what you want to be doing. And on top of that his team have flagged blatant censorship. The guys a marxist. Why would you people doubt it?

  27. “I presume this has something to do with the theory that has been circulating for ages that mercury in vaccines causes autism. while I am not qualified in this area and can only go on the scientific ‘consensus’ much like for global warming, the consensus as I understand it rejects this theory. I’m sure Lambert will back us up here.”

    What the fuck mindless bullshit is this? Whats wrong with you man?

    And whats this deal about the skeptical enquirer. Its been taken over by mindless idiots. Its just not the same outfit it was 20 years ago. All these dumb leftists must have shown up for purposes of street cred.

    These guys must be the most credulous fuckwits around. You know what happened! Ian Plimer showed up and spelled it all out for these idiots. Gave them a presentation on the global warming racket. And the alleged skeptics, mindless twits that they are now REJECTED PLIMER?????

    It would be like me rejecting the great Randi on his verdict of a new spoon bender in town.

  28. So a fellow shows up. He’s supporting what purports to be the official GP’s line. And you don’t analyse the case. Nor the contrary case. You don’t do anything else but try and figure out what it is the Doctors are supposed to believe.

    This is not being a fucking analyst.

  29. This is being a mindless brainless automaton.

  30. “Well, five years after the removal of thimerosal, autism diagnosis rates have continued to increase (IDIC 2007). That is the final nail in the coffin in the thimerosal-vaccine-autism hypothesis.</i?”

    Thats completely fucking feeble. You can always find off some presumptuous reason to send a challenger paradigm packing. Bad methodology. It looks more like he picked out the stats in advance knowing the answer for that state. Why the one state? But the thing is in this country its the fool-hardiness of jabbing kids for three separate diseases at once. Rather than allowing the poor kid to take time to adjust to each new vaccine. That would seem to be incredible bloody-mindedness on the part of the medical profession. These are not very smart guys. Its largely a degree in memorisation.

  31. you’ve got Obama-fever now, he can do no wrong appointing an anti- vaccine lefty to the EPA

  32. What are you talking about? What do you mean ANTI-VACCINE GUY. That means different things to different people. I’m pro-vaccines. I think that vaccines are the best things in the world.

    But you get bloodyminded idiots who think you take a baby and you simply must vaccinate the tiny little tyke FOR THREE DISEASES AT ONCE. This is madness when there is some doubt over the matter.

    But what is this talk about Obama putting some anti-vaccine commie forward?

  33. that’s what the whole debate has been about you tool, not the 3 vaccines at once hogwash

  34. No thats bullshit. This is a mischaracterisation of the debate. By mischaracterising the debate this twit at the skeptical enquirer has managed to dismiss the other side.

    Pretty much what you were doing in that last lying post you made at Catallaxy.

  35. we in the crony establishment have to do all we can to discredit you and Palin graeme:-)

  36. “She had to bristle under McCains leftism”

    McCain is indeed a leftist. Which is precisely why it is better to have a Leftist Democrat than a Leftist Republican. At least there is the PROSPECT of the former arousing serious opposition from the decent half of the country. The past 8 years have been a terrible dynamic – Bush was a Leftist President implementing Leftist policies, but with the hard-Leftists are denouncing him as an “extreme conservative”, and actual conservatives doing nothing to oppose him.

  37. Also notice how after I brought up the news about Obama’s plan to re-introduce slavery, the first person to try to downplay (in fact, deny) the brutal reality was JC. He first tried to claim it was “voluntary”, which is the exact opposite of the truth. Then he attempted to say that it will “never pass”, with the implication that we shouldn’t worry. But it most certainly WILL pass if it isn’t subject to serious opposition from the public, rather than the anesthesised response of “libertarians” like JC. They are all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

    It’s only a matter of time before the CATO Institute openly support the proposal. Why wouldn’t they? They backed the criminal multi-trillion dollar banking heist. Slavery is the logical next step.

  38. I can see where you are coming from Steve. But look how the position is bid away. We cannot have Ron Paul, then we cannot have Alan Keyes, then of course Thompson is too tired. Then Romney cannot win because he’s a Mormon. You wind up with the most leftist candidate. There is only one thing left to do. You vote for the Marxist.

    Every moment bidding our position away. There was at least a chance that the old man would just defer to his Vice President. He could have wound up having senior moments thinking that she is the daughter she never had.

    JC has gone pretty mental ever since Paulson started with these stimulus packages or thereabouts. Here I don’t allege cause or effect. But the fucking liar is trying to pretend that the bailout wasn’t stealing in public. Thats an ominous precedent to begin just before a Marxist takeover. And that fucking asshole JC just persistently tries to pretend that stealing isn’t what it is and Marxists are not what they appear to be.

    They want Part-time (at first) forced labour and they are getting ready for a vicious attack on the first amendment. These guys are losing no time in what they wish to do. And they may actually WELCOME hyper-inflation as in keeping with their plans. They have to actually take an active position now to avoid galloping inflation. Its already in the works. Galloping inflation would allow the sort of fascist shift in norms that this crowd are after.

  39. “It’s only a matter of time before the CATO Institute openly support the proposal. Why wouldn’t they? They backed the criminal multi-trillion dollar banking heist. Slavery is the logical next step.”

    Yeah I lost faith with these Jacobins a long time ago. What people don’t understand is this drift with out and out lefties taking a job there just because they have to do something with their degrees. Plus there location in Washington is not a good thing.

    Here they back anti-constitutional and outrageous public stealing. There are bailouts and bailouts. And if it was just a situation of them stopping a run with cash at exorbitant interest rates then I would understand. But this is clearly a violation of most of the populations equal protection. Imagine if they started buying all my gear at premium. The washing machine for 5000. There goes an old duffel bag for 500. And what if they started lending me interest at 1%. In a few short years I’d be a multi-millionaire. How can this not be stealing?

    Its ver dissapointing that JC can lie outright about stuff like this.

  40. I find JC and Jasons relentless lying and outright support of socialist stealing just sickening don’t you Steve? I mean would you have even come out drinking with these frauds if you knew what they were like?

  41. Who will be Obama’s Treasury Secretary?
    with 35 comments

    I think the big test of whether the semi-socialistic rhetoric put out by Obama over the campaign was just him playing to the masses or is reflective of some genuine beliefs on his part……”

    Bizzare. Here he is this Marxist. Known associate of terrorists. And there is Jason immediately assuming he’s bullshitting and its a marketing ploy.

  42. If Romney had been the nominee, then I would have supported him in a flash (as with Paul, if he’d been the nominee). It’s not so much about bidding away one’s position (I’m completely opposed to compromise of any sort), but anticipating the FUTURE dynamic of politics with the choices we have, which are unfortunately only one in a two-horse race. Marxists call it dialectics. As a student of dialectics, I had no choice but to oppose McCain.

    As with regards to Jason and company – I have some good friends back home who are straight down the line Marxists. Not neo-Marxists, but classical, 19th Century style Marxists. Obviously, I’m not a Marxist at all, but they are very good drinking company. I’m not so bothered about who I socialise with, so long as they have an interesting story to tell.

  43. Good news from New Zealand – ACT have won five seats in parliament.

    What’s your take on Roger Douglas? Is he a genuine guy or a crony capitalist?

  44. No he never had a crony side to him. But thats all 20 years ago now. Still he’s never talked about getting rid of socialist money. Romney wasn’t much of a conservative. Not a real conservative at all. Him and McCain would be there smirking at Ron Paul. These are the sort of guys who would still be smirking now even when pretty much everything Ron Paul was worried about has come to pass. These are people like Jason who cannot get things right even with 20 20 hindsight.

  45. The dialectic you speak off can only seriously be used as a reason not to vote or to use it as a good opportunity to vote for a third party. You can never be like Jason or Chris Buckley and actively be supporting a marxist.

  46. Obama is choosing cronyism. His chief of staff is a hard leftist and a Freddie mac man. This shows that Obama is surrounding himself with people who will push his commie agenda and who will act as a buffer for corrupt practice.

    There is just no chance he will be the sort of person to stop galloping inflation.

  47. I agree entirely. If I were an American, I certainly would not have voted for either Obama or McCain – probably a third party like Barr, Baldwin or Nader. Neither the Democratic nor the Republican Presidential candidates have been acceptable since about 1980.

  48. According to JC, I’ve deleted this thread and closed down the conversation. What has happened to this fellow?

  49. Its strange cuz. maybe you shouldn’t be so angry at the old wop. he may not be legally responsible for his actions no more.

  50. Okay sorry. i scrolled down and couldn’t see it. I assumed you deleted it like you do with other threads.

  51. You should send it Obama. He wants to up the Nuke in America. Oh that’s right he can’t be president. 🙂

  52. Yeah good point Kiwibird. Its looking that way. You’d wonder if he’s sound to go on the net and run his gambling routine any more.

  53. Adrien how about not spouting this crap about there being a waste problem when I’m sure I’ve explained the situation to you before.

  54. I’m sure I’ve explained the situation to you before.

    Um no.

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