Posted by: graemebird | November 7, 2008

The Real Reason For Americas Failed Election Result.

From Dr Marohasy’s blog:

The problem with getting such a ridiculous choice in the White House comes from the urge to trade away your best candidates on the basis that “oh ho ho he couldn’t win”. The Republicans had one of their very strongest line-ups in a long time. But at every stage they traded down on the basis of “Oh such and such cannot win.”

So they started off with the brilliant Alan Keyes if you were a true conservative that didn’t want to cut overseas military spending and the superb Ron Paul if you were okay with that sort of financial triage. But of course ho ho. Alan Keyes is a black man and too staunch a Christian. And ho ho. Ron Paul is a fringe candidate. He cannot possibly win. Ho Ho. Why is he always talking about the frailty of financial markets?

So after rejecting those two the next obvious pick was the highly intelligent actor Fred Thompson. A true conservative. Well thought out positions. Didn’t fall for this climate crap. Oh ho ho. He cannot win. He looks tired. So keep trading down. Next pick. Well its Romney. Not really a sound conservative. But he managed to take the Olympics at LA and turn a profit. A real can-do fellow. Management experience that no-one can get close to. Ho Ho. He cannot win. He’s a Mormon.

The Democrats made the same mistake last time. They rolled their favourite Howard Dean. Because they reckoned he was too short and didn’t look “Presidential”. They got a guy who even they didn’t believe in. Tried to pretend Kerry was a war hero. But this time the Republicans took that same silly line all the way along their foolish path.

It ought to have been out of Alan Keyes and Ron Paul right from the start. The two of them were OUTSTANDING candidates. Its hard to even so much as IMAGINE a better wartime President than Keyes.

You always back the best candidate. If you lose you win. You get the ideas out there. Push the middle ground in your direction. Set things up for next time. That way when the party gets another chance it can get things done.

In politics the only thing worse than your party losing is your party winning all the time. And in a two-party system you have to accept the other guys are going to win once in awhile. Thats why you always must back the quality candidate. Because then, if you win you win, and if you lose you win also.


  1. “and the last two being good fiscally conservative Democrats…”

    Where is THAT coming from?

    Bushes’ broken veto arm must be turning cats into dogs.

  2. Hear Hear Mr Bird,

    Well said. I heartily agree! Trying to second guess the appeal to the other fellow is non-sense and sure to end you up with a bunch of second rate compromise candidates.

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