Posted by: graemebird | November 8, 2008

Larry Elder Ripping Apart An Obama Kool-Aider.

Larry does the talkback show at KABC. He’s a cool-headed logician who meticulously pulls apart the argument of the other guy. Larry is sandwitched between Doug McIntyre and Al Rantel. Both Doug and Al are free market conservatives allegedly. But they’ve joined the enthusiasm of the Nuremburg rallies and they are amongst the idiots and faux-conservatives who were backing Barrack Adolph Hussein. Als a homo. But up until now he’s always appeared to be a solid conservative and a good broadcaster. Although you’ve got to feel a bit sorry for the guy having to follow Larry Elder who is a very talented broadcaster.

Anyway Doug comes on to try and justify his ludicrous Pro-Osama position. And Larry just demolishes him. It clear he’s got carried away by the lamest most vacuous demagoguery that we’ve seen in a long time…. that is to say Obama’s speeches. Because he makes no sense.

As I have pointed out, and as Larry points out, if you didn’t want to vote for McCain fine. Sit it out or vote third party. But how can you actually vote for Obama?

Over at Catallaxy we have seen the softheaded types and the faux-libertarians who were backing Obama. But then they tend to be softheaded on all other matters as well.

Here is Larry’s latest show. It won’t be around for ever. But its worth listening to just for the opening argument between Doug and Larry. Since its good to see an artist totally and mercilessly demolish a piss-weak faux-conservative.



  1. Obama’s only education is in law and Marxism. As far as his law education is concerned HE IS A FAILURE AT THAT. He thinks constitutional interpretation is a creative conjuring exercise. Thats total failure in terms of studying law.

    Check this out:

    I tell you the man is a fucking moron. And he’s about to become an international public menace.

  2. Here’s a direct link to Larry ripping Doug:

    [audio src="" /]

  3. Did you notice that Larry now refers to Doug and Al as the Marx Brothers? LOL

  4. Yeah great stuff Golem.

    He’s busted him for being a fake libertarian too.

    How could Peggy Noonan fall for this shit. She watched at first hand Reagan take down the communists and now here she is getting behind a commie. She must be a sucker for good speakers or something. Someone that can deliver the lines she has written.

    “Require 100 Hours of Service in College: Obama and Biden will establish a new American Opportunity Tax Credit that is worth $4,000 a year in exchange for 100 hours of public service a year.”

    Getting them used to forced labour. And incredible fiscal ill rectitude. Debt doesn’t matter as Jason Soon has attested. This forced labour is an extension of Obama giving some outfit a 50 million dollar grant. A 50 million dollar in aid of education. Not in aid of teaching these kids to read and write. But rather to educate them in Marxist consciousness.

    The economy will deteriorate and when it does this here business about him not being a valid Presidential candidate COULD POTENTIALLY get some wings.

    If he isn’t thrown out does that mean I can run for American President?

    I’m more qualified than him and I wasn’t born in the US either.

  5. It just shows how much co-ordinated social power the left has. A simple thing like this. He was never a valid candidate in the first place. But if the guy is a marxist he has enough cover to do this because everyone who mentions it is going to get shouted down.

    So he has no experience. So the left develop a shitrain that says the eminently qualified Palin has no experience. When it was Obama and not Palin. This sort of thing is longstanding and goes back at least as far as the reversal they pulled with Joe McCarthy.

    Surely we got lucky with it. Surely the absolutely disastrous economic position will force them to act on this fraud decisively and not let the Marxist actually get away with it.

    Obama is not a natural born citizen. And therefore ran illegally. Not only that he’s doubly out of bounds. Since he took up Indonesian citizenship. In fact he does not appear to have been naturalized back to American citizenship after being an Indonesian citizen.

    Edwards. You ought post this stuff on Catallaxy and try to get the suspected commie Jason Soon to make a thread of it. You know to show he is still pretending to be with the good guys.

  6. That guy on Larry Elder’s show was torn to pieces.

    He didn’t have a single worthwhile argument for voting for Obama.

    The only good reason for favouring (without voting for) an Obama victory is for the dialectical reason that it is better to have a Leftist President being opposed from Right rather than a Leftist President being opposed from the Left. That’s it. There are no other good arguments.

    But this false conservative couldn’t make ANY arguments. Did he have an argument? No, he didn’t. It was such a weak performance.

  7. Yeah. Larry had it DOWN when he pointed out that he could have said “a pox on both your houses.” I see that as almost always a productive attitude. Look at how the other parties had to sort themselves out to neutralise Pauline Hansen. Evem if Hansen herself was, well you know, not perfect, the effect she had was positive.

    So the fellow would have had a solid argument if he said he was voting for Chuck until the Republicans started putting forward honest, fiscally sound dudes who respected the constitution.

    He falls down really early on. As soon as he said that it would be no good to sit it out or vote third party. WHY? No reason. Crazytalk.

  8. Just out and See Larry and Doug go at it. There’s a part 2 also

  9. Yeah thanks for that. I haven’t kept up with Larry much these days. Don’t know why because he is always sensational. Feel free to post any other particularly good Larry stuff here. If only it was him that was about to be sworn in and not that communist fellow. I’d be happy and I wouldn’t want for anything more. The fellow is a full-blown slave to logic.

  10. I put this one to the front to remind Catallaxy of their light-weight status and their propensity to be relentlessly wrong and wimps, whereas I’m almost always right, and courageous, righteous, good, and fit and tough and rugged.

    They supported a communist wrecker as a candidate. They looked and they saw a white board on that allegedly black man. All evidence told us, without controversy, that he could in no way be eligible to so much as even run. They never admitted the fact of this, and so never drew the conclusion that SELECTION-election of an ineligible candidate, to win against a complete loser of a candidate, who himself had dubious eligibility …… could be no coincidence.

    Always catallaxy are light-years behind. I agree that the idea that this worthless junkie communist homo trash, being ineligible to run, and nevertheless winning, is extraordinary. But thats what fucking happened. So you have to be able to deal with reality, and then turn around, and figure out why and how such an extraordinary thing could have occurred.

    And of course the answer is that the only way to hide a scandal is to hide it behind another scandal. And its gotsta be a bit of a comedown in the old ego stakes to find out that we have been treated far more like farm animals then we ever could have imagined was possible.

  11. By the way Larry Elder was SACKED as a result of that one broadcast on a CONSERVATIVE station. The punishment for a black man to oppose Obama at that time, on an alleged conservative safe haven was immediate sacking.

    Now what the flying fuck do you tiny-minded Catallaxians make of THAT?

    Are you going to pretend that your “no opponent uses stealth” view of the world stacks up against that fact? Larry was sacked because he was a black man. And the people selecting Barry to the Residency knew that they couldn’t afford a fucking popular black logician to be opposing their bitch.

  12. If the electorate were more worthy they would have Larry and not Barry to help them deal with the disaster they have gotten themselves into:

  13. “So publicly Hockey is talking about a slash-and-burn cost-cutting Budget if the Coalition wins office. Even about abolishing entire government departments.”

    This means that we may be able to produce a situation of relative fairness, in concordance with our values and heritage, and at the same time survive as an independent nation, while all around us crumbles into a world of shit.

    Its really as simple as that. We either get real about wiping out entire departments by the bakers dozen or we get used to a world of subservience, class divisions, and violence. It will be better if the violence is sporadic, out there, and a way of maintaining some standards insofar as regional independence is concerned. But what is more likely, if we don’t quickly get used to mass-sackings …… is that people will be strategically selected and them and associates/family, will be quietly put to sleep like stray pets, behind closed doors in anti-septic environments, without too much in the way of natural light and ventilation.

    We have no way to solve our problems without mass-sackings. And that Joe Hockey may have finally come to that realisation, could mean that my constant drumbeat on this theme, under many different names, may not have gone in vain.

  14. A real treat for regular readers:

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