Posted by: graemebird | November 10, 2008

Roald Dahl: Spies Like Us (And The Rest.)

“I had to show a birth certificate to get my passport and I show my kids certificates to enroll them in school. If he has no valid certificate, then how did he accomplish those tasks?” 

What do you know about Roald Dahl? 

British novelist? Short story writer? Screenwriter? Well he was all of those but for a brief while he was a spy working in Washington, and I think part of what he was doing was discrediting isolationist types. He was srewing some rich guys wife as well as part of the deal. The things you do for King and Country. 

But he came pretty late to that job after suffering an injury as a pilot. Britain had a whole network of agents of influence trying to get you into the war and discrediting Americans who were more concerned with the lives of American lads, and who wanted to sit that one out. 

So the British were influential in Washington. But the Soviet influence would have dwarfed that. Now note that both these outfits could easily mock up any dodgy paperwork that can be imagined. 

Ever since then it is the case, and has to be the case, that foreign countries send people to America to spy on you, and to try and influence you. Even your friends. It is pointless being reflexively shy about this sort of influence. Its pointless to rule out conspiracy and be EMBARRASSED about conspiracy. After all embarrassment is only fear. And we are grown-ups now and must exercise control over many of our fears. 

Subjectively speaking the Sauds seem to have exercised immense influence in Washington over the last few years. And earlier than that Israel did seem to have quite a lot of influence. But I say that in the same spirit as pointing out that the British wielded this sort of regime-based influence in the lead-up to your involvement in the war. But really its better if you can isolate yourselves from all this trickery, sort out truth from falsehood, and act decently but in your own national interests. 

It was by no means in Americas self-interest to get involved in World War II in the way that she did and a more Reaganesque policy would have been better in keeping with your authentic self-interest. 

Now the thing is this. No global movement every put over so much of this sort of black ops influence as did the various communist countries. Communism was a movement awash in conspiracy and dirty tricks. 

The Soviet Union kept its head above water on a steady diet of American food that came out of farm subsidies and were sold to them via loan guarantees that were never paid out. How did they do this? How can we assess how much of the perversity of this American behaviour was due to spontaneous bureaucratic stupidity and how much was the careful influence exercised via domestic operators? 

How about the weapons technology. The leaking of weapons secrets which brought America technology to the Soviets to such an extent that the Pentagon was competing with itself all that time? How much of this is due to enemy action? From people planted in your country? And how frequent do you imagine was the use of dodgy paperwork? 

Any regime can put together documentation and a great chunk of the worlds regimes will be operating within your country. 

So once we see that the young Barrack Hussein Obama was bundled up with a communist terrorist movement then all bets are off and anything is possible. 

Bill Ayers was underground for many years. He brought up kids. He got by. He had a support network no doubt? Imagine yourself bringing up kids and getting by? Would it not take some sort of documentation and some sort of support network? 

How did Bill Ayers send his kids to school when he was underground? If indeed he did? In a court of law we presume innocence until guilt is proven. But in matters of this sort we must presume regime assistance until we know for sure that this is not the case. 

Once you are bundled up with Bill Ayers and the weather-underground all bets are off and it is up to us not to be silly about this and to suspect the worst. 

Thats a whole network there. An whole infrastructure. A whole set of introductions even as they look for an attractive young man with prospects. Even as they introduce him to the right beautiful young marxist girl from a rich family. 

Naturally I’m extrapolating there. But Jack Cashill has already determined, through textual analysis and other contextual evidence, that Bill Ayers was ghost-writer for Obama’s memoir. 

In view of the speed with which it has been shown that a determined network can insert their people into high places there is nothing here that can be ruled out. 

“I had to show a birth certificate to get my passport and I show my kids certificates to enroll them in school. If he has no valid certificate, then how did he accomplish those tasks?” 

In one of those two cases Michelle could have easily filled in the forms one would think.



  1. Here is the analysis which shows that Bill Ayers was a ghost-writer for Obama’s memoirs:

    The evidence is convergent and it looks decisive to me.

  2. Have you managed to come to a different conclusion after reading the analysis?

    No you are just being a daffy senile bastard as usual these last few months.

    Jack Cashill is a serious journalist. Exceptionally talented. Read it again you senile old bastard. And this time make your mouth move when you are reading. It may help in your comprehension given your current mental handicap.

    The evidence is CONVERGENT and really its DECISIVE.

    We can say with great confidence that Ayers is a ghost writer.

  3. After his memoir he was a Senator and a bigshot and could afford a lot of well-paid ghost-writers. Its specifically his memoir that was written with Bill Ayers’ help. Obviously you haven’t read Jack Cashills analysis or didn’t comprehend it. So I’m going to wipe your post on grounds of stupidity.

  4. No Cambria you dope. It is YOU that is unable to distinguish speculation from something closer to rightful certitude. Cashill has gathered together convergent evidence. Evidence coming in from odd angles.

    You too will be wiped on grounds of stupidity.

  5. Mr Bird,

    What is it about these Cattleaxian drones that makes them worship stupidity and clump together against anyone who would actually use facts and reason. Do they fear if someone breeches their crony-capitilist ponzi charade by just a crack the whole flimsy edifice will sink them back into the cesspool from which they arose?

  6. Mr Soon,

    It is so typical of you leftist PC drones to think that a man is beyond reproach merely by the colour of his skin. The boy is a marxist so we must expect the worst, and scrutinise him heavily. As is proved by the analysis above he is not the man he tells us he is.

  7. Mr Soon,

    I am Australian an unused to your Americanism. It was supposed to be a put down about his age.

  8. Mr Soon,

    Dear god you are not still pushing that J Edgar cross dressing lie are you. The man was righteous, of course the leftist slime mongers wanted to make up lies about him.

  9. Soon falls for even the lamest leftist lies. It would be many dozens of times that he’s insisted that J Edgar Hoover was a queer and a crossdresser on the basis of no evidence whatsoever. I’ve pressed him for evidence but he just keeps lying about it. So here he is running this pretense of being in favour of capitalism, but spreading marxist lies of every level of antiquity.

    Actually I bought that lie the first time I heard it. But then later realised that the Marxists spread that lie about all their mortal enemies that happened to be confirmed batchelors. It would be hard to think of even one exception to that rule.

    If SOON were authentically in favour of human liberty he would be like me. Someone who thinks well of Hoover but thinks he probably had the job for too long. He must have done a good job because the perception is that unlike the CIA the FBI stayed effectual for quite a long time.

  10. […] who warned of an Obama Marxist dictatorship and Australia’s very own ‘eccentric’ Gonzo blogging identity is the significantly more famous Melanie Phillips who writes that: … a Marxisant radical who […]

  11. “Funnily enough, no one other than Steve Sailer has pointed out that the fact that Obama’s chief head-kicker and close advisor is Rahm Emanuel (the son of an Irgun member) suggests that Obama is not going to do a sudden reversal on US foreign policy in the Middle East. It renders Phillips’ own overblown concerns that Obama actually swallows fully the ideas of everyone he’s ever made opportunistic political alliances with even more nonsensical. Sailer is more spot on when he writes”

    You are such a moron Jason.


    Your claim is that he’s not a communist extremist on the basis that he’s hired a real asshole whose daddy was a terrorist?

    YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING DUMB CUNT that the idiocy of your position is pointed out to you and you still run with it.

    So you are saying somehow that Jewish leftist extremism is an alibi for extremism generally.

    You are a moron. This is like when you thought that Shia and Sunni don’t work together. Ahistorical idiocy.

  12. Against all known facts this idiot Jason Soon has decided that this is NOT a radical takeover.

    What a fucking moron. This fellow just makes it up as he goes along. But don’t you just love the terrorists son alibi. What a mentally handicapped drooling idiot.

  13. Who made sailor and expert all of a sudden.

    Now lets go over this again you fucking idiot.

    Its an extremist leftist takeover. Thats just a fucking fact. Having a son of a leftist terrorist in a top job OBVIOUSLY doesn’t contradict this. You fucking moron.

    What is wrong with you. You are an idiot.

    These people are all red babies and extremist lunatics.

  14. Come on. Lets hear it you fucking moron.

    So I say these guys are leftist extremists.

    And your comeback is …… No… He’s just hired a leftist extremist terrorists son.

    You are a MORON mate.

    Just lets run the logic past me again.

  15. Who the fuck is Sailor?

    So lets go over your fucking idiocy again? This is a leftist extremist takeover. Thats just a fact. And your argument is…… WHAT???

    You don’t have an argument do you?

  16. Lets go over your argument. All the facts say its an extremist takeover. And you say: No it cannot be an extremist leftist takeover…… HE’S HIRED A LEFTIST TERRORISTS SON!!!!

    Don’t hide behind random idiots. Just admit to me now that your logic is idiocy.


  17. No you are making it up you are LYING.

    He was brought up by radicals. He has never been out of radical communist/Islamist circles.

    Now apart from you LYING what is your argument.

    Lets go over it again.

    I say that this is a radical extremist leftist takeover. And you say it cannot be. Since he’s just hired some extremist Jew whose Dad was an extremist leftist Jew terrorist?

    Now thats not a very sound argument is it?

  18. Right so we’ve got these extremists right? And they hire a terrorists son right? And so thats an alibi for them being extremist is your logic right?

    Can Asian people think?

  19. hey graeme, jc agrees with me

  20. Of course he does. He’s an idiot. I read what he said. And he seems to think that the communist Obama would run from the centre but he’s worried about some lefties in the Democrat party. He’s fucking senile.

    Now lets get this other thing straight. People who push government arrangements with specifically CHINA do not necessarily have an alibi for being mad leftists. I can remember as a kid there was this New Zealand society called “friends of China” who wanted us to trade freely with China and they’d import this Chinese tea.

    Its not a total condemnation. But I’d be more impressed if they were pushing for more access to EVERYONE ELSE BUT CHINA. That would be greater free trade cred. if that is what you are after. And it would be even more impressive if along with this they had a plan to end the trade deficit.

    So no you have not marshalled any evidence at all against the real evidence which is that this is an extremist takeover.

  21. Graeme, can you name a radical leftwing policy which Obama is likely to implement within the first few months of taking office?

    If he’s a marxist there should be a whole slew of them…


  22. When communists get to power they act with awesome strategic sense and they move with ungodly haste. Look at how the nazis came in. It was an immediate ripping apart of all peoples freedoms, then the killing of some internal rivals followed by the quick ratification of the new murderer-in-chief. It was SO FAST.

    And thats how they act everywhere. They tell themselves that history is on their side but they act to speed it up as quickly as possible. They will try and figure out key things to desensitize people about, key people to scare the crap out of, key ways to divide their opponents and keep them busy and on an on.

    Think of the incredible put-upons they have flown even since the election. Just incredible.

  23. A prediction about what Turkey-John-Z? My evidence is all historical. 1. They have flagged conscription. 2. They have flagged the most direct attack on the first amendment POSSIBLE in 2008. They have forced the authorities to clam up about records IN THREE COUNTRIES. This is before Malcolms boy so much as got to see the insides of the Oval Office.

    Then he gets inside the Oval Office and he bullies the sitting President into spilling more red ink everywhere. And the only thing Bush can say is that he doesn’t want to pony up the debt unless its connected to opening up trade to Columbia. Bloody fucking fuck fuck fuck. The Americans HAVE RUINED that country with their drugs policy. The least they can do is to let the poor marxist-ravaged country to sell some gear to them.

  24. You notice that almost all of Malcolms boys family are DEAD!!!! Almost anyone who could know about his origins for sure are DEAD!!!!

    Not a very healthy group of families the official lineage. Over at wiki they have a very short story about BO senior. Apparently his legs fell off then he died in a car crash. I shouldn’t be surprised if his mother got taken out to sea by a couple of giant lobsters.

    His African dad dies in 1982 when the lad is 21. But first his legs fall off. But then you go to the discussion page and this is furiously contested. People beating eachother up over whether to call his dad his “biological” dad or his “absent” dad and using all their powers of philosophising to argue the one or the other while the 500 pound gorilla goes officially unnoticed but is THICK BETWEEN THE TWO CONTESTANTS reading between the lines.

    His dad got funded for all his American education. Right up to Masters. He got funded by some commie outfit. But then his legs fell off. After his legs fell off he must have developed a habit for speeding in his car. Because his legs fell off. One then the other. Then after that he died in a car.

  25. Its pretty much there anyway. So hand over the money. Just tell me honestly how much you were going to bet and hand it over. That you still hold it I consider to be STEALING.

    The Democrats hold all branches of government. End of story.

    Bets are supposed to be about proposition verifiable and falsifiable. This apparently has escaped you and Z. When it gets to the end of 2009 I’ll say they’ve got it all locked in and you will claim that they haven’t. Its got to be beyond your pathetic denials so clear-cut.

    But in any case true Americans can fight back. They can dig up the whole sordid Saudi-Commie sponsored experiment. This man is a fucking WALKING RAINBOW COALITION. He has a narrative that could pitch his ass as the second-coming, the 12th Imam, the messiah and the anti-Christ all rolled into one. He’s going to excite the eschatological within every prick. Even solid Christians are liable to turn crazy on us.

    I mean most of my fellow atheists will buy into his cult early on. Because they are floating idiots and will go with anything thats sent down the pike. But this fellows narrative is likely to set up eschatological fantasies so strong that even solid Christians are liable to bend to this bad craziness in the end.

    I suspect only CL isn’t buying into this. The rest of you will all bend in time. I’d better convince the girls to move out to the country. Because they always go after your family first.

  26. Essentially this is an experiment akin to that which was tried on in the movie “The Boys From Brazil”. And its a sort of radical-commie-Islamist version of the sort of story that Dumas would come up with. Like “The Man In The Iron Mask” or yet even like the story of King Arthur viewed through a horrifying marxist-islamo-fascist lens.

  27. “ok give us a list of policies that you think will come into place end ogf 2009 and we’ll work out a bet.

    mass shootings? nationalisations? income tax of 90%? what?”

    I’m not betting on the failure of true Americans!!!!!! They have already attempted a full frontal assault on the first amendment and a program of conscription.

    They might be hemmed in on all sides. But they’ve ALREADY TRIED IT ON.

    Its just that you are so unbelievably stupid that you cannot get things right even in retrospect.

    We know what they’ve done.

    If they are to be successful it will mostly come AFTER the hyperinflation or galloping inflation. But they have tried to move with immense haste and they will CONTINUE to try and move with outrageous impatience.

    This is just history. I’ve won the bet already.

    No facts will sway not you on account of terminal idiocy. Which is why you and Z always try on this betting dodge. Its a SUBSTITUTE for reason. You hate reason. So you substitute a bet.

    From now on I’ll wipe any betting talk unless I perchance happen to like the bet. Because its just a distraction from your contempt for evidence and reason. When the two of you are bullshitting on about bets they are likely distracted from the fact that you have no case at all.

  28. “nationalisations” Thats pretty much happened already. But you won’t pay up if thats extended with a fig leaf so forget it.

  29. Mr Bird,

    I note with some disgust that Paulson, the heistmeister as I like to call him, has decided that after stealling 700 billion dollars on the basis he was going to do one thing – buy out morgates and maybe have the change to help the little guy, is now going to the taxpayers cash now to full on nationalise as many financial insitutions as he can. Presumably to ease in the American Mugabe’s transition to power. Might as well start nationalising now rather wait till January.

  30. Right. And SOON had the barefaced ass to propose nationalisation as something to bet over. When after all they will always CALL IT something else and have enough of a figleaf that you cannot say its nationalisation outright.

    Look you seemed to know about the enormity of whats going on before me. I’m being kicked in the guts on a daily basis over this commie bastard.

    I got another thread. If you find people who you think are pretty solid with their facts and are covering this clown you could make a few links.

  31. Mr Bird,

    I was merely refering to this article.

    “The Treasury chief said that even though the TARP program was originally designed to buy up mortgage paper, “our assessment at this time is that this is not the most effective way to use TARP funds.””


    “In the meantime, US officials had moved to emulate plans in Britain and elsewhere to tackle the credit squeeze by investing directly in banks.”

    They are refusing to use the money to prop up GM however which I read somewhere will cost 5 million jobs. Now while I don’t support propping up any industry keeping the auto workers in a job rates more highly to me than extra servings of caviar for pinstriped wall street hucksters.

    “”We care about our auto industry in the US. They are a key part of our manufacturing industry,” he said.

    However, he said, “the intent of the TARP was to deal with the financial industry.””

  32. Mr Bird,

    My comment has disappeared have I been moderated because of the link?

  33. Maybe. Its likely in the spam-filter. Thanks for telling me. I’ll fish it out directly.

  34. Hey Graeme – Are you out there arguing the case?
    Your fans want to know where you are working.

  35. What? You mean where am I arguing with Americans and the like?

    All you have to do is google “A better-fake certificate” or “Kenyan-born communist”

    Or something like that.

    You could try here:

    You’ll find I’m not soft-pedalling the Americans here. But I haven’t hit my stride on the prisoner-of-eschatology yet. I’m winding up to get really nasty about the bubble-boy messiah down the track. I’ll have to get all the facts sorted. Being the sort of conspiracy this is, and being that communism is obsessed with human blood sacrifice, nothing can be ruled out.

  36. Hey bird:

    Your 200 dollar oil prediction has gone out the window pretty fast, hey?

  37. yeah bird
    what happened to peak oil

    and oh yeah back up your stupid theories with a prediction will you?

    What will the rate of income tax be at the end of 2009?


  38. “Hey bird:

    Your 200 dollar oil prediction has gone out the window pretty fast, hey?”

    No thats coming back bigtime with a vangeance.

    What happened is that every fucker AND HIS MOMMA had shorted Fanny and Freddy bigtime. And so when the nationalisation went down these guys were gypped of their rightful winnings and had to cover their shorts by selling commodities bigtime. But also the credit crunch finally hit. And at the same time dudes are probably shorting ponzi-oil.

    So thats all coming back with bells on. The current price is just proof of the way the market is rigged.

  39. The peak oil model is not going anywhere. Its still a very useful model as you will see shortly.

  40. Yes.

  41. See those mini-nukes? They won’t be out for awhile. But they are one of the few things I’ve seen that could bring the price of oil down below the mid 100’s as a normal thing again. It won’t lead to extra production from oil wells. That hasn’t improved and isn’t going to be improved until they can get it from the deep sea. But what it will do is help a lot with expanding synthetics.

    This focus on bets is stopping you from realising the sheer irrationalism that you, that fucking idiot cambria and that lunatic Jason Soon have about oil.

    You do realise that oil is a PHYSICAL SUBSTANCE don’t you?

    I mean you can trade symbols all day and until the cows come home. But you do realise that this won’t magically produce extra oil right?

    But you Cambria and Soon DON’T realise that. Because you guys are mad.

    I’ve not been able to even get the three of you to so much as UNDERSTAND peak oil. Its not a case of you guys believing it. You’ve never been able to understand it.

    You are fucking lunatics.

    And you’ll never get better if you keep this maniacal idea up that soothsaying and bets can replace evidence and reason.

    You might call this the ANNAN delusion.

  42. Well even the last one cannot be a specific prediction really. Since if China goes into a depression and America hasn’t come out of this credit crunch the oil price could still be less than 100USD at the time specified. Fucking unlikely.

    No Jason you Z and Cambria just have to get away from make-believe and total irrationality.

    See you must understand. YOUR IRRATIOINALITY CANNOT MAKE THE OIL PUMP FASTER. Hence we await the deeper sources and a whole new level of technology to get at them or we await the synthetics. Which can get an incredible boost from the advent of these mini-nukes.

    See your irrationality and delusional behaviour can make you BELIEVE that more oil is being pumped out every day when it isn’t. But it cannot actually create that new oil despite your fantasy view of the world.

    “what sort of measures will Obama introduce which are marxist?”

    Well thats obvious. The answer is WHATEVER HE CAN. He isn’t even in the white house yet. And already he has fielded any number of marxist measures.

    This is not about any doubt in this matter. This is about you snapping out of your idiocy all the way around.

    CENSORSHIP? Is that a marxist measure?

    Late term abortions?

    How about youth work camps?

    Assessing the evidence isn’t about PREDICTIONS. Its about assessing the historical evidence.

    What more do you need?

  43. So you say that FAILING TO ASSESS the evidence is what its all about. And making predictions one cannot possibly make is preferable to assessing the evidence.


    Making predictions that cannot possibly be made is not the same as assessing the evidence you irrrational gook cunt.





    Analysis is analysis.


    Soothsaying is not analysis.


  46. So you two think that ignoring the evidence and taking punts is what analysis is about right.

    People as dumb as you ought to be exterminated. Maybe I should fall in with Barry Too-White and his communist/jihadi coalition after all. There could be some benefit to the gene pool at getting rid of anyone so stupid as to think that making mindless predictions that cannot possibly be made is what analysis consists of.

    If we got rid of Z, Soon and Annan there would be a chance that this particular idiocy didn’t get passed onto the next generation.

  47. So assessing evidence is completely valueless right?

    But taking punts on matters that cannot possibly be predicted. Thats what its all about is what you are saying right?

    Lets face it Jason. You shouldn’t even be calling yourself an economist.

  48. You are an idiot mate.


    You don’t falsify his communism by a prediction about the unemployment rate.

    You are an idiot. You cannot be an economist when you are that stupid. I’m going to leave your moronic comments up so you have to opportunity tomorrow to confess to being drunk.

  49. Rubbish Cambria. If someone bought oil on my recommendation right now they will make out like a bandit. Thats if they bought OIL and not some oil futures on a contract that will quickly expire.

    Any purchase of oil under $100 ought to be a good thing.

    You do realise that oil is a PHYSICAL PRODUCT don’t you? Dummy? Not like some abstract paper that can be underpriced indefinitely. Or didn’t you get that far in school Cambria?

  50. Well I don’t think there is much chance of that. But its too soon to be a certain bet.

    The price ought to be the mid-100’s now and is only not that thanks to the meltdown and some other factors, like people having to offload their financial industry shorts thanks to the bailout.

    This cannot last because inventories are low. The market is not doing its job having the prices this low. But China could crash. And the financial meltdown could have some time to go. So while I think the price will be well above 100 by July 2009 its not so much of a certain deal that I’d want to make that bet.

    The other problem is that the way the dysfunction of the market works its not a good idea to be on any given month. Because I expect to see a series of runups like the one that started at the end of last year.

    Because they sell bogus paper. But sooner or later the inventories must run down and we have to get that runup until inventories are substantial again and the ponzi-paper can be sold off.

    You see that problem of picking a month with gold. There are waiting times for gold. That could never happen under capitalism. Because there are such shortages the Gold price will have to run up above $2000 a month sometime in the next five years. But no-one could say when it hits that peak. And if the Americans then decide to do what Volcker did in 1980 then it could fall back down to $800.

    So by their very nature these predictions CANNOT be made.

    And they have nothing to do with Barry Too-Whites Marxist background. Which is an established fact independent of these oddball predictions you want me to make.

    But if you don’t understand the above just accept it that you are not too bright and don’t let it get to you.

  51. hey graeme
    shouldn’t you apologise to this poor fellow for ruining his name and reputation? you might also get him targeted by one of Obama’s financiers

  52. All Graeme Birds are smart. But not all are successful. One was a famous handglider and was my cousin.

    This fellow goes back a long way. And no-one thinks he’s me. I tried to sort this out on ABC Unleashed. But mystifyingly those particular posts didn’t get through. So its not my fault.

  53. Probability? More than 100 or less than 100.

    I would think the probability of it being less than 100 would be as lower than 30%.

    If you made it July 2011 I would think it was less than 2%. But prices will be unstable. And I’m not interested in these diversions from the evidence for Barry Soetoro’s obvious marxist tendencies.

    Assholes like you do this everytime. When Castro was about to take over there was this pretense that he wasn’t a commie. Some people keep this myth up to this day.

  54. Look Jason. Don’t come here to be a moron. There is no economic statistic that you can relate to an individuals Marxism. JohnZ is an idiot. When JohnZ comes up with something that stupid you ought not be so mindless as to sign onto it.

    What is a social democrat? Its just a Marxist in disguise. But in your view what is a social democrat?

    And when DO YOU CLAIM that Barry Soeloro cut loose from his anti-semitism and from his marxist background?

    HIs move on abortion is a bit of a giveaway that he’s still beholden to the death cult.

  55. That’s sloppy Graeme.
    Ayer’s was part of the SDS. The SDS was a motley collection of anti-establishment types who were briefly united under the banner of the New Left. They broke into a million bits. Some went Black Panther, some went Rad Fem, some were communists, some were anti-communists socialists.
    You’d have to demonstrate that Ayers was part of the communist infiltration into SDS and that the Weatherman thing was their idea. Not totally implausible. But then you’d have to show some more major connection between Ayers and Obama, evidence for a continuation by Ayers of his allegedly pro-Soviet stance (that somehow survived the collapse of the Sovs).
    But I guess that’s too much like hard work.

  56. What are you talking about you nut? Ayers started the weathermen. Carried out a lot of bombings. Was underground for many years. Is a known confessed marxist. Wrote his memoirs. And so forth.

    What are you talking about?

  57. Here is Ayers at an SDS reunion.

  58. hey graeme

    guess who else got involved in the SDS?

    Murray Rothbard

  59. What are you talking about?

    Graeme Marxism is a religion with more splinter factions than a mid-west pentecostal church. You wanna demonstrate that Ayers was some kind of Sov agent you’ll have to do better than that.

  60. Yes Jason. Rothbard tried outreach to the left and it didn’t work. He was better off with the paleo’s later on.

    Adrien you dope. The first speaker shows up and admits that he thought of himself as a marxist. I’ve seen Ayers say that he’s at least as much of an anarchist as a marxist. Why do you think they went around bombing buildings and stuff?

    Try not to come here to talk absolute shit will you Adrien. This is not a place for your random graffitti.

  61. The first speaker shows up and admits that he thought of himself as a marxist. I’ve seen Ayers say that he’s at least as much of an anarchist as a marxist. Why do you think they went around bombing buildings and stuff?

    Does that mean he’s a Sov spy?

  62. Thing is if you understand the New Left you kow there was certain significant divides between them and the Old Left. The Old Left had social-democrats and communists (who often hated each other). The New Left had these people too, some of whom faced the fact that the Sov Union was fubar and then turned around and started worshipping Mao!

    But a lot of them were just anti-establishment spoiled brats. Saying they were a part of some Comintern network attributes way too much purpose to ’em.

  63. They were part of a communist network you idiot. I just posted a fucking youtube where these people are having a reunion.

    What is your point?

  64. Where did I accuse one of them of being a Soviet Spy?

    The ones that were Soviet Spies would have been in weapons manufacturing, in the Pentagon, in the CIA and so forth.

    I’ll have to re-read what I’ve written. What are you referring to? Where are you going with this stupidity?

  65. No Rothbard wasn’t a terrorist. What are you some sort of moron?

    Bill Ayers was a terrorist. Rothbard wasn’t a terrorist. He wasn’t getting about blowing things up?

    Don’t come here just to say stupid shit. Or to be trying to alibi murderers and attempted murderers.

  66. Is somebody disputing that Bill Ayers and his wife were part of the weather underground?

    Tell me what is your point here? Is trying to get marxist criminals off the hook a sort of part-time gig for you people?

  67. cuz

    is that little homosexual faggot ZED still hassling you about a bet?

    I sez take him on.

    take the little faggot on cuz and steal away with his money like a thief in the night.

    wipe that smirk off that homo-sodomite’s face and take his bet and take his money.

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