Posted by: graemebird | November 11, 2008

Communists Murder People.

You cannot shake the fear and embarrassment can you? Its the ultimate social fucking-faux-pass. To call people out as communists and to insist, beyond the waves of ridicule, that the same rules must apply to them. 

And what are all these silly things you are talking about? This is the equivalent of the Byzantians debating how many angels dance on the head of a pin even when they knew that the Turk was outside. 

There is only one topic to talk about. There is only one thing worth acting on. The subject is: How are you going to try and stop this Kenyan-Born communist from being sworn in in January? What anonymous thing can you do to assist others in stopping the communist takeover we see unravelling before us? 

Surely you all must have internet cafes close by? And being as you must know dozens of blogs you can get onto……………… Then surely the idea is to sign onto these various blogs, under another name, and just keep bringing up the phrase “KENYAN-BORN-COMMUNIST.” 

Do what the leftists do. They come out there with their mantras. And we need to get out there with this mantra until it breaks the straight-jacket of embarrassment you people have, where secretive communist tactics are concerned. 

You are a people who still cannot admit, that all the evidence points to Castro-Krushchev involvement, in putting the commie Oswald up to the Kennedy hit. Any conspiracy theory can be entertained, just so long as it doesn’t involve communist murderers, who were subject to assasination attempts themselves. 

The hold that THIS PECULIAR EMBARRASSMENT has on you people, is extremely strong. You cannot allow yourselves to think of the Castro-Kruschev connection (to the assassination of Jack Kennedy) even though some of the culprits confessed on German television. 

Its not that you would think it a bad theory logically. You are embarrasssed. You are full of fear. So you cannot talk about it. Or think of it as the best of the alternative theories.


Therefore the only way to break out of this, and see this Kenyan-born-communist off, is to get in arguments on every blog you can think of, under a shitrain of new tags. Because the main thing that needs to be done is that the fear and embarrassment needs to be broken down, so that the law can be applied as it would be applied to a non-communist. 

So you’ve got to use that phrase “Kenyan Born Communist” 

You’ve got to start saying it, and saying it, and saying it, until no-one in your country is the least bit embarrassed to talk about these subjects. 

And the reason that you have to do this is that communists murder people when they get into power. Thats just what they do. They seek a societal breakdown. When they get it, or when they are able to ride into power as a result of it, then the mass-murdering begins. 

Can anybody think of exceptions to the rule: that communists murder people when they get in power? Can anyone think of an exception to the rule: that communists murder CHILDREN when they get in power? 

Get to work.

I’ll be monitoring some of these efforts via the google. Don’t let your country down.



  1. New theory out and about. That Barrack Obama is really the son of Malcolm X. Worth reading:

  2. that’s a good thing right? don’t you like MalcolmX?

  3. graeme i want your opinion on the kirchner article in the australian today

  4. Yeah. And the article, don’t laugh, is actually ASTONISHINGLY CONVINCING. I’m not joking. When I first read another article on this I thought “wll righto”.

    Yes I do like Malcolm X in some ways. And this would mean that he had two American parents, was almost surely born in America. And any disqualification would now be a technicality rather than a grave breach of the constitution. So its knocked the stuffing out of me. I’ve been arguing this furiously on American blogs. Really pissing some people off its just terrific.

    Anyhow. The story that he’s Malcolms boy is surprisingly plausible. What emerges is that he’s a full-blown radical project. We are talking radical Islamists and radical commies working together. Really well-known people. You have to suspect foreign involvement until proven otherwise. But thats not the main deal in the above time-line. Its about all these radicals sticking together.

    Remember what his memoir was called. “Dreams Of My Father.”

    Dreams of your father indeed. If it was just the Malcolm X influence we had to worry about it wouldn’t be so bad. This fellow has known nothing but radical Islamists and Marxists all his life.

  5. “graeme i want your opinion on the kirchner article in the australian today”

    Can you link it.

  6. the links all get swallowed up by your spam filter,

    just go to the Oz website and click on opinion

  7. “You have to pinch yourself. A Marxist radical, who all his life has
    been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended,
    endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically
    promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power, anti-white
    racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former
    terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President
    of the United States. And apparently it’s considered impolite to say so.”

    Melanie Phillips
    Spectator, UK

    Melanie is a serious British journalist. She wrote the book:

    “Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State within

    Look forget the possibility of Malcolm X being the dad. But everything she says here. This is all true.

  8. Here’s the link.

    It ought to be the 24 hour concern of everyone to stop this from happening or hold this matter up.

    Even if he can stop from being sworn in with a TECHNICALITY.

    Were he born in Kenya thats no technicality. But if he didn’t repatriate after spending time in Indonesia that is a technicality. And one supposes it wouldn’t be possible to bar this conspiracy on that account. But everything ought to be held up until the entire truth comes out.

    This is not dog-catcher this job the radicals have been gunning for.

  9. As much as you lust after the idea Jason…. I’m sorry. But its not alright to have communists in the white house. He has to be stopped.

  10. for fucks sakes graeme his chief of staff was the son of a jewish terrorist

    Rahm Emanuel was born in Chicago, Illinois.[6] His first name, Rahm, means “high” or “lofty” in Hebrew,[7] while his last name, Emanuel, means “God is with us.” According to Emanuel’s father, his son is the namesake of Rahamim, a Lehi group combatant who was killed.[8] Rahm’s surname was adopted by his family in 1933, after Rahm’s paternal uncle, Emanuel Auerbach, was killed in a skirmish with Arabs in Jerusalem.[9]

    Emanuel’s father, Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a pediatrician who was born in Jerusalem and was a member of the Irgun, a militant Zionist group which operated from 1931 to 1948 during the British Mandate of Palestine

  11. Of course he was.

    Thats not a good thing Jason.

    Every son of a fucking terrorist AND his momma, going to be showing up in Washington.

  12. Let me get this straight. Its an eschatological utopian takeover and you say he’s got an alibi because this hard-leftist Jew headkicker bastard had a eschatological utopian terrorist DADDY?

    Fucking hell mate. You been smoking crack with that Chicago pimp Hussein again?

  13. so how is he anti-semitic?

    he’s pro-Israel

  14. and what about this

    Emanuel is an influential member of the New Democrat Coalition, and a prominent proponent of economic liberalization.

    The New Democrat Coalition is an organization within the United States Congress. It is made up of 15 Democratic Senate members and 59 Democratic members of the House of Representatives who claim moderate and pro-business stances.

  15. You fuckwit. They are all joined by eschatological utopianism. They are all commies of different stripes. They can claim what they like. What is your argument?

    Lets have some logic here. This is radical islamists and marxists getting together. And you say that this is disproven by some complete prick that was spawned by a TERRORIST?

    Yeah that disproves it.


    What is your argument here?

  16. What about it? Its not exactly a Von Mises get together is it!!!! Government to government arrangements with China is hardly proof of any damn thing much.

  17. These guys have their own distinctive Obama goose-step:

  18. He doesn’t say that. He’s not in favour of fractional reserve. He thought the market would get rid of it. But that may not be the case in the information age.

    Talk about matters you have some understanding of.


  20. oh i forgot you were against free trade …

  21. I’ll leave that lie on. And you tell me. How are government to government negotiated pacts free trade?

    Can you even NAME a pact of this sort that you consider to be free trade?

  22. the US-australia FTA didn’t free up trade?

  23. So no you were lying weren’t you? Yes you were!!! You were pretending that government-to-government, taxeater-to-texeater arrangements were FREE TRADE.

    Well you see I like to say what I MEAN unlike yourself. So I’m in favour of free trade. And you are in favour of government-to-government collusion.

  24. I didn’t ask that.

    Go again.

  25. so you’re against measures to free up trade?

    do FTAs free up trade? Yes or no turkey?





  26. So in fact there is no government-to-government deal that is a free trade deal is there?

    So you aren’t in favour of free trade. You are in favour of pissing away our sovereignty by having government deal with eachother rather than represent us.

    Thats not free trade.

    Free trade is not any sort of deal at all and it involves as little government-to-government schmoozing as possible.

    Now how long are you going to keep lying about and too me.

    I’m fine with free trade. But you are not in favour of it.

    Now as I was saying. Terrorist sons participating in a group that nuts out a sweet deal for Chinese communists isn’t that impressive as an anti-socialist badge of honour.

  27. I’m in favour of free trade. Yes of course I’m in favour of freeing up trade. But you don’t need to even talk to another government to do that.

    Governments ought to stay apart and have as little to do with eachother as possible.

    Government to government deals are not free trade. Thats not what free trade is.

    Have you sorted that out yet?


    Government to government deals are not free trade. Yes I’m in favour of free trade. You are not. I am. Don’t lie about it again.

    The way to free up trade is just to free up trade. Got it. Got nothing to do with any sort of government to government deal.

  29. This is basic epistemology Jason. You don’t call something by an incorrect name. Just because thieves call a lot of government-to-government crony-talks “free trade” thats not what free trade is.

    Free trade is just……. free trade. Its not government-to-government arrangements.

  30. Its NOT. But government to government deals sell out our sovereignty. Free trade doesn’t. They are not the same thing.

  31. You’ve still got to separate in your mind what free trade is. Free trade and government-to-government junkets, arrangements, deals….. this is not free trade.

    I’m in favour of free trade. And you have lied about this on multiple occasions.

    There is no government-to-government DEAL that is free trade or that is even a free trade deal. They are government-to-government arrangements. And thats all they are.

  32. Mr Bird,

    Bravo for leaving Mr Soons obvious stupidity on display for all to see. I have often thought it must take a lot of leducation not to be see the blindingly obvious. True free trade is for the good of all. Government deals are in the interest of those few lobbiests who push hardest.

    Mr Soon would not doubt tell us a communist who was killing almost everyone but decided to let those who could give him $1million of gold go was a really great guy, because he could have just killed everyone.

  33. Interesting article:

    “If Barack Hussein Obama II is Malcolm X’s biological son and ideological heir, it would uniquely explain the mystery of why he was so generously helped by so many Arab and communist “friends in high places” long before he was a “somebody.””

    “Israel Insider gets more from its fair share of baseless tips and phony rumors. I ignore most and delete them unread. This one was a bit different. It came from a national security lawyer with extensive credentials and intelligence connections that checked out, and a phone number.”

    “Israel Insider had been running a series of articles exploring the vagaries of Barack Obama’s birth, and his concealed documentation, and this was the jumping off point of the email, which confirmed the claim that Obama was not born in Hawaii, that “Mossad are going with Mombasa” but “Proving Mombasa is not so easy, as NSIS in Nairobi are clamming up tight, as are MI6 in London, who have the original Mombasa file and full details of the birth.”

    He said that “Disproving Honolulu is child’s play. You’ve already shown that the birth certificate put forward by Obama (whose people privately are not denying Mombasa, by the way) is a fake. Why fake it? If he was born in Honolulu he could obtain a genuine one. Hawaii Dept of Health would hardly denounce a potential presidential candidate’s birth certificate as fraudulent without cross-checking birth records for August 1961. No birth was registered in the name of Obama in Honolulu in August 1961.”

    Very detailed.

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