Posted by: graemebird | November 13, 2008

Reliable Sources Of Concrete Facts To Judge The “Boys From Brazil” Experiment.

You don’t have to accept my interpretation of this blatant, out there, and full view scandal from a Le Carre yarn. Because your interpretation ought to be built from the ground up by you personally mulling over the concrete facts. By the way if you are putting it off and you have a good property that you can secure think about getting some firearms sooner rather than later. Its not that you ought to contemplate using them. Its just the very purchasing of these items will help slow the eschatological-utopians from getting too motivated and confident.

I say that to tip you off to the fact that you don’t have to agree with my interpretation. Thats not important here. But we ought to get to a point where we can agree on the concrete facts. And so we need to have reliable sources of these facts. People who are going to do some sort of due diligence.

That fine-looking lady at the blog Atlas Shrugs has always been reliable in the past. And she hasn’t before seemed to think in terms of conspiracy. Actually the big-time conspiracy theorists are no good are they? Because they see three conspiracies before breakfast and then when a real one crops up they miss it entirely. Alex Jones, bless his heart, missed this one entirely. I’m not putting him down. But I’m not close to him on the conspiracy spectrum and I really need my nose rubbed into it before I’m likely to think there is anything going on.

Anyway this lady at Atlas Shrugs can be relied on for due diligence hence nearly all of her concrete facts ought to be considered true. I myself lack the time to cross-check things.

Now there is another fellow and I’m not telling you who he is. But he’s a solid historian. Thats if I’ve got his identity right. His concrete facts ought to be considered spot on 99% of the time as well. He seems to have taken up the YouTube deal. And may be trying to stay anonymous. 

Wait a minute. I’ve checked out more of his videos and its not clear to me any longer who the blog owner is. Because there are different narrators. Maybe its better that way. The fellow I thought it was might be someone the blog owner is collecting videos from.

Here is Lawrence Eagleburger, by no means a hard rightest, calling Obama a charlatan and conman. And his campaign was highly illegal since no-once could trace where these enourmous amounts of money were coming from and its likely that much of it came from foreign regimes:

But like I said. Its not ME you should trust for concrete facts. But I’ll try and sort out some people who seem to be reliable. Its worse then you think. Believe it. And when you get around to believing it its worse then that too.

Try this link. 

YouTube – Bigone5555J’s Channel

Now these people don’t necessarily share my interpretation. Thats not the point here. The point is to find people who are reliable as to the facts about this marxist experiment-and-takeover funded by a rainbow-coalition of goons and evil bastards everywhere.



  1. “Obama has, as far as I’ve been aware of his existence, always spoken of pragmatic and transideological approaches to political agency. He’s not interested in pet ‘luvvie’ projects. He’s never said anything, as far as I’m aware, that says ‘Marxist’ or ’60s radical. He was 9 years old when the ’60s ended.”

    The delusional idiot Adrien continues with his endless projection of anything he wants onto the tabula rasa commie.

    Adrien you twit. At least get his name right. His name is not Obama. His name is Barry. Barry Soetoro. He didn’t change his name after his name was Barry. If you are called Barry and you don’t change your name then you are still called Barry.

    So from here on in make sure you call him by his correct name and it may cure you of your totally delusional behaviour.

  2. “Obama has, as far as I’ve been aware of his existence, always spoken of pragmatic and transideological approaches to political agency. He’s not interested in pet ‘luvvie’ projects. He’s never said anything, as far as I’m aware, that says ‘Marxist’ or ’60s radical. He was 9 years old when the ’60s ended.”

    This doesn’t even qualify as wishful thinking, which I presume to be Jason’s excuse. In fact, it is base propaganda. The truth is that Obama has always been a hard Leftist, now leaning more towards fascism. His earliest political associates were Marxists (in fact, virtually ALL of them were Marxists, including his parents). His chosen mentors and allies were and are Marxists, taking him well into his 30s. Anyone who wasn’t a Marxist was a Black Panther-type or some other totalitarian. That’s the reality of the the President-Elect of the USA.

  3. Hawaii………………………. Never Bury Barry Too-Whites Granny.

    Thats a bit of a mouthful and hard to repeat quickly. But its the new mantra. You guys who are good at getting viral marketing happening I want you to get this phrase out there as quickly as you can.

    “Hawaii Never Bury Barry Too-Whites Granny.”

    But also you could chop it down to:

    “Never Bury Barry Too-Whites Granny”

    Or for variation:

    “Don’t Bury Barry Too-Whites Granny”.

    Actually I think we’ll settle with “Never bury Barry Too-whites granny.


    Now why is this important?

    Communism is a subset of eschatological-utopianists. And communism alone murdered far more than 100 million people last century. I think we owe them. We owe them enough thought to try and not let this all start up again.

    Sometimes I say commies or communism when I really mean the broader category of “eschatological-utopianism.” Because its just handier. Also “millenarianism” is a similar category but there are distinctions to be made here.

    In any case it was last century when millenarian or eschatological-utopian ideas slaughtered at least 200 million surely.

    Barry Too-White has been surrounded all his life by a rainbow-coalition of eschatological-utopians.

    Malcolm was magnificent. I’m not going to hide my liking for him. Its probably totally wrongheaded and I’m only going by his speeches I’ve read. But there. I’m coming out of the closet on this point. I think he was heading towards being a serious philosopher of liberty.

    But not long before he died he made what seemed to be the wise and fair decision to get assistance for his goals from anyone who would give him that assistance. The only problem is that the people who wanted to help him out were people like Castro and Middle Eastern bandits swimming in eschatological utopians.

    Now he was a better man than they I’m sure. He just was focused on his own people. So he might not have realised the incredible dangerousness of the network he was putting together.

    Loosely speaking we are talking about a rainbow coalition of eschatological-utopians.

    Anyhow. I don’t wish to dwell on the great man. Fast forward 40+ years later.

    Look Barry Too-Whites Granny does not deserve to die for the nutty and evil schemes of eschatological utopians. We ought to have left that all behind with the last century.

    She deserves better than that. Let her be our salvation. And don’t let her be cremated or buried without figuring out how Barry Too-Whites international financiers could have killed her.

    Keep her on ice. From an evidence point of view she is a little bit akin to Monica Lewinsky’s cocktail dress. She’s our key. She may be our salvation rather than her grandson and I think that may have made her happy.

    Keep her frozen for the next two terms if we have to. Investigate all aspects of her life and of her murder. And if her very physical presence becomes a state secret still keep her on ice for the next 30 years.


  4. Right Steve. Look are you and your family safe where you are?

    If you feel that way can you not push this message a little bit harder on Catallaxy and around the place?

    This is an emergency like no other.

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