Posted by: graemebird | November 13, 2008

The Lesser Scandal Tripwire/Estimate The Odds

“So Hussein visits granny and reports she is in good health. 
Soon after, she – being one of the only living persons to know Hussein’s actual birthplace – dies suddenly just prior to the election. 
Was granny talking too much?” 

See thats not how this “game” works. What we have here is what we call in the business “the lesser scandal tripwire.” The lesser-scandal-tripwire is an augmented version of the lesser-scandal-defense. 

Now bear in mind the eschatological utopians ARE OBSESSED WITH SACRIFICING HUMANS for their goals. They are always looking for an excuse to kill someone in a fervour for the millenium. 

So what happens is this. Barry Too-White is suddenly pressured about his birth certificate. So he’s got to find an excuse to go to Hawaii and use his charm (in the first instance) to gain a promise from the guys, not to lie so much, but to word things in such a way as to cause him no grief. 

Now Barry knows what is on the birth certificate and other documentation. So he’s got to invent a story consonant with that for the Hawaians one might think. 

But he can hardly run off to Hawaii in the middle of an election to do that sort of thing???? So what does he do? 

If he runs to Hawaii to talk to the sheila there he’s given the Presidency, the new Millenium, Heaven on earth, and even perhaps the lives of his daughters away. Because they get rid of people who are no longer useful for them this crowd. 

So he cannot go to see the lady there. He cannot risk ringing her. Its a very tough gig. 

Thats when his international team of bigshots and his local braintrust of terrorists formulate a human sacrifice plan. 

Because commies are OBSESSED with human sacrifice. They lust after it.And after all there is no choice. Their whole plans can fail if they don’t set it up. 

So the idea is to murder Barry Too-Whites Granny. That creates the diversion they need to deal with the birth certificate crisis. They also set up the lesser scandal alibi. Usually the lesser scandal serves as a tripwire for a vicious counter-attack and leftist reversal strategy. And the sacrifice is also timed to help win the election. So the kids don’t go first. They don’t go at all. The granny is murdered with impeccable timing so the tear-shot comes out on the paper just before people are heading off to vote. 

They would kill one hundred thousand people for less of a payoff then this diversion turned to advantage. Plus now she cannot own up to anyone the secrets of his lineage.

Like a good example of the lesser-scandal-tripwire was when Joe (The JackAss) Wilson got selected by his fucking wife to go to Niger. That was the lesser-scandal right there. They set up the tripwire in advance. 

Then Joe starts getting about lying to specifically the radical end of society until he gets a bunch of momentum. Then one of the journalists sets off the tripwire and all hell breaks loose. 

So look how it runs. For people who believe in killing thousands to meet far lesser goals what does this achieve? 

1. It covers the downside risk because it silences granny. 

2. It creates a diversion to deal with the birth certificate issue. 

3. She’s 87 already so in their eyes its a lesser murder. They would see themselves as being highly judicious and even humane.

4. It binds Barry closer to them. And puts him further under their control. 

5. Its a vote-winner to boot. 

6. If they didn’t pull this off the billion dollar investment and decades of work would be all for nothing. And they would lose the Presidency, and put themselves in jeopardy. So for this sort of crowd, pitting costs against benefits, the decision, yes or no, would be a no-brainer. 

So I’d like for all of you to make a subjective estimate as to what probability do you place to her being murdered? 

I make it at 98% plus. But I’d like to see your estimates. Come in under a bogus name and give me your estimates.



  1. I could have used sponsors like this?

    Where do you sign up? Particularly if you have been living in Hawaii?

  2. Right. Check out Englebert Jason!!! Thats the sort of thing Whittacker Chambers had to put up with. As you well know we call it leftist projection.

    Its more a confession than anything else.

    These communists. They are not well people.

  3. Graeme
    If Obama is such a commie why is he hated by the British left?

    The vice-president-elect, Joe Biden, is a proud warmaker and Zionist. Rahm Emanuel, who is to be the all-important White House chief of staff, is a fervent “neoliberal” devoted to the doctrine that led to the present economic collapse and impoverishment of millions. He is also an “Israel-first” Zionist who served in the Israeli army and opposes meaningful justice for the Palestinians – an injustice that is at the root of Muslim people’s loathing of the US and the spawning of jihadism

  4. Chiefs Of Staff Don’t Last Long.

    Its no point not bringing Jewish extremists on board until Israel is a COO-EE from being destroyed. Yeah its cover. Mulga Muddlebrain was saying the same thing. The word has gone out and like a fool you have picked up on it. He’s a headkicker and an extremist. And if he’s an Israeli partisan well Barry Too-White hasn’t been sworn in yet and this Jew comes with his own mantra.

    So yeah all the left is making this idiotic point. Its no point at all. He is likely to be Jew-Heavy early on.

    As Maciavelli relates. The Medicis appointed this head-kicker to sort out some territory. He took the heat off his overlords. But the people got super-pissed.

    Anyhow one morning he was found in the main square next to the fountain. He was cut clean in two. And there was a giant knife lying at the scene.

    Well thereafter the people were appeased since their oppressor had been punished. And from there on in the Medicis didn’t get a peep of trouble out of the people on account of the fact that they were STUPEFIED.

    This is the way things are done. The heat is taken by someone nasty you plan to lose.

    In any case Barry Too-White will be Israels friend until she is no long unassailable. But he’ll be strategizing with his Arab sponsors whenever he can.

  5. “So I’d like for all of you to make a subjective estimate as to what probability do you place to her being murdered?”

    The thought that crossed my mind, when I heard of her death, was that someone killed her in order to get at Obama. A final tactic, employed as a last resort, on the eve of the election, after every other gambit had failed… If I kept going I could weave an elaborate story, just as you’ve done. But while neither scenario is literally impossible, they are both entirely about projection rather than about reality. So asking for the probability is like asking for the probability of any other paranoid fantasy. It’s not zero so long as it is logically possible, but it is going to be a very very very small fraction of a percent.

    Both theories are an attempt to find meaning in what otherwise seems an unusual coincidence: Obama’s grandmother dies just on the eve of his election victory. But in fact she had been dying for many months. One supposes that she was hanging on for as long as she could. Given that context, it is possible to come up with rather more benign explanations of the coincidence, e.g. that her grandson privately told her, a few days out, that polling data indicated he’d clinched the election, and so she felt free to finally let go.

  6. Right. Thats all fine. But you are not factoring the most important thing. We are dealing with COMMUNISTS.

    I mean I’m stunned by the callousness and improbability of your theory. Normal people wouldn’t come up with this sort of deal. But this is normal for communists. And in fact they would have no choice. Thats the end of the fraud if he didn’t get to Hawaii.

    You see the Saudi sponsors can get to Indonesia and Kenya and close these guys down. But Barry Too-white really had to handle Hawaii himself.

  7. Wow, this is an intense conversation. With everything I have seen during the election, it is quite plausible. I know bloggers who have been attacked, their privacy lambasted, and their peace of mind blown away all by the internet Obama Goons. His reach is incredible and I think there will be even worse things now that he has power. Could his “typical white woman” grandmother have been “offed”??? I believe it would fit the modus operandi of this man.

  8. Dude you are a nut.

    First you say this is communist then its the Islamic elite. Did you know that communism is 100% anti religion. Good luck getting any kind of Muslims to go along with them.

    The fact is you make up crazy stupid stuff in your head, and put it out here hoping that fellow tinfoil hat wearing nuts like you will buy into it.

    First it was the birth certificate and now this. Do you even know how dumb you sound.

    Communist are taking over America.
    Damn you are batty.

  9. No thats not right. Communism IS A RELIGION. Its totally irrational from start to finish.

    The other thing is that all eschatological-utopians work together to bring on the new millenium. They fight it out from time to time but when they are not fighting it out they can be expected to be conspiring against the rest of us. This is normal behaviour for them. So when my country went to war Hitler and Stalin were allies. It was THE TWO OF THEM that started the war and not just Hitler.

    So you are an idiot, you got it wrong, and you have no understanding of history.

    Barry Too-White is both the communist and the Wahabist candidate. And if his behaviour wasn’t enough to show that you could just look at his financing and assistance.

  10. Thanks for showing up hoosiermom. Your presence alone graces this hothouse of profanity and abuse.

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