Posted by: graemebird | November 21, 2008

Cold Wind Of Oppression Blows Over The United States.

Brought to the front from November 2008 since I noticed that some of the LSU kids had remembered me, and that I’d been banned from their forum (by Soetoro-supporting communists.)

The golden-calf worshippers are moving into ascendancy, as the day that the Barry Soetoro cults rise to power hastens. A practical result of this is that I have been blocked from a SOUTHERN FORUM!!!

That is to say TIGERDROPPINGS. Heretofore a bastian of free speech beyond the reach of the oppressive Northern Yankee political correctness.

They have so little time. They have turned their back on the possibility of having someone more remote, habitually itinerant, and out of the reach of their soon-to-be oppressors rising in their midst.

Gutless people.  Gutless.  

This is particularly poor form. Coming as it does from a people who rebelled when my mob didn’t. And being as they are Southerners they are a crowd who rebelled TWICE!!!!

But the land of the free and the home of the brave is now the land of the cult and the home of the deaf, dumb and stupid.

This is very poor form. And I’m sure when you see what will happen to your country you will regret this embarrassing show of lameness.



  1. serves you right for scaring the kids

  2. Ha Ha Ha. Yeah. The kids. I scared them alright.

    I would like to say that: “The kids are alright” and: “Let the children boogie” ……….

    ………….and all that sort of thing. And the fact is that the American kids have usually been righteous. And particularly these southern kids at LSU. Most of them have always been solid.

    But I cannot rightfully say today that “the kids are alright’. Because the kids are NOT alright. They are far from fucking alright.

    Matter of fact the kids have gone downhill something chronic. Welcome to Barryland. Caliphate X. Former disunited States of righteous-America. But they don’t like to talk about ancient history in Barryland.

  3. Bird, what the heel were you doing on a college blog for crying out loud. Those poor kids will need counseling after what you’ve done.

  4. Well they have to be vigilante. The noises coming out of the Barry camp are fully consistent with an utopian-eschatological takeover. And to have him so much as swear in is an incredible trashing of their basis of law and it will be very hard to come back stronger from this one.

    This is an absolute disaster.

  5. is this even a libertarian blog anymore?

    it’s just full of conspiracy theories?

  6. Well. When there weren’t any serious conspiracies going on outside of Jihadia I didn’t get in on any of them. Since the Richard Cheney conspiracy theories, and the “They Knew There Were No WMD” conspiracies were just idiotic. You ought to take stock of how many you bought into. All of them pretty much I would have thought. Or at least you were tolerant of idiots like Mark Bahnish putting them over.

    But when there is a real conspiracy afoot. And one that is important. Well we ought to cover it.

    Its not about conspiracy versus non-conspiracy. Its about REALITY VERSUS FANTASY.

    The typical Cheney conspiracies were fantasy. But pretty much every conspiracy you are going to hear about the usurper is backed up by the facts.

  7. “I see GMB lurking, so I look forward to his reasoned, cogent response to this explanation.”

    Look at this little bitch. As if I even have the opportunity for a response. The Gimp mocks me he does. He mocks me.

  8. Mr Bird

    While I am loath to associate myself with the views of a Sino-socialist like Mr Soon I must say I echo his comments.

    Having perused Mr Obama’s oratory I am convinced that this is a fine young patriotic coloured man who has risen past his disadvantages and who speaks from the centre. No less a thinker than Mr Buchanan thinks so and like Mr Buchanan I am inclined to ‘give him a go’ as some of the working classes like to say. For shame Mr Bird! Are you not willing to give a coloured man the benefit of the doubt? For shame.

  9. I must say Mr Bird I also abhor the way you introduce profanities into your communications with the younger generation of the American South. Most un-conservative of you.

  10. Well fair enough on the second comment Winchester. But I’m just going to assume that the first comment is some sort of gag. Because this fellow is loyal to communism and Islamic-fascism alone. And if this were not the case he would not have been over in Kenya helping Raila Odinga out. Nor would have be on the phone to Raila Odinga twice a day during his own candidacy right up until the New Hampshire primaries. In other words he was on the phone to Raila Odinga constantly right up until shortly after the murder of Donald Young.

    Kenya used to be one of the few moderately successful and non-violent countries in Africa. And this news of an outbreak in outrageous Kenyan violence was a shock to the system. To find out later that it was to do with the crowd that Obama was actively supporting is even more shocking.

    You had three basically civilized black-run countries in Africa that I can think of. Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana. And one of them blows up with Obama right at the heart of the problem.

    If he didn’t want to promote communism and Jihadism in the USA why is he promoting it in Kenya?

    Very simple. He’s convincing his electorate that he’s still one of the ‘good guys”. His electorate being the Arab moneymen that have to decide a year later that he’s worth investing hundreds of millions of dollars in.

  11. Humphries after new tax-eating jobs after returning to Australia

  12. Oh well. I suppose he ought to get a job. I must say that the sort of jobs he is talking about are the ones I could do well but would have no chance at all of ever getting.

  13. Mr Quartermaine, I admire your style, but there are many things my friends in the Chicago area have told me about Obama, and I still think he is an inexperienced, empty suit with very questionable ties to some shady people. But with that being said, I think the same can be said about say… 90% of the people in The Senate and House aren’t much better. C’est la Vive.

  14. Meanwhile Orly Taitz continues to try and get people shot:

    “While I am trying to reach resolution in legal ways and appeal to the law enforcement, congress and judiciary, time might be coming for citizens, for “we the people” to seek justice and take matters in their own hands. If the Attorney Generals and district attorneys, and Federal Atorneys are not willing to prosecute Obama based on dossiers showing evidence of document forgery, perjury, massive fraud and othe crimes, based on indictments of the Citizen Grand Juries, then maybe it is time for citizen trials, maybe it is time for the citizen militias to effectuate the verdicts of those trials…”

  15. Thats not illogical. The Americans rebelled against the King Of England and against the Federal Government, with a legitimately elected administration in office. So they can rebel against a criminal coterie. Orly was BORN under communism. She would know it was important to stop communism or criminal fascist dictatorship from getting its hooks into the country.

    America as a full-blown fascist nation would be a threat to us all. So you bet what Orly is saying is hard to refute on logical grounds. We have elections in order to avoid bloodshed with a change of administration. So if you pervert elections and usurp power by criminal fraud what do you expect to happen.

    Violence always follows galloping inflation. Galloping inflation scars a society horribly and makes it more callous. A rougher and less gentle nation. So there is no question with Barry going hell for leather to destroy the USD outright, then there is going to be a lot of shooting.

  16. But the only shooting will be coming from the Secret Service directed at a bunch of crackpots.

  17. You are envisioning and actually “rooting for” the fascist dictatorship that we are talking about. To you crackpots are people who value liberty and don’t like being exploited by parasitical criminals. Now you might be right. The patriotic and those who are for liberty are likely to be slower on the draw then Barry’s Praetorian guard. And if Barry can secretly eliminate a great many patriots he stands the chance of winning.

    Whereas by the same token if supporters of liberty move too quickly to defend themselves then they could also play into the usurpers hands and as well commit unethical crimes. So my discussions of the rights and wrongs of how to deal with these criminal felons and traitors is no easy discussion. Its a genuine dilemma. And for those of us who may still be safe its worth discussing at what point one ought to take up arms.

    I myself would sit it out. But Americans ought to be taking defensive measures already. They’ve got to harden their act up as if they were facing nuclear war or something.

  18. You are not allowed to lie on this site and whether people RECOGNISE him as Usurper or President is irrelevant. He isn’t President. He is a criminal usurper. The facts speak with one voice on this matter. In the unlikely event that he was born in Hawaii, the chances of him being eligible would still be next to nothing.

    So this is a takeover by criminals. Its not that far different from when Allende and his goons started operating ruthlessly outside of the Chilean constitution. So there is some precedent here. No sane person is going to choose Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Allende or Pol Pot, when they can support a ruthless putdown of leftists and likely go unscathed. Soetoro may well be digging his own grave. But he’ll take a lot of people with him.

    Of course the Americans could simply come to their senses and force these lunatics to step down and hold another election. Some States could organize to secede all at once and too well-co-ordinated for Barry’s people to stitch them up all at once. So things could turn out peacefully but people are jinxed because they have in the back of their mind that he’s the anti-Christ and that perhaps he cannot be beaten. Whereas in reality he’s a transparent fraud and if folks would snap out of it they could make this administration pack it all in.

  19. More wingnut suggestions from Orly:

    “If 34 states decide to secede. current oppressive Federal government will become obsolete, will be dismantled and a new union and a new government will be created.”

    • Thats actually about the only peaceful way out at this point. Since then these States would be able to avoid runaway inflation, and therefore mass violence. They could set up their own currencies seal off their borders, and isolate themselves from the general insanity. By seceding they escape the Americans horrific debt obligations.

  20. Graeme, I think the matter of secession was pretty definitively settled in the 1860s.

  21. No they just killed a lot of people. Thats not settling matters. Slavery was settled and then morphed back as slavery-lite under other forms. But secession can never be a settled matter so long as people aspire to be something other than farm animals.

  22. See the last time secession came up in the US the side in favour of secession weren’t coming entirely from a righteous point of view. Their own freedom was being pursued on the basis that others would not be free.

    So this time around if those in favour of secession have a worthier overall case then the matter will be less complicated. The States had every right to secede. But their reasons for doing so were a mixture of unworthy and legitimate motivations.

  23. Its pointless to tell lies on this site idiot. I have taken a special interest in the American Civil War and you are a pathetic lying cunt. Which is why you won’t tell me what I’m wrong about.

  24. What a stupid fucking cunt you are when the Civil War is something that I’ve studied in great depth. This is the dumb leftist Tillman cunt-ox approach to finding out about anything. Just put your finger out in the air and figure out what the leftist mob is thinking and then thereafter lie all the time. Never actually learn anything.

    Fuck off cunt. I’m sick of this game of you not knowing anything and just lying all the time.

  25. You are quoting Lincoln. And I never once said anything contrary to what Lincoln was saying. Lincoln made part of his motivation public and I don’t doubt him on it. So what was your point.

    I just cannot stand people as fucking dumb as you. You have one mans words. They didn’t contradict anything I said. I must have read them myself about 100 times. And yet you claim that its evidence against something I’ve said. But you won’t say what its evidence against.

    You are a fucking moron mate. And anything as stupid as what you have been saying lately will get wiped anyhow.

    Go away.

    I just assume you are here to copy a whole lot of allegedly incriminating quotes for later on in any case.

  26. I am interested in your ideas Mr Bird. Do you think perhaps that the states could successfully secede in order to thwart the Usurper?

    What actions could a patriotic citizens militia take in order to ensure that happens?

    • Its doubtful that a militia would have a role to play. Beyond just basic preparation.for the worst.

  27. Yeah I’m sure that the States could secede, particularly if they chose to do so en masse and after the beef-up of soldiers in Afghanistan. Its hard to know if it would be helpful to offer and olive branch that they were open to negotiation but that the practical effect was that payroll and income tax were immediately suspended and to get away with this they would likely be better off each establishing a new currency.

    One doesn’t want to blow out the cost of any one metal as a result of the rush to get to 100% backing. So the States who were seceding might decide in the first instance to split up the monetary metals and each one run an official one-off devaluation against just one metal each which would enable local debts to be easily paid off but under the understanding that from here on in you’d be crazy to overuse debt in the climate where all money is 100% backed by one commodity or another.

    The progression is towards gold as the ultimate money. But I think that gold bugs misunderstand this. And they want to go all at once to gold straight away. I think this is quite uneconomic and I think there is a natural progression from different monies towards gold.

    If we had a total banning of fractional reserve then there is a chance we could go BEYOND gold and have more energy-related digital money. Because if it were always the case that no fractional reserve were ever condoned or tolerated the distinctivity requirement of money is less important. As well the potential for digital money, supposing there is only 100% backing, means that the portability and divisibility requirements of money are less important.

    Its pretty clear that we won’t get a total ban on fractional reserve and so gold and silver are really “IT” so to speak and they are very good monies, not the least because silver mining companies and gold mining companies reduce their overhead by scoping out and bringing to the surface all kinds of other metals.

    So the gold and silver people are not the least bit mystical about the value of these metals. Well they might be but there is no cause to be. All the flyovers, test drills, data assesment, investment in data-analysing gear. All the theorising about the nature of their mining tenements. The investment in drilling equipment, the training of people. The energy and financial resources. The sending of materials away to the lab for independent testing, the employment of consultants, the leases paid. This is what goes into pulling up these resources from the deeper ground.

    And to the extent that a monetised metal thereby carries a premium price, the cost of other goodies is reduced. So there is no deadweight loss. Thats always been a misunderstanding. Or at least there is no deadweight loss unless we all try to go to gold in one great hit without other commodities taking up the former money supply.

    Well clearly I’ve gotten off track. The States have to work together in the way of sovereign nations with a geniune wish to get along, head off border and water disputes and to try and stop mischief from being purveyed across borders.

    Plans already seem to be under foot for this sort of thing. And once Barry succeeds in destroying the dollar they are likely to be taken more seriously.

  28. Maybe the militia could kick off their own currency. They’d want to get their act together in both the lethal and non-lethal sorts of action so that if these Federal Reserve goons try and confiscate their coin presses and the like, like they did to the producer of the liberty dollar, that they might be disarmed without drawing blood.

    So thats my answer. Thats what the militias ought to be working on. Getting together a viable currency, and being able to defend the production of it so well that the sort of action that was taken to kidnap that Cuban kid, could be overmatched without bloodshed. That would be my definitive answer. Since there is no question that the alternative money will be needed to prevent a catastrophe. And there is also little doubt that Barry and the Fed will want to destroy and disrupt these alternative currencies to put off the collapse of the fiat chump-change.

    Then they would be successful. Defend the right to have independent money first, and with such powerful ability that they don’t wind up killing any of the young federal agents.

    Look at what these fucking thieves did!!!

    So the idea would be to reconstitute several of these operations and anticipate the lethal and non-lethal capacity to be able to defend proper lawful money without bloodshed under the conditions of what these Feds have done in the past.

  29. Check this fellow out. Australian Stephen Crothers is a physicist that comes very highly recommended by the superb Bill Gaede. Gaede reckons that he’s Tasmanias answer to Einstein.
    Bills new YouTube is pretty much a showcase of Crothers. As usual with Gaedes youtubes its very funny and incredibly interesting.

    It wasn’t that long ago when I just thought it was me that had gotten suspicious and dubious about the track that modern science has gone down. Its only been very recently that I’ve gotten hold of people who have taken this dubiousness about ten times further.

    In the beginning I just thought it was only economics and the humanities that had gone off-course.

  30. Your ideas are fascinating Mr Bird. What could be used as an alternative currency?

  31. Silver and Gold. As well as notes backed with stored silver and gold that are ineligible for fractional reserve. Also copper could be used on this basis too. But since it would be so volumnous it would be unreasonable to expect it redeemed on the instant. Which shows further why fractional reserve ought to be disallowed. Since in practice it rules out anything but silver and gold. You see if you know there is a total ban on fractional reserve you are fine with the idea that you can carry notes that in practice cannot all be redeemed because of the extra costs of storing them at the local banking branches.

    So from there once fractional reserve is subject to total ban then you can also use platinum and palladium. The thing about platinum is that its usually more expensive then gold (except during monetary crises) but its less distinct. So you would not know if someone was gyping you. But if fractional reserve is totally outlawed you could use notes and digital cards fully backed with stored platinum.

    So we can easily replace the ponzi-money very quickly with various commodities and give a generic boost to extraction industries without massive deadweight loss by overblowing gold and silver prices too much. But this is predicated on the idea that we will not tolerate fractional reserve. Or else in practice only gold and silver will do the job.

    If fractional reserve is totally ruled out then this opens up many commodities to be used in monetary fashion.

  32. This is shocking Mr Bird. It seems that the warmists have even infiltrated the Global Climate Coalition:

    I am at a loss.

  33. Bird:

    Have you seen that the Deltoid Dwarf is lying about DDT again.

    Doesn’t he deserve a good smack across the head- the fat little bastard?

  34. Not across the head. But he definitely deserves for some big lady to give him a big spanking. We aren’t going to risk brain damage. Where is the link to this holocaust-denier?

  35. Yeah he’s pushing that absolutely chilling eugenicists idea of the bed-net-alone. Absolutely ghoulish. Since it means that this idiot thinks its fine and dandy for a malaria-carrying mosquito to get within one metre of a defenseless toddler or a little baby. They even go so far as to show a dead mosquito having been caught in the net. Just to prove they are serious about this plan to bring the mosquitoes and the children in close contact. Its truly the sickest use of bogus statistics you can imagine.

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