Posted by: graemebird | November 21, 2008

Pre-requisites For BARRY Adolph Hussein SOETORO’S Appointments.


Usually new Presidents bring in people from many walks of life and most of them from outside of Washington. Reagan brought in all these Californian radicals and the Bushes brought in people from Texas and outsiders who were pretty big in their wing of the Republican party. 


Now Bush the younger did manage to produce a little bit of authentic change early on but basically the team fell into the Washington groove after the first two or three years. The only person that really achieved anything like meaningful change was of course Reagan. And the key was to bring in a mixture of energetic youthful people, as well as experienced people FROM OUTSIDE OF WASHINGTON and one and all determined to make a difference. They all have to be people who are going to wake up each morning thinking that this is NOT business-as-usual. 

For the most part administrations don’t change Washington. Rather Washington, enemy occupied territory as far as I’m concerned, tends to change administrations. Washington forces the outsiders into their mold and only Reagan has substantially broken that mold. Bush the Younger a little bit but only very early on.

This is why a new team have to be from out of town. Try and get people who are NOT post-modern. Thats why Palin would have been great if she had been chosen early enough for the media ambush to expire. And thats why I used to post down in Louisiana, at the LSU blog Tigerdroppings,  until communists and Barry Kool-aiders, blocked my access two days ago. You go up to Alaska or down South and not everyone is a mindless post-modern zombie. You have to have people well away from Massachewsits, the Washington Beltway, New York and most of the east coast.

 The Clintons brought in a lot of people that were new to Washington also.  But there was one problem with their team. They were a racially diverse bunch. Virtually all of them lawyers.  VIRTUALLY ALL OF THE CLINTON TEAM WERE LAWYERS. The Clinton team had all the different types of people that can be found between LAW ….  and …… YER.


Barry Adolph Hussein Soetoro has long spells in Washington as a virtually compulsory pre-requisite. You really must have done a lot of time in Washington before Barry will consider you for his team. Hope. Change. Yes we can. 

Now some folks have got the wrong end of the stick on this. They think he’s doing this because of his lack of experience. And they figure he needs these Washington types because they all have the experience that he lacks. Another interpretation would be that he is a lawyer. He has a natural affinity to people who have a background in law. And that he hasn’t thought it through and should be advised to also pick people from a non-legal background. This theory is also horribly missing the point.

The real way we must understand the BARRY Adolph Hussein SOETORO appointments is the following: IF YOU ARE NOT A LEFTIST EXTREMIST THERE MUST BE SKELETONS IN YOUR CLOSET.

By far the most corrupt regime the Americans have ever seen (prior to the one about to be sworn in) was the Clinton regime. Now there were Clintonites that were quite good at the time, who HAVE the appropriate experience, and were not part of the Clinton teams horrid scandals and mysteries. Such untarnished folks would be alright people to bring back.  Some of these ex-Clintonians would probably do a sterling job, since it is a feature of the Clinton team that many of them were very young when they took up their appointments, early in 1993.

That little guy who has a TV gig now and the Greek name. He could have been a chief of staff. But the thing is he’s NOT an extremist, I don’t think his background is as a lawyer, and he was not involved in any scandal. Hence he is not even considered. He could NEVER be considered by BARRY Adolph Hussein SOETORO. And this is no subconscious thing. Its no coincidence. Its not a quirk of fate. Its nothing to do with some weird predilection of Barry. Nor is it some mess-up in the process by which appointments are narrowed down. There is one reason and one reason only for the choices he is making.

You see BARRY Adolph Hussein SOETORO is an USURPER.

This is a USURPATION we are talking about here.  This is a fraudulent takeover. A bloodless coup they are still hoping to achieve. Its a hopelessly juvenile plot that Barry and his long-term backers are trying on. It comes under the category of stupid, childish plots, so blatant and foolish THAT THEY MIGHT JUST WORK. As in Sesame street when the old geezer says “Thats so crazy it might just work.” This attempted trashing of the constitution is really that childish. Its Sesame Street-Level childishness. But it might work just the same. Post-modernist types are always faking it that they can understand the sophisticated and obscurantist. For such people if something is truly understandable to them it becomes a matter of questionable credibility. Hence they cannot believe that something so blatant and uncomplicated is sailing right under their nose.

Because of the outrageous and illegal nature of what Barry is STILL hoping to pull off,  he will surround himself with the most scandalous bunch of criminals and lawyers, and criminals who are lawyers, that he can get hold of. It just so happens that virtually all of them were in the disastrous and corrupt Clinton White House. But this is neither here nor there. They have to be lawyers, head-kickers and scandal-coverup artists. And just to show they are with the good guys and won’t let the team down they have to have been involved in something really rotten in their past that is still an unresolved scandal today.

Remember that Clinton is a rapist, a proven perjurer, had a buddy who destroyed classified files (and therefore the historical record itself), is surrounded by mysterious and unsolved deaths, and is one of the greatest traitors that the Republic has ever seen. If not the greatest. In terms of him selling military technology to the Chinese for campaign contributions, and other arbitrage, that we can guess at, but that is often too horrifying to even so much as speak about openly, in most circles……….




Now that is some team.


Thats the sort of team that BARRY Adolph Hussein SOETORO can use.

Hope. Change. Yes we can.



  1. As if to anticipate the new Caliphate, Michael Jackson has announced his conversion to Islam. WHO NEXT?????

    I’m picking Oprah Winfrey. But only if the USURPATION goes ahead as planned.

  2. I’ve been getting so down on folks lately and its good to realise that there are people you have a soft spot for. People that you really do like. Well there is hoosiermom of course. That goes without saying.

    But Pastor Manning really won me over just now. And it may be for a very strange reason. I’d just seen this video where he was urging people to get behind Alan Keyes. But then I stumbled upon this one where he is showing respect for Malcolm X.

    Now I came out of the closet a little while ago as a Malcolm X fan. I don’t know whether I can justify it. I suspect that I cannot justify it. I’m not going to try and justify it and there you are.

    But then I stumbled upon this youtube of Pastor Manning, who has been mercilessly hammering Obama, throwing in a good word for Malcolm X. Really showing some respect and affection for Malcolm X. And I think also he’s being a good Christian in this way he is trying to reason with Fred XX and showing no hate for his detractor but just laying on him some home truths.

    Now I cannot and will not recommend all of Pastor Mannings videos by any shot. He most likely puts then together pretty quickly and I’ve seen one or two where he probably could have used a bit of cross-checking of facts and rewriting. But thats whats really good about the good videos he does. Because they are all sort of beta. They are all sort of raw and first draft presentations. That to me gives the better ones a great deal of sparkle. And good or bad video at least I think I can say that this man has pretty good instincts.

    So its neat to be able to say I really like this fellow. And hoosiermom. Because pretty much all the rest of you give me the drizzling shits.

    Check out the obvious regard Pastor Manning has for Malcolm X:

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