Posted by: graemebird | November 24, 2008


I heard a rumour about Barry Soetoro. So I thought I’d better do the responsible thing and try and get it out there although it may be old news.

The rumour goes like this: After 9/11 there were these Muslim parties about the place where Muslims would celebrate the successful attack, which of course went off better than anyone could have hoped for and was a great boost to Islamic pride, in those particular extremist circles. Anyway the story goes that the CIA traced Senator Obama to one of those parties.

If anyone can confirm any constituent part of the above story, well that would be a good thing. But the main thing of course is to try and circulate the story. Remember that every rumour you hear is true. And I should know. I’ve started a few. 

Bets all over the world will be heating up over whether he will be sworn in, when he’ll have to stand down, whether he’ll do prison time, and so forth. And you wouldn’t want to be accused of SKINFLINTING. You wouldn’t want to be accused of holding out. Of insider trading. So get the rumour out and about there.



  1. So excited about this you need to post it twice.

    By the way I saw Barrack Obama dancing with the devil.

  2. Mr Bird,

    I went over to that cess pit that is Cattleaxy and what do I see but Mr Soon linking to non other than a real Marxist site. If there is any measure of how far gone the faux-liberatarians have gone it is this.

    Mr Edney you are an awfully dim fellow. Mr Bird has shown evidence that the American Mugabe has celebrated the murder of American’s. Will you still be laughing when he steals their lands and grindingly starves them to death.

  3. I go back there and what do I find?

    Mark Hill on marxists.

    “These guys are alright.”


    Hardcore stupidity.

  4. Mr Hill,

    I did not misquote you. Perhaps you claim may be that I lack context but it doesn’t matter. A Marxist by any other name is still a Marxist and never alright, regardless of whatever qualifiers you may wish to add.

  5. “By the way I saw Barrack Obama dancing with the devil.”

    Right. Well if he’ll dance with Ellen then I shouldn’t be surprised.

  6. Crikey this guy is an idiot. I’ve just listened to his outline on “perspective”. Where do you start with this stupidity? He claims to be an economist. Where is he misleading the kids? I’ve been trying to warn people about just how atrocious the Australian economists are. And there you go.

    I don’t know what is happening at Catallaxy. I suppose if you have to rewrite everything internally on the fly to accommodate Barry Soetoro and bailouts, then this is the kind of extreme stupidity you wind up being supportive of.

    You see in the end people like Mark and Jason don’t understand economics. So this thief-economics can be put up alongside their own thief-economics and they can be quite OK with it.

    Its all make-believe and macromancy anyway. Why would they not go at it with an open mind. Mark is a particular looney-toons who thinks new money creation creates new investment resources. Real resources and not just extra nominal loanable funds. But then Humphreys came out of the closet with that idea and Jason believes it also.

    “FR-banking is simply allowing voluntary contracts between people. To abolish FR-banking would be a draconian act of government, banning a consentual act between adults, which would drastically reduce loanable funds (and therefore capital accumulation) by outlawing intertemporal matching between debt types.” (Humphreys).

    MACROMANCY. And yet all three are signed onto it. So why would they not take this fellows ideas into serious consideration? Its all fantasy anyway with these guys.


    “Geithner is of course already well known and respected as head of the NY Fed.”

    Well respected by WHOM. These are the assclowns who caused the problem in the first place. They are not the people you ought hire to fix it up.

    “Orszag has an interest in health policy and is a protege of the fiscally conservative centrist Robert Rubin. He also has a blog.”

    He’s got an INTEREST in it? And where is this JIVE that Rubin is a fiscal conservative coming from? Thats not going to inspire any flashbacks with anyone with a long memory.

  8. “Of interest to libertarians, one of her papers co-authored with her husband is sceptical of the starve the beast (PDF) theory:”

    That aint the least bit interesting. She’s just making excuses for more taxes. It would be better to think of ways to cut the beast off from borrowing as well.

  9. Here’s this Buffoon McMullen about his book.

    “3. In the highly developed economies, capitalism will lose its historical mandate as the automation of most of the onerous and uninteresting work will remove the need for the pr”..ofit motive……….”


    “……. Collective ownership by those who do the work will then be the obvious way to go. …..”

    Thats not obvious. Its insane.

    “…… This would accelerate growth by unleashing the creative energies of the individual and freeing the economy from the distorting effects of sectional interests…… ”

    Thats just fucking wordplay. It has no meaning in the real world.

    ” ………This would be real free enterprise…”

    More of the same.

    Why is this person allowed to teach the kids? He has no understanding of business whatsoever.

    Here it is altogether. I realise I have not launched any sort of argument against this. Where would you start. This is just ignorance of economics and of the common arguments about pricing under socialism that have been gone over before. Its not that this fellow has overturned these arguments. He’s just ignored them. What about pricing under government ownership McMullen? How is that going to work? The need for the profit motive only came from lack of automation? Collective ownership unleashes creative energy? How and where?

    “3. In the highly developed economies, capitalism will lose its historical mandate as the automation of most of the onerous and uninteresting work will remove the need for the profit motive. Collective ownership by those who do the work will then be the obvious way to go. This would accelerate growth by unleashing the creative energies of the individual and freeing the economy from the distorting effects of sectional interests. This would be real free enterprise.”

  10. Legal fees to stop Barry’s birth certificate going public: $800 000.

    I’ve seen enough. Deport this illegal alien.


    Expert going over the fraudulent image that Barry Soetoro put on his website. Very detailed and clear in his explanation.

    This fellow busted factcheck colluding to act in a forgery. Let him explain how he knows this.

  12. Obama spokesman does a runner when asked about the birth certificate. Look he’s going down. This aint going away. The press has daily briefings with a fellow who speaks for the President and the administration. Its used to be McClelland. After that someone else who unfortunately got cancer. Bush has Ari Fleischer who was a particularly good spokesman.

    So this cannot go away. Because the spokesman talks daily. They ought not have had press briefings because they are going to look incredibly foolish.

    He is going down. Thats the good news. Well thats unless they can think of some gigantic ruse to stupefy everyone.

  13. Well did you see it? What do you expect the spokesman to do tomorrow?

  14. “spiros, rob merkel and derrida derider on a roll here defending the sane left position on using market prices to tackle pollution against who is suggesting something more sinister

    What POLLUTION are you talking about you lying traitor cunt, If you are going to keep lying about this JUST GO HOME. Go back to your own miserable country. But don’t come here and fucking lie all the time Jason Soon.

  15. Here’s the Americans pledge of allegiance:

    “”I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.”

    In a functioning REPUBLIC based on justice, 99% of the population are unable to take away the rights of 1%. But in a DEMOCRACY you can vote in a communist/Islamist, sworn to undermine the constitution, with 52% of the people. In a democracy the banks can arbitrarily decide to steal 100’s of billions of dollars in broad daylight and bribe politicians for a fraction of the payoff.

    If FASCIST-BARRY is sworn in it will be the gravest attack on the principle of law under civilised society that has ever been perpetrated in all history without exception. Worse then the advent of the Third Reich since Germany was not founded on the principle of equality before the law and the freedom of the individual. Pre-Bismarkian Germans had indeed been free people by and large. But as a matter of circumstance rather than in principle.

    We have raised up two or three generations of legal-nihilists from the law schools. And so the rot has been there all along. But never has there been such a blatant head-on attack on the principle of law itself.

    Even if the Usurper was sworn in and died of a crack overdose three months later the damage he will do will be immense. But of course if this Islamist/Communist skunk is allowed to keep his position that will be far far worse.

    Even if “Obama” was a good prospect for the Presidency in all other aspects he would be absolutely unworthy for the job by displaying the incredible irresponsibility and venom for the Republic that it would take for someone clearly not eligible to take the oath of office. THAT THIS PRICK IS WILLING TO TAKE THE OATH DISQUALIFIES HIM FROM THE JOB ON ACCOUNT OF THE SHEER IRRESPONSIBILITY OF IT ALL.

    But there would be no appealing to such a person on these grounds. Since his priorities are not the priorities of decent responsible humans everywhere.

    Australians may even be a little bit more free than Americans right now. Perhaps in some ways. Perhaps over all. Perhaps not. Its a hard thing to estimate. But that we live in the shadow of their freedom ought to be obvious. And it was highlighted lately when Paulson came up with this bullshit stiumulus package idea that goes contrary to all thats known about economics. Here is Paulson ignorantly going for these anti-economics programs of stimulus packages and bailouts, and suddenly here in Australia the balance of forces is so tipped that we apparently don’t understand economics anymore. Apparently just the example of this insane huckster Paulson doing this causes our guys to forget everything that they knew about economics and we are all on board for the rebellion upon economic science and we are going to SPEND our way out of a recession.

    You NEVER spend your way out of a recession. Not by asking people to spend more on consumer goods, nor by getting the government to spend more. If you actually understand economics this is irrational. Its straight illogic to be even so much as contemplating this. Sometimes there can be a role for monetary policy. But never can there be a role for stimulating demand via consumer spending exhortations or government spending more. No-ones shown how this could possibly work. Its the worst thing you can do. The best thing you can hope to achieve with this irrationality is to rig the figures such that we can DECLARE we are out of the recession.

    And yet Paulson runs a stimulus package and a bailout and our guys forget all this. The forget it. Or the guys who understand it are marginalised and the really dumb dum-dums become ascendant. Either way. The same result.

    So if the Americans flout their law then our guys will flout OUR LAW. The conservatives might flout our law for a worthy cause at first and then the left will do it for high wickedness and it will be bi-partisan. Paulson effortlessly buggered our understanding of economics in this country just by going ahead with bad policy. And BARRY Adolph Hussein Barrack Osama-Soetoro will bugger it merely by tatking the oath. Merely by walking around in front of the cameras breathing the same air as us as if he is NOT the usurper. As if he is NOT a criminal. As if he is NOT a traitor and a walking violation of the constitution, the rule of law, civilisation, the principle of equality before the law, and the principle of the Republic.

  16. The SELF-SELECTED runt of Louisiana State University is a fellow who goes under the name “Ice Cold”. He’s clearly a putupon little bitch, always willing to please, and a master in the art of pre-emptive surrender. Since out of the coterie of leftist, dimwitted, anti-American dweebs, who got me banned from Tigerdroppings, he’s the little fuckface who was pushed forward to take responsibility for the banning.

    I shall find out who this pimple-faced little commie is. And his name will live in infamy in the halls of the most lame.

    That the commie and jihadist sexual deviants, without any doubt whatsoever, all take turns to piss on this gimp …………. well this current state of affairs, could have been their secret and something he could have run from, when he left the University, and tried to reconstruct himself as a “Man”. Or at least a pseudo-man. Or perhaps a “pseudo-Man-Wannabe.”

    But this hypothetical future privacy was not to be. His yeller “streak” will be known forevermore. His gutlessness will be a byword in belly-crawling and degradation.

    He can never be an American for the American is young at heart, brave of soul, and free in principle going deeper than his bones.

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