Posted by: graemebird | November 28, 2008

Cognition Via Filibuster

This appears to be the trend of things right now. Its happening everywhere. But we can see it happening already over the Obama eligibility question.

The irrational side of the argument says that Obama is eligible. The reasonable side of the argument says that he isn’t, for one thing on the grounds that he is unwilling to prove his eligibility which in itself is reason enough.

Now the rational side of the argument lays out all its reasons. Says what we know and what we don’t know honestly. Puts forward all the possible hypotheses to explain his failure to be eligible by virtue of his failure to prove eligibility.

And what does the irrational side of the argument do? They just filibuster. We have seen that irrational idiot Edney. We have witnessed the argument-free-zone that is Taranto. But its not just them its everywhere. And its not just this subject its all subjects. 

The answer is that these people simply filibuster. And they lie whenever they can.

Short of violence we must make people who do this pay a heavy price for this anti-social behaviour. Since they are foisting enourmous costs on the rest of us by virtue of their willful irrationality and their relentless filibusting on every issue.


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