Posted by: graemebird | November 30, 2008

Task For Non-Americans.

In the new era of the Usurper, supposing that Barry is not forced to stand down soon, it may not be sufficient to link to various controversial stories. Already in looking into this foreign-financed undocumented alien, I’ve stumbled upon links that are no longer functioning.

So the idea may be for people to cut and post the whole article if the subject is sufficiently uncomfortable for this conman.

Here is such an example below:

Choir Director At Obama’s Church Is Killed

December 27th, 2007

The Chicago music instructor was found dead at his apartment
The person responsible for killing the choir director at Barack Obama’s church in Chicago is still on the loose. Ontrinity-united-church-of-christ.jpgSunday, Chicago Police say they found Donald Young dead when they answered a call to his apartment. According to the Cook County medical examiner, the 47-year-old music instructor at Trinity United Church of Christ was the victim of multiple gunshot wounds. Wayne Frisbie, a spokesman for the Police Department, told The Associated Press that when Young’s roommate arrived at the apartment late Saturday, he found him dead with a bullet hole in the head. The front door was unlocked, Frisbie said. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. said Young was well-loved at Trinity United Church of Christ. Young, also a fourth-grade teacher, was also planning to earn another degree so he could become a principal, the pastor said.



  1. This was an issue Cao blogged on during the Primary. Go to her blog and look up the music director’s name… she has lots of info on it and many questions raised and she does her homework and provides sources of info. She also lives in the Chicago area and is one of my blog friends.

  2. Thanks for that.

  3. You are most welcome my friend. 🙂

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