Posted by: graemebird | November 30, 2008

The Long-Legged Mac Daddy.



Under the constitution, being an usurper-President is illegal right from the getgo.

Taking the oath of office is itself deemed to be an act of perjury. Hence he will be a desperate criminal from the moment the ersatz-Presidential term begins. All subsequent decisions he makes are deemed to be criminal acts. But the only way he can be removed is to have someone come up and cuff him and take him away.

Given that he will be amongst the most heavily protected human beings on the planet this sets up right away a trip-wire to tyranny. He becomes a desperate criminal from that moment and the intelligence services all around the world will know it and they aren’t idiots like English-Speaking leftists.

He’s not too far in above his head now. He’ll have to answer questions about the Donald Young murder of course. But once he goes under oath the whole nature of the US changes. His bodyguards are trained to protect him. He has long reach and does not need his own intellgence services to silence people.

Yet who can arrest him? Whose going to do that? This is the problem. HE CANNOT BE IMPEACHED. If he could be impeached the Congress might come to their senses and impeach him. But as usurper-President he cannot be impeached.

So this deal where you idiots are lost in zombie-town hoping that he’ll be sworn in, well it only goes to show the truth of what I said before.

“These weren’t accidents all these leftist murders. Psychopaths one and all.”


No matter how good a bloke is sworn in to the American Presidency, the fact is, that at the end of four years, many hundreds or thousands or more individuals, will be dead. Individuals whom if another President had been sworn in THOSE individuals would be alive….  and thousands of OTHERS would be dead.

So this is no joke. When a valid President has such power that his person in that office holds life and death over so many obviously its nothing to be blase about when a foreign-backed communist con-artist rigs every single election he is in and grabs the top spot.

This is no matter for Adrien flippancy, Soon denseness, or Cambria doing a runner from reason.

He must be stopped BEFORE he takes the oath.

He IS a long-legged mac daddy. He has long reach now. But once he has taken the oath there is pretty much no fucker anywhere whose act he cannot close down.



  1. Yet who can arrest him? Whose going to do that? This is the problem. HE CANNOT BE IMPEACHED. If he could be impeached the Congress might come to their senses and impeach him. But as usurper-President he cannot be impeached.

    But if he’s in office he’s recognized as the Prez so he can be impeached. If he’s barred from office (for why again?) then he won;t be protected. Or are the Secret Service leftists like the CIA?

    • Here we are reminded of the constant, relentless, non-stop lying of Adrien in the old days. It just never stopped. Hopefully he’s improved his act now. But above the dumb cunt is lying and claiming that I haven’t explained why Obama is not eligible.

      He wasn’t born in the US Adrien. And he claims his father is an African. Got it dopey?

  2. Here you go: long legged mac daddy. Don;t say I never gave you nothing.

  3. Pastor Manning does not like Oprah Winfrey. I’m not on the same page as him on this one because I don’t know where he is coming from. No doubt I’ll figure it out what he has against her by and by. Apart from her being the anti-Christ that is.

  4. I was right then and I’m right now. Its hard to believe what stupid cunts the people who disagreed with me are. How did they get that stupid!!!!!!

  5. Moderated elsewhere:

    “If greenhouse gases would not exist earthly temperatures would be below –18 oC.”

    This statement is ignorant nonsense. What they really mean is that if we relied on direct electro-magnetic radiation alone, the temperature would be about -18, but the actual temperature is held to be about +15.

    Thats a 33 degree difference from the light-alone expectation. One reason that this is a fraudulent movement is that none of the advocates will attempt to show just what proportion of that difference is due to greenhouse. They claim “about 30 degrees” but thats all hot air. They have no clue. They refuse point blank to make an informed estimate with some sort of reasoning behind it.

    The reality is that so far there is no compelling reason to blame any substantial amount on greenhouse. There are plenty of other explanations, as light isn’t the only form of energy we receive.

    So we assume that the greenhouse component is next to nothing, which makes the CO2 component a tiny bit of next to nothing, and the human CO2 component more trivial then any consensus of skeptics would find likely.

    The electrical nature of the solar system is being ignored by the terminally ignorant, and the willfully blind.

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