Posted by: graemebird | December 1, 2008

The Urgency In Stopping This Usurping Idiot Barack Obama.

Check out this absolute fucking moron. Everything he says here is completely wrong. His goal would mean the destruction of the United States. He was always a conman. And he isn’t the smart guy that people have been pretending he is. Stop defending this idiot. His goal is clearly to weaken and destroy our most important ally.

There is no point in pretending we are not dealing with a fucking idiot here. His idiocy is manifest in this video and it cannot be denied. Except by the paradigm that he is smart and pretending to be an ineffectual idiot as cover.

Now supposing you have this idea that he has won his various elections fair and square? And so he must be a smart and capable guy rather than the idiot you see in this first video? Well no thats bullshit too. He is in fact the idiot you see in the first video. What happened is his backers rigged every election he has ever won.  Check out the second video a summary background into what was done. He didn’t get into Harvard fair and square. Nor did he become editor of the Harvard Law Review fair and square either. And in his alleged private career as a civil rights lawyer he worked about 2.5 hours a day (bookable hours) and handled absolutely fuck all cases. Its as if someones been picking up the bill all this time.

He’s a phoney and by Allah he is one fucking dummy. But he is a long-legged mac daddy and he will be hard to stop if he is not stopped before, rather than after, inauguration.

YouTube – A New Chapter on Climate Change

YouTube – Victor Davis Hanson Questions Obama’s Political Past



  1. instead of writing this paranoid nonsense all day why don’t you try critiquing his policies?

  2. What the point. Its like critiquing a 12 year old? He’s a usurper and all his policies are bent on destruction. They are all wrong and bad.

    “If only C.L didn’t have such knee jerk reactions”

    What would that leave exactly?”

    This is where your forum is at right now Jason. The exaltation of everything stupid, mindless and wrong and the putting down of anyone left who thinks straight.

  3. Look the fella has to be seen as a plague or a scourge. Nothing can be gained by critiquing his policies. He’s just got to be stopped or we have to wait him out. I couldn’t think of anything more pointless than looking at his policies which are all self-evidently wrong.

  4. He’s chosen only one decent economic advisor. And he’s only done so as a talisman. But even though we know that Paul Volker won’t be listened to at all its still good to see the straight shooter back in town. I’d be happier if he was smoking his cigars like the old days. He’s 81. Thats too old to seize control and overide this idiot usurper and King of all bailout maniacs.

    But check out Volkers response anyway. Straight and to the point.

  5. what the fuck are you talking about?
    I agreed with CL on this one.

  6. Right. I was talking about your website. Full of dummies.

    Hey there is this theory going around that Oprah Winfrey is the anti-Christ. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Its not just Pastor Manning. Bless his heart. But the thing is she has started this church. AND ITS TAKEN OFF LIKE A PLAGUE. Bizzare. Who would have thought?

    Oprah starting her own cult religion?

  7. btw I thought we were supposed to be calling him Barry Soetero?

  8. Well thats his name. But it will get picked up more by search engines if I use the name that Barry has been hiding under since he went to Columbia.

  9. Why do you support this guy. He’s basically pimped you right? Him being a long-legged mack daddy and all.

    But why do you support this fellow? You couldn’t possibly sustain an argument to support any of his policies.

  10. What do you suppose the point of it is? I would tend to look elsewhere than Jeremiah Wrights congregation for the finer points on patriotism.

    Its just the leftist reversal for a commie to start talking about patriotism. Its almost expected that this is what they would do.

  11. There are more “unanswered questions” about B. Hussein than there are about the “Black Hole”. There has never been such a totally unvetted candidate make it to being President Elect in the history of the USA. Obama is an empty suit with an agenda that is dangerous for America. I see him and the Left Wing loons in Congress as the beginning of the end of the USA. JMHO.

    Words are what Obama is good at if he has a teleprompter handy…

  12. Well they have that deadline at the Supreme Court to see if Berg can pursue his case. We ought to know how that went tomorrow. And then there is Donafrio’s case being discussed on the 5th.

    But you know the Supreme Court on its own. It might not either be willing or able to go against the current and do the right thing here.

    Yeah I see it as the end too. We really needed someone to come back and restore some fiscal sanity. Then Paulson shows up and accelerates things to madness and of course thats let Obama do what he wants to do as if that were the normal way of things.

  13. Far Left Agenda = Abnormal = We’re screwed. 😦

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