Posted by: graemebird | December 5, 2008

Barry-Whitey-Granny-HEALTHY? Is Obama’s White Grandmother Still Alive?

I’ve brought this one forward because there is STILL NO NEWS ON OBAMA’S GRANNY BEING BURIED?????


Now no news is good news, because it means that his associates didn’t gratuitously kill her. So I’m happy for this lack of news. Of course this could be a red herring to block folks from getting at authentic scandals. Since its not much of a scandal that your grandmother hasn’t been murdered.

The other thing is that its not just me. While the larger American media blocks all these mysteries out we have foreign countries beginning to get interested in this JIVE-talking con-artist.

Check out this foreign news story. And there isn’t anything there that I haven’t mentioned already. But maybe you will see there is something up if its not just me talking about it. If you simply refuse to believe there is some sort of scandal afoot no matter what then of course he can get away with it.

Barack, The Amazing Mr. Obama – Pravda.Ru

Earlier I pleaded with the Hawaiians to never bury Barry Two-Whites Granny. Well my pleading may not have fallen on deaf ears. Because some people are claiming she is still alive. Which means of course I saved her life. Because, but for me, they would have buried her, and she would not have been able to come back from the dead, like any new messiahs granny oughta.

Has anyone actually seen them put her in the ground? I sure hope she is still alive. Because that reduces the chances of her having been murdered by this conman’s backing. Are there photos of her being lowered into the ground?

I am telling your straight. NOTHING can be ruled out with this fellow. NOTHING. Once you choose the path he’s taken there is just no way for us to rule anything out. He is not eligible for the Presidency. So he seems to have everything riding on simply being sworn in and then locking in his position. Bear in mind as a usurper he cannot be impeached. He must be arrested. You going to arrest him? 

But tell me if you know about his granny. I hope she is still okay. Because the fact is that the average life expectancy after being diagnosed with multiple mylopa is 3 years and not 3 weeks.

There are two links below to help you research this matter. – Background Records, DUI Records, Court Records, Obituaries, Marriage Records & more…

Obama Grandmother “still alive” -Kenyan -Kenya – Google Search



  1. Here is the story about how Barry was getting illegal money from overseas. And this was by no means unwitting. They purposely broke the law here. This in itself ought to invalidate the elections were this a country that had its act down tight.

  2. Myth to bust today. The idea that Ringo Starr wasn’t a fine drummer. Only a small amount of what appears to be live footage here. But I like his drumming anyway.

  3. The 8 economists’ letter
    without comments

    Nick Gruen has joined Allan Fels, Ian Harper and 5 other economists in signing an open letter to the Ruddster proposing the following measures to ’stimulate’ the economy:
    1) cutting compulsory super from 9 per cent to 6 per cent
    2) public ‘investments’ in infrastructure
    3) subsidies to households to invest in energy efficiency.”

    For goodness sakes. When is this stupidity going to end?

    “As the eminent macroeconomist John Taylor recently noted, the evidence is mixed as to whether discretionary fiscal stimulus works, and if so, when, how and by how much. But even if it is desirable, the ’80s showed that approaches centred on increased outlays can be both ineffectual and inefficient.”

    The evidence is not mixed Henry. Its a stupid idea to attempt to use fiscal policy to stimulate demand in the first place, on any occasion, and this ought to be obvious. Why are people so half-assed in their condemnation of this Keynesian multiplier fallacy?

    Its depressing is what it is. A small child ought to be able to see through this idiocy. But then Mankiw wrote a book on monetary policy and he still doesn’t appear to be able to see through this Jive.

  4. None of the measures mentioned can possibly have any known positive effect on the total nominal spending level nor can spending on consumer goods end a recession. Its idiots we are dealing with here. Idiots.

  5. Sinclair. Why aren’t you speaking out on this Keynesian Multiplier Voodoo? Or are you in fact a believer? A macromancer?

  6. Yes. Thank God! Someone knows I’m alive. Help me. My rotten evil Marxist, Greenie DDT-denying homicidal maniac of a grandson has stuffed me in the basement of a house in Nebraska. Get me out. I can unmask his diabolical plans before it’s too late…

  7. You are a fake Madelyn. You may be the anti-Madelyne. But you are not the real Madelyne. Because everyone knows that that homo-greenie-commie-lunatic is keeping the real Madelyn in an apartment tower in Honolulu.

    Seriously. This is very weird.

  8. “There have been no newspaper reports of the burial of Obama’s grandma

    Therefore Obama’s grandma is not dead”

    You moron Jason! You didn’t check the new link did you?

  9. Don’t listen to her. I am the real Obama Granny and I’m tellin’ you that boy is rife with evil spirits. Evil I tells you. I am dead and I am a ghost. He killed me by beatin’ me over the head. He called me a cracker bitch and said that the brothers is takin’ ova come January. There’s gonna be Crips in the White House bitchslapping the Join Chiefs and then smokin’ a chief joint.

  10. “IF you were going to turn to only one economist to understand the problems facing the economy, there is little doubt that the economist would be John Maynard Keynes. Although Keynes died more than a half-century ago, his diagnosis of recessions and depressions remains the foundation of modern macroeconomics. His insights go a long way toward explaining the challenges we now confront.”

    Well that proves it then. Mankiw is a full-blown moron. Doesn’t understand economics at all. And all these Australian kids think he’s some sort of trustworthy voice out there.

    That Harvard brand name hey?

  11. Any way. Cool T Rex clip.

  12. “I saw her at the mall. She ain’t dead. All you pigfuckers are wrong.”

    Well that other question is too hard for you it seems Adrien. So try something a bit easier. What do you think this stupid wog cunt is up to? Is he saying that the fact that there has been no funeral for this woman is suspicious? Or is it not suspicious? Because the first time they didn’t bury her it was supposed to be because they keep people on ice for a while in Hawaii. It was supposed to be a Hawaii thing.

    So can you figure out what the dumb wog cunts point is?

  13. “I’m sure most people would be only to happy to cut super contributions (markets going down anyway) and to dump as much money as they can into lowering debt levels. That would the optimal thing to do if you think deflation is on the way. (I’m not sure that it is.) But if the more pessimistic economists are to be believed then no rational individual would spend their super money now – they’d ‘invest it’ by paying down any and every debt that they can.”

    Well that would be a good thing. Paying down debt. But we can be sure they would spend more than they otherwise would on consumer goods. Notice that the wimp Sinclair WILL NOT SAY THAT ITS BULLSHIT THAT CONSUMER SPENDING ENDS RECESSIONS.

    There is nothing particularly wrong with the above. But the economics profession will not go against these idiotic ideas. Not one of these clowns at Catallaxy has pointed out that the Keynesian multiplier is bullshit from the start.

  14. I put in the google “Norman Mailer was buried” and got this:

    But contrast when I put Madelyn Dunham to the same test I got this:

    A single entry. And it turns out to be someone merely jumping to conclusions on a blog post.

  15. Notice that in the case of Norman we immediately find he was buried on a Tuesday. No such luck with this confident anonymous blog post.

  16. I’m glad that ontology via google is an acceptable epistimological method.

  17. You are such an idiot Edney. This is the rigidity in your thinking. Surely you can see this is a very strange state of affairs. Is that a little bit too difficult for you? To see that this is a strange state of affairs.

    This is your absolutism at work. I don’t have an absolute known conclusion about this. But I’m smart enough to realise that this is very odd. Whereas you are such a stupid cunt that you think you know something you do not know. And because of this you CANNOT see that this is very strange.

    You didn’t read the new link did you? The journalist tried to make some enquiries and just got the runaround from these people.

    What makes you such a stupid cunt. Its either all or nothing for you isn’t it? You canot conceive that this is a very odd thing since you’ve taken an absolutist view of the subject even though you know nothing at all about it.

    Same thing with Obama’s birth. You feel you are absolutely sure that he was born in Hawaii. Yet in reality you know no such thing.

    What makes you such a fuckwit?

  18. See look at what a dumb cunt you are. You always get things wrong. Check this out:

    “Look Jason I’ve said before the copehagen interpretation make sense of all of Bird’s logic. Until we collapse the wave function by making the burial observation she is a super position of the not buried/buried states.”

    Here you buy this unscience voodoo in ABSOLUTIST terms. It is a logical contradiction. Yet you buy it. Whereas you cannot except the simple fact that you are in no position to know what is going on with Obama’s granny. Where she was buried. What day. If she was buried. Who saw her being lowered into the ground.

    So it doesn’t matter what the subject is. You always fuck it up with almost total consistency.

  19. …….. Barack Hussein Obama is ten times the man you’ll ever be,………

  20. The reason I don’t come back and post on Catallaxy is that your resident Gimp, Ice Cold, has me blocked.

  21. So bigmonkey? Do you know what day Obama-whitey-granny buried? What day was that? Where is she buried?

  22. He’s not a man. He’s a homo. a fraud. A liar. And has no idea what he is doing. He has demonstrated his utter idiocy on both economics and science. So he’s basically a nobody and someone has been picking up the bills all the way along. He’s a stupid chucklehead cipher.

  23. “But beyond all of that controversy, there is one subject in this man’s activities that is truly astounding: There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that his beloved grandmother actually died on the day before the election as his campaign said she did. He said he would attend her funeral “In a few days”. He never did. Then he said he would have a funeral for her around the end of the year.

    What kind of person keeps their grandmother’s body on ice for two months? What kind of a person would play on the death of his grandmother to win “the sympathy vote”? Where is the proof that she died when she said she did?

    Normally, we could simply learn from the local coroner of a well known person’s death. But the only public comment made by the Honolulu Medical Examiner, who acts as coroner in Honolulu, Hawaii was, “We didn’t work that case.”

    Can YOU uncover this mystery BigmonkeyTUBA? Can you tell us where and when she was buried?

  24. More on Grannygate.

    Here was the situation on November 12. So thats three weeks ago. Three weeks ago they were wondering when this allegedly dead person was going to have a funeral.

    Nothings changed since then. No news has come out since then. This is truly bizzare. I’d just like someone to show up and say where she was buried, what day was that, and how come it was not possible to determine this earlier.

  25. Well that other question is too hard for you it seems Adrien. So try something a bit easier. What do you think this stupid wog cunt is up to? Is he saying that the fact that there has been no funeral for this woman is suspicious? Or is it not suspicious?

    Well what I think that ‘stupid wog cunt’ (charming language Graeme) is up to is taking the piss outta you old bean. 🙂

    What happened you and Joe used to be friends. remember when you both took turns telling me what a moron I was? Those were the salad days.

  26. Well how about wiki-answers?

    “The Wall Street Journal quotes a campaign aide as saying the funeral will likely be a private memorial service, taking place later in the year. ”

    A magazine allegedly quoting a nobody who doesn’t know, giving an answer to a question that no-one asked. Well thats great going isn’t it?

  27. Joes gone crazy. He is now irresponsive to reason. He’s over at thoughts on freedom saying we ought to bring over James Hansen to speak in favour of a carbon tax. But he could never justify such an outrage.

  28. Dude

    I know you’re at war with CO2 bedwetting DDT witholding Communist mass murderers such as myself but if you have two choices: cap n trade or tax, which would you?

  29. Everyone knows the answer to that. Yet that idiot John Humphreys makes out that it was his idea.

    We don’t have two choices. So the question is idiotic. The fact that anyone would go for a cap and kill system shows what a fascist evil movement this is.

  30. Cap and kill? I like it. 🙂

  31. I’ll give the attribution when I remember the name of the fellow I heard that one from. Steve something. But can you call it that from now on? Because it truly ought never have been contemplated. It ought to have been carbon tax held indefinitely in abeyance until such time as people caught up with the idea that this was science fraud. Or failing that carbon-tax put off until we had an absolutely booming nuclear industry and then introduced only very slowly and only when we just couldn’t cope with the heat no more.

    In other words you would never under any circumstances use either scheme. Its just that the carbon tax would be there as a theoretical idea to make the nightmares go away.

    You could have had carbon tax as a sort of deal where if worst comes to worst and fuckers in Siberia were waking up on Winter mornings, and there they are taking a shave at 6.00 in the morning and already the beads of sweat were springing up on their forehead….. well then you might think about it. Do a raincheck on it. Call me in the morning. Or better still. Here’s 50c. Use it to call me when you can buy a bunch of coal and sequester it your own damn self.

    But under no circumstances would you contemplate a cap and kill system. That anyone ever put it forward at all proves the evil of this dastardly movement.

  32. Stephen Moore. Founder of the “Club For Growth”. A good guy. A bit of a supply-sider but a good bloke. Thats who I got the phrase off. And you must use it always.

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