Posted by: graemebird | December 11, 2008

The American Constitution Has Been Stolen By Dumb-Lawyers.

  • This is from a few days back on David Horowitz’s blog.  I’ve had a hard time trying to tell people that no matter how magnificent someone like Milton Friedman was, he was not infallible, and even if he were to be right all the time STILL you could not hide behind them. You must make the argument yourself in the current context always. Friedman was a real frontline warrior for liberty. As is Horowitz. But these people can sometimes be wrong and I contend that Horowitz is wrong in the current crisis.  I’ve made a great many posts on his blog over the last week or so but I thought this one had a bit of sparkle to it:

“Maybe you could change the name of the magazine to Or something like that.
The Donofrio case is just one case of about 17 and counting. The Donofrio case didn’t go after Caliph-Select Barry-the-Ist (The Usurper) directly. So you have Clarence. Who is closest to natural law in my view. Because he doesn’t tend too much to defer to the States. Whereas you would have had the other originalists, closer to original intent, which means that, when in doubt they will defer to the states. And then you have the leftists who just make it up every day anew and are in open defiance of the oaths they have taken.

So its not surprising that when they all sat down the majority didn’t think that particular case could fly.

But its not up to the Supreme Court alone to defend and protect the constitution. The fact is a lot of people have taken that oath. 

The framers never imagined that the legal system would become a vast make-work affair for lawyers. A make-work leviathan, and an outrageous attempt for lawyers to make themselves a class of their own, superior to normal mortals, in this particular sphere. This is one reason Caliph Barry-the-1st (The Usurper) is instinctively being deferred to by one judge after another.

That the framers never anticipated this vast system of legal parasitism, unrivaled in scope within any other country in the world, is the reason they never specified, step by step, procedures for taking an usurper down. 

Americans mustn’t let the lawyers lay claim to their constitution and hog it for themselves. For the constitution belongs to all Americans and ought not be given away to this tawdry and parasitical clique, on the basis of all sorts of obstructionism, that the lawyers have developed for their own base interests, in the intervening years and decades since the constitution was written.

The framers would have wanted the Usurper taken down from his foolish pretenses, by any means necessary. There are at least 15 more cases where that one came from. And its just a matter of finding the case that the originalists on the court can all live with.

But on the other hand a righteous President could step down, hand the Presidency to Dick Cheney. And Dick Cheney issue an executive order that this matter be investigated fully, and he remain President until it has been checked out to saturation level. 

Then President Cheney could invite legal challenges to himself!!!!! See what the Supreme Court had to say about that!!!! See how the Supreme Court liked the cases resulting from such an act of bravery. This may appear ridiculous. But its not. Since there is no precedent or instruction, so matters are open to innovation.

The point is that all branches are sworn to defend and protect. And not just the Supreme Court. And everyone, including every citizen, ought to be doing what they can.

“It’s Over.”

But you have taught us, oh great one, that we are Western Man. Not given over to such notions of fate and determinism. We be masters of our own destiny. Such soothsaying is unhelpful. Remember what Margaret Thatcher said the George Bush the elder?

She said: “Look George, this is no time to go wobbly.” 

I’m suggesting, and I’m sure that some others will back me up on this, that finally, after all these years we are witnessing David going wobbly. I’m sorry you had to hear it from me but the cosmic vibes from your own office are too strong. And there are others that will back me up on this matter I have no doubt.

Look David you ought to stop referring to us as your critics. My side of the argument will be divided between your exacerbated fans, and your exacerbated erstwhile fans. If you viewed us this way, you might be open to being persuaded, to thinking about taking under consideration, the possibility of the potential of taking a good long took at the subject ,anew and with fresh eyes.”



  1. That Humphrey has gone too far this time. I tell you he is a public menace. Importing all these Rhodesian ideas. Not the least of which is rigging the votes. It would be better if you ring-ins, who weren’t RE-EAL with the Australian vibe just went home of your own accord with all due haste.

    Well this time Humphreys has gone too far. He has a list of Australian libertarian blogs and the posing socialist has left me off of it.

    Yobbo’s View (Sam Ward)
    Catallaxy Files
    Thoughts on Freedom
    LDP blog
    PRODOS blog
    Andrew Norton
    Australian gun owners
    Currency Lad
    Double Think (Jono)
    Institutional Economics (Steve Kirchner)
    The Daily Constitutional (James Waterton)
    The raving wingnut (Steve Edwards)
    Bovination (Strawman)
    Wackingday (Tex)
    Chris Berg
    Jennifer Marohasy

    Yobbo is there. A weak and vascillating libertarian if at all. Currency Lad. A fine thinker but he doesn’t even claim to be libertarian. Nor does Edwards for that matter. And he’s got bloody Andrew Norton, and bloody Steve Kirchner there.

    Obviously this Rhodesian prick is just trying to provoke me. He must be lining up another vote-rigging scam so he can leave me out of the voting again like every other damn time.

    Go back to Mugabe you stupid white fairy.

  2. WHAT IS THIS????????

    Fucking Humphreys has even included links that oscillate dangerously close to the centre from time to time. That have people who may be even thought of as centre-left some time or an other.

    “Centre for Independent Studies – Perhaps Australia’s most successful think-tank, the CIS has been running for over 30 years promoting classical liberalism and small government. The CIS is Sydney based and is run by Greg Lindsay.

    Institute of Public Affairs – Australia’s oldest think-tank, the IPA recently won the Atlas Foundation award for best free-market magazine (IPA Review). It is based in Melbourne and is run by John Roskam.

    Quadrant – Wide-ranging magazine which often has a libertarian-leaning.”



    What the fuck else am I supposed to think?

    Fucking Rhodesians.

  3. In the whole list there is only one blog that could even begin arguing they were gunning harder for small government then me. And that would be the Prodos blog.

    This is an outrage. And most reminiscent of all his vote-rigging practices in the past. Just when you are ready to give that shameless homo crypto-lefty another chance.

    By the way. I wouldn’t have said this any other year. But this year and this year alone Jennifers blog is the best. Most years it would have been the Prodos blog in my view. But this year Jennifers blog was a real standout both domestically and internationally.

    • “It’s not to put him down but that’s where he seems to stand these days with all his conspiracy theories laced with pseudo science that he seems to either invent himself or just copies from other conspiracy blogs.”

      I’m quite capable of conjuring my own conspiracy scenarios Cambria. But PSEUDO-SCIENCE??? Thats just dishonest. And this coming from a CO2-Bedwetter who wants to bring Hansen here to advocate a carbon tax. Its the global warming crowd that are putting about pseudo-science and science fraud you stupid uneducated wog lowlife. Just own up to yourself and realize that you are not up to telling the one from the other. I’ve asked you for evidence to support this carbon-tax and you have fallen short. Go talk to Gerry Jackson about it. He’ll be as pissed with your belly-crawling on this matter as what I am. You don’t know of any evidence to support this tax, you don’t know anyone who has the evidence, and you cannot find anyone with the capability to hunt down a person with that evidence. And you lie and say its me thats into pseudo-science. I could swear that you are Lamberts half-brother. By the precious eyes of Ahura Mazda there has been some fence-jumping going on there don’t doubt it.

      • “Odd that he claims he fights for small government when, with the banking industry, he is calling for the most regulated position of all.”

        Its pretty clear that this stupid cunt regulator-Reynolds is not quits with the lying. You fucking lying cunt Andrew Reynolds. You know damn well that I am about the minimal amount of regulation in banking. Apologize you fucking lying cunt.

      • How is that Reynolds hey? What a cunt hey? Just won’t stop lying. One time he went on a several times a day 4 month stretch of relentless lying. What a complete cunt. Its people like this that test my opposition to euthanasia.

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