Posted by: graemebird | January 24, 2009

One-Way Cooling Bias

From Dr Marohasy’s Blog:


Has anyone checked to see what the particular gyp is to do with 1957? Because from memory I thought the general claim was that the Antarctic had been cooling since about 1968. So they would have picked out 1957 for a reason.

These are truly evil bastards. And the general public doesn’t know just how cold Antarctica is, and the impossibility of any warming in Antarctica being a factor in sea level.

I just bought this new fridge and I noticed that when I had the freezer side on power freeze, the ice doesn’t melt nearly as quickly as with the old clunker, and even in the case of beer that is room temperature. And to top it off this observation remains true with ice cubes smaller than I’d ever seen before.

The newer colder smaller cubes must be at -25 degrees and you go through two beers at room temperature before you are even noticing the loss of ice. Whereas my old ice must have been at (lets say) -10 or -7 or something and you’d notice it right away. Even with the bigger cubes.

There is just an enormous amount of ice in Antarctica. And the thing is when you are talking inland and below 6 metres down then the vast majority of it (from memory) is about -60 degrees celcius. Its just so cold. With ice cubes that cold you could make it through a six-pack without noticing the ice loss. And if one of the cubes stuck to your tongue it would be an instant loss of skin. Even now the little cubes have a bit of a spooky stickiness too them.


You would have these party balloons. And of course you could pop them with a pin. If you were a real prick and wanted to make all the children cry, and some of the women scream, you might pop them with a cigarette. But if you put a bit of sticky tape on the balloon and used a pin to poke a hole where the sticky tape is the balloon will just be losing air very slowly. You can do this when the balloon is untied. And if you have a really big balloon, far larger than normal size….. then with this tiny hole in the balloon you might lack the willpower or lung-power to ever be able to blow up the balloon fast enough to  be able to pop it that way.

The Antarctic is like that. And more than anything else I would put our planets one-way cooling bias down to the Antarctic being where it is, and where it is with its circumpolar current. Antarcticas is always going to be a pin-hole in the balloon of the potential for serious warming just so long as that circumpolar current is intact. Since if the planet warms, under those circumstances, the heat will pour in disproportionately to Antarctica’s mid-troposphere, and then it will be lost in space. The extra warmth cannot pour in at lower levels then that, because the circumpolar current cuts it off.

And maybe thats just a very small hole in the balloon. But its enough for us to have this one-way bias. There is simply no chance of the great bulk of the inland Antarctica ice melting while we have that circumpolar current. The day that the Southern Hemisphere gets a more out-and-back current like the Gulf-Stream is the day when speculations to do with overheating become not entirely ridiculous and not a day before that.



  1. Its most gratifying to know that we now have some German readers, or at least one German reader, of our blog/thinktank/survival guide.

    Die Costa Michael Methode der Intra-Party Diplomatie

    This is a translation of THE MICHAEL COSTA METHOD OF INTRA-PARTY DIPLOMACY. One of my more hard-hitting exposes.

  2. gblazewitz Says:

    “Who then is your secretly German reader? Or does it live only into your imagination?”

    A troll who speaks German with a Polish last name… how novel!!!!

    Meine deutschen Vorfahren verkratzen ihre Köpfe vom Grab.

  3. Comment vous de charme soyez cher pêchez !

    I am hardly skeer’d of foreigners though… hugs!

    • What a dummy glazewitz is. I don’t expect the computer to get the translation perfectly right at all times. The reason I suspect I have at least one German reader is that I’m getting articles translated into German. For a long time people, or at least one person, has gotten some of my stuff translated into Chinese. I don’t know where glazewitz is coming from. He’s just an idiot. He sounds like he’s come over from Randi’s site. There was a dummy who started a whole thread about me at Randi’s. Randi is a smart guy. But he’s gotten the most incredible idiots congregating at his site. This will never happen to me because if I get any groupies who are stupid I’ll abuse them until they go away. Anyway some dummy started this thread about me. And it was this shitrain of leftist projection. In this thread he claimed to know more about everything then me. This is what he said:

      “You only have to look at GMBs website- How one person could claim expertise in so many fields and be wrong about all of them….”

      You see what he is doing. He knows nothing at all but he claims superior knowledge in all things, and then projects this delusion onto me. Anyway all these arch-dummies at Randi’s forum-for-idiots started piling on in this thread. And glazewitz sounded just like this dummy. He is running a double-line where he pretends to have superior knowledge to me in all things, but is making out I’m delusional for acting like I know a few things. Same totally mentally deficient projection. Which is why I’m wiping his stupid posts until such time as they become a bit more substantial.

  4. This morning I saw a supposed conservative on the TV berating our labour party for being timid with global warming. So Robert Manne showed himself to be a CO2-bedwetter. He’s been a much-maligned fellow in the past so I tended to go easy on him. But I’ve lost all sympathy for this fellow now. I resent the fact that he’s still popping up on the TV the whole time. We need some new blood on the tube for goodness sakes. This fellow is way past his use-by date.

  5. So many politicians here are afraid to argue against the lame logic and bad science on global warming because they are afraid the gullable masses won’t vote for them or they have interests in lobbiests who represent companies that are bilking the public with their “green products”.

    Oh, I don’t take trolls who are so cavaleir about their unsupported blathering seriously anyway. Note that because I mentioned the fact the name he was using was Polish, I was called a xenophobe. Isn’t that just stupid!

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