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To Repeal The Twentieth Century And All Its Works.

When these subjects come up of course there is already a gorilla in the room. Or there would be if it weren’t for the horsemen and their four brooding rip-snorting steeds.

Let us talk about this foul world and how to banish it. Maybe following Hoppe or finding some sort of compromise with Hoppe.

The horsemen have come and they did the job and the denial of this is a hateful disrespect for the dead.

Can we sum up the 20th century if we are to turn our backs on a sea of blood, intimidation and violence???? And having said that ought we?????

Ought we turn our backs on the blood? Ought we not turn our backs and just leave? Just leave it all behind and never mention the two hundred million screaming ghosts ever again.

The only true way to speak of the twentieth century is in books of blood, but I will leave the four horsemen in the corner of the room and try and find an indicative youtube ,to describe how things were, in the twentieth century, without ever speaking of mass murder, and without hurting the sensibilities of those who wish not to be reminded of the killers in the inn, or the steeds that stand snorting, and stamping their feet,  behind each friendly cloud and the clouds that are never so friendly.

YouTube – Godley & Creme – An Englishman In New York: Stereo

But I cannot in good faith leave it there.  Lets have something a little bit more optimistic. Out of 200 million children of God a single lost daughter or mother could inspire the following song. Let them not die in vain. There is no need to pretend that our opponents are better than they are.

YouTube – Masquerade – Guardian Angel [longer version](1984)

The crimes of the left and socialism must never be forgiven.  Not forgiven pre-emptively. Not forgiven for the sake of making good conversation. Not forgiven as some sort of prelimenary or pre-requisite to being part of some alleged wider conversation. Not forgiven now or ever, nor yet forgotten for even one moment.

The dead don’t die. They are with us. They are part of us. And we must keep good faith with them.



  1. The 20th Century began with collectivists killing people, continued with collectivists killing people, and ended with collectivists killing people. What lesson do people take out of this? That collectivism is wonderful.

    It’s time to abolish the 20th Century and start again.

  2. To Repeal The Twentieth Century And All Its Works.

    Birdie: you doing a Pol Pot here and trying to start from year zero?

  3. Start from about 1850. As Hoppe is my tutor, though I disagree with him on many things. The year zero is the year of the saviour. And we atheists must be more careful then most not to fall for false prophets.

  4. Well GMB, I really went over the top! I had meatbrain banned (I thought) but he got a comment through on the Obamanation Flag post. I proceeded to tell him off! Go ahead… amuse yourself and see what this Dixie Firecracker is like when she blows her top!!!! LOL!!!! And like a good little firecracker, I’m not changing a thing! LOL!!!

  5. The Kiwi Solzhenitsyn?

  6. The crimes of the left and socialism must never be forgiven. Not forgiven pre-emptively. Not forgiven for the sake of making good conversation.

    Most of all, not forgiven for the sake of picking up chicks. There is a definite correlation between otherwise normal men refusing to denounce communist mass-murderers, and a female presence in the conversation.

  7. Actually Jason got me to take another look at it. Not bad, Birdie. If only you could keep your mind flowing along these lines instead of falling on a Martian heap of dung…. good work.

  8. What is your problem with the Martian thing? In amongst the lying you’ve never dealt with the logic of that issue. And while you are here you might come good with that scientific evidence that you reckon shows that science is on the alarmist side.

  9. I do have a mind to be aware of, publicise and warn of the consequences of ignoring the lessons of the vast leftist-atheist graveyards of the 20th century, Bird, and I always have had. I’m glad – have always been glad – that you see it the way I do but I have been disappointed with your recent attacks on Catholicism.

  10. Right. I may have to rewrite that. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time. About these attacks on Catholocism. I’ll have to check that too. I thought I was just having a go at Cambria.

  11. This is important, Bird. The twentieth century’s leftist homicide merchants always made a point of attacking Catholicism. They feared it. Why have you made common cause with them? Maybe I’ve misunderstood your somewhat baroque likening of Catholics to nefarious Machiavellians and cabalistic mafiosos during the Bird-Cambria War of 2008. Perhaps you could disabuse me of these misgivings if I’ve misinterpreted your views. I’m not being sarcastic. It’s an honest request for clarification.

  12. I thought I was just having a go at Cambria.

    OK. This was posted during the work-up of my second comment.

  13. Seriously I’ll have to go back and check what careless typing I may have been doing. To me the Catholics have held the line against barbarism and nihilism more than anyone else. Some people may find an absolutist position on abortion in the short-run to be annoying. But in the wider scope of history its all about keeping at the right side of barbarism. Not only that but it is within their heritage we find a way out of this bad crazyness in science that we are seeing. Really I was just dirty on Cambria. I think he’s strayed.

  14. For my part, it should be understood that I’ll never take issue with people criticising such things as Cardinal Law and the unspeakable enormities perpetrated by the rightly loathed Christian Brothers and others like them; or the often stupid foreign policy of Rome (Tariq Aziz, come on down!), etc. As a Catholic, I have an unshakeable fidelity to the Holy See (to Peter), not to the mindset driving the secular machinations of the Vatican city state. What I object to is a systemic parodying of Catholicism in such a way as bespeaks bad faith prejudice – a not unimportant yardstick for gauging the true quality of critiques of the last century. I hope this makes sense. Yes, there is a craziness in science – or rather a growing hubris of a counterfeit, corner-cutting omniscience. Here the elegance of open-minded Catholic theism is one of the things (not the only one) that actuates the tendentious ‘physics’ of abracadabra cosmology.

  15. I agree that the Church has done many wonderful things – calling the First Crusade was necessary for the defence of Europe and of course expelling the Arab Occupation Regime (a regime which all Leftists and other haters of the West, in a peculiar exception to their usual anti-colonialism, supported) from Spain was a crowning achievement.

    Unfortunately, the Catholic Church hierarchy was captured by liberals a while back, which is why it now supports the conquest of Europe by Moslems, and the colonisation of America by the Reconquista crowd. RIP the Church. Sometimes, you just have to realise the brain has died, and that the body is soon to follow.

  16. I must add that many of my loved ones are Catholic – in spite of the fact that the Church is a now the plaything of homosexual imposters, I realise that the weight of history will accord an enduring respect.

  17. To me the Catholics have held the line against barbarism and nihilism more than anyone else.

    That’s all in the past, Bird. The Catholic Church did a fine job of expelling the wicked Turkish imperialists from Europe, but I’m afraid it’s been slim pickings since then.

  18. It isn’t the Church’s constitutional responsibility to save political Europe every five minutes, though, Michael. Wojtyla’s role vis-a-vis the USSR (the worst slave tyranny in human history) was, however, recent and crucial – and a worthy coda to Lepanto. Europe, Britain, Canada – pretty much the entire ‘Western’ world is now living under the dictatorship of its own relativism. Note, for example, that British Muslims (led by ‘Lord’ Ahmed) have prevented Geert Wilders from visiting the House of Lords. Ponder that: in the inner sanctuary of the Anglophone world’s Mother Parliament, a man has been banned from showing a DVD.

  19. Even if the Catholic Church wishes to abdicate its traditional moral responsibility to defend its flock from slavery and tyranny, it could at the very least not openly side with Europe’s aggressors. Right now, the Church is an advocate of the open immigration of Muslims into Europe. That pretty much cancels out their concern that Catholics are not reproducing – ever tried raising a family when taxes and house-prices are sky-high, while violent gangs run rampant in the streets?

  20. I think it’s a stretch – which is to say a nonsense – to blame the Catholic Church for the immigration policies of the EU and its member states. However, I do agree – and have often said – that the Vatican’s cooperation with Islamic states on some issues in international fora is unwise. The modern cross-denominational obsession with ‘inter-religious dialogue’ is also inherently illogical and self-defeating. ‘Error has no rights’, the Church used to maintain – by which it meant that no obligation of Christian charity should extend to acknowledging the salvific worth of heathen religions. From that approach, the wider Christian church now acts and speaks as though all religions are as good as one another. Even our grandparents would have regarded this as a syncretistic heresy.

  21. Moreover, a flock that chooses to be scattered cannot be defended by anyone.

  22. Yes, I’m not particularly religious, but the interfaith stuff is totally crazy. And do they really think it’s going to be reciprocated?

  23. Europe seems to be dying in so many ways that they are basically uncountable. I wouldn’t know where you would start to clean up the mess.

    It seems that no one has a handle on it any more.

    I thought the current pope would be able to carry the intellectual weight and move the discourse back towards saving it, however he too seems to have given up.

    The problem as I see it, Cl, is statism. Europeans have basically given their lives to the state which now performs a great deal of the functions of the old churches.

    I used to think that Britain was a hold out, but the stories you get from there are just miserable. Brown has done a wonderful job of ruining the UK.

    Getting to the church. the problem as I see it is that they seem to have their social and economic morality all screwed up. You can’t be advocating socialist economics on one side of your mouth like the church has been doing and then preach another story regarding social aspects of what’s going on. The two are interlinked. Social responsibility etc also carries to the economics side.

    This is why I believe either the church stays out of the economics or it goes in boots and all for free markets. It’s statism that corrodes every last thing.

  24. There is nothing wrong with Europe that a military coup and continent-wide purge couldn’t solve.

  25. You can’t be advocating socialist economics on one side of your mouth like the church has been doing and then preach another story regarding social aspects of what’s going on.

    And that, JC, is the conclusion I’ve come to over the past two or three years. Statism ruins cultures, ruins people. Statism is the immoral leviathan of our age. Statism is now the unofficial – no official – religion of Western Europe and Britain. The biggest mistake the Yanks ever made was garrisoning and defending the joint for 60 years. The Europeans should have been left to pay for their own defence and establish the fiscal and social disciplines that would have buttressed those economies.

  26. “What I object to is a systemic parodying of Catholicism in such a way as bespeaks bad faith prejudice….”

    Right. You could be right there. I’ll have to do a thread about what is bugging me. You see people piss me off when they are insufficiently Catholic, And it pisses me off even more when they are Catholics who are insufficiently Catholic. Obviously that glib description will take a whole thread to explain in terms of just what I mean.

    With evasive I’ll-be-rational-if-and-when-I-wanna-be characters like Cambria, and with complete lunatics like Bahnisch (the latter whom has just recently described himself as a Catholic), I’ve been wondering out loud if the Catholic upbringing hasn’t taught them to be loyal to institutions generally. When they ought to be loyal to the Church and to their countrymen….or at least to the people in their region. Now I cannot say that this is something that is more prevalent with Catholics then with other people. So there is no scientific sample size here. But that sonofabitch Cambria is not being loyal to the church when he’s being loyal to Wall Street Welfare queens or to the insitution of taxpayer-science which has really come off the rails. I cannot explain his craziness and sudden dishonesty because he won’t explain it. And so I wonder out loud if its not the transferring of institutional loyalty to golden calf institutions. And I tend to wonder out loud if Catholics, or lapsed Catholics, are more susceptible to this then others.

    Even if one were a LAPSED Catholic I would have thought the idea would be to at least listen to the church spokespeople, giving them the benefit of the doubt where there is doubt, and sit it out if its a mild disagreement and not a vital matter of principle.

    But one wouldn’t want to see people lapse and then transfer that sort of institutional-man-upbringing to being in favour of unreason in science, mindlessness in skepticism, thieving in the banking industry, conventionally wrong notions of constitutionality, blindness in all things against the lowest common denominator consensus…. and so forth.

    You talk to that prick Cambria. Because I can make neither head nor tail of him. And people like him and Bahnisch are disturbing Church-Atheist relations because he is indeed making me wonder if there isn’t something to their upbringing.

    I was wondering about the Lemma coterie too of course. I don’t know what to put this new familism down to. Where every bloke and his Mrs gets a safe seat. I don’t know whether to blame their Goth background or the idea of lapsed Catholics transferring their loyalty to the golden calf institution that is NSW labour, rather then them serving the taxpayer, which they are paid more than enough to do.

    So I don’t know. I’d like to hear more from you about this subject. And Cambria too if you can drag it out of him. I think his behaviour for at least about a year now has been disgraceful. And of course Bahnish is a menace. I want to find out if this uneasiness I’m feeling is going to become a prejudice. So I want to know if Merkel is Catholic. Or lapsed Catholic. And how about Gruen? Or that other lunatic seconded to treasury. Leigh. I want to find out whose Catholic and who is lapsed Catholic and who isn’t. Because I don’t know what the answer is. And I would hope you could help me. It may be that the Catholics are my best friends but the lapsed Catholics are a walking menace. I don’t know. I don’t have a theory or a locked in prejudice yet.

    I have a prejudice in favour of Catholics. In favour of people who convert in later life. Like Paul Johnson, or G K Chesterton. Such people as I’ve seen do this appear to be more than normally sane.

    But I want to know whether I ought to have this prejudice one way or another. Whether Paul Norton is Catholic or lapsed Catholic. From here on in I want to figure out everyone’s religious background. If that information is available. Because I have no sample size I’ve only got Bahnisch and Cambria. And I would want a proper sample size.

  27. “The problem as I see it, Cl, is statism. Europeans have basically given their lives to the state which now performs a great deal of the functions of the old churches.”

    Living for the master with a golden calfs head. Living in the house of the golden calf. This is not even rendering to Ceasar what is Ceasars since its gone so much farther then just maintaining peace through strength. If the church is the one true church it ought at least see institutions based on either stolen money or brute force as only barely provisional as to their legitimacy. Well I’m not here to teach Christians theology one supposes. But I would be happier if they themselves were thinking about it.

    One time I saw this Heritage Foundation presentation about the myths of Hitlers Pope. The fellow reckoned that there was a relationship wherein the more seriously religious, more fundamentalist clergy resisted Hitler more than their modernist colleagues. That sounds right but I might need to review it.

    The fellow said that Hitler did in effect have a spiritual guide. A Muslim one. Don’t know if you all are familiar with his name. His name was HAJ MUHAMMAD AMIN al-HUSSEINI.

    • “Yes, there is a craziness in science – or rather a growing hubris of a counterfeit, corner-cutting omniscience. Here the elegance of open-minded Catholic theism is one of the things (not the only one) that actuates the tendentious ‘physics’ of abracadabra cosmology.”

      See that Cambria? CL understands what I’m on about. Why are you being such a dumbass? You telling me you can make a million dollars a number of times but are too hopeless to read a bit of Catholic theology from people like William of Ockham and Aquinas. Or to read some Augustine so as to be able to see how the scientists have often been smuggling in theology and not keeping the two fields separate.

  28. err Birdy, Gruen is Jewish. I hope you’re not going to turn anti-semitic too.

    • Look what he’s done to us? I want to chase that nigger all the way to the waling wall.

  29. I’m serious. I have locked in no prejudice at this point. I want to investigate the situation. Gruen a Jew hey? I thought these people were supposed to be smarter than the rest of us? Gruen is an idiot.

    Keep them coming! Merkel. Norton. Other Norton. I’ve never taken much of an interest before so I don’t have any idea of peoples background except where its obvious.

    Do you think this evil dumb sonofabitch Gruen had anything to do with these thieves wanting to throw money at wealthy real estate developers? God these people are evil. This Rudd bastard. Imagine that. Just stealing. For no reason. Just outrageous.

  30. I don’t know the answer to this. It might turn out that its disproportionately Lutherans that are giving me the shits. I have my suspicions about Reynolds for example.

    I know there is a small minority of foreign Jews that I tend to have very high regard for. And some assorted Catholics from different eras. I don’t know about the general run of people though.

  31. Funnily enough the Jews are mostly lapsed Jews and the Catholics are mostly unlapsed Catholics. Is there a fatal prejudice in there?

  32. Reynolds is Anglican. Andrew Norton is atheist.

  33. Yes but from what background Jason? And how about that repulsive unteacher Paul Norton? Andrew’s a bit of a neutral character. Apart from being a bit uppity and a cold fish. So he cannot really count one way or another. He’s fundamentally ineffectual.

    Henry Ergas is on the positive side and getting better. Too polite but yesterdays column had him hot under the collar. He should take it as far as is permissible given the shareholder interest. Because these people he criticises are real criminals. And feeble criticism is pretty close to an half endorsement.

  34. Ergas. What is his background.? Hissink. Marohasy. Albrechtsen. Prodos. Cohenite. Gerry Jackson (Active Christian) These are all the good people. Prodos can be a prickly pear but he’s a terrific bloke. Leyonhelm. Of course CL and Edwards in this list too.

    I need to put them into good and bad people and people who give me the shits.

  35. But the upshot of all that – surely – is simply that some folks are right and some folks are wrong (depending on your perspective). I don’t mind what some atheists have to say, for example, but others are clearly nuts. JC’s point about institutional Catholicism is fair enough, though. From Frank Brennan to the Santamaria crowd, there is a persistent and ongoing attempt to invest economic statism with some kind of divine imprimatur in order to maintain a doctrinal consistency (so it is imagined) with papal social teaching going all the way back to Leo XIII. Happily, the Catholics of the Acton Institute (Samuel Gregg et alia) are seeking to correct this wrongheaded historical inertia.

  36. “But the upshot of all that – surely – is simply that some folks are right and some folks are wrong (depending on your perspective). ”

    Well that would be the obvious thing yes. But I don’t have the database for it. Nor do I have a good explanation for Cambrias bullshitartistry. Coming as it did almost out of the blue.

    I mean he cannot seriously know what he thinks he knows. He must know that he cannot seriously know these things. Like that the alarmists have the science? Where is he getting that from? I think he’s getting it from the Cato guy. Whose wrong and doesn’t have the evidence. But Cambria will not stay to present evidence.

    And how does he think he knows so much about inter-stellar or inter-planetary activity going back millions of years? One might have a theory about it but the dumb prick is sure of himself. So much so that he doesn’t just make an estimate against the evidence. But he proposes that he knows the evidence is all natural. How can he know such a thing? Like he doesn’t even have an interest in this gear and suddenly he’s got Fermi’s paradox by the nuts and he has a handle on all things.

    He feels he knows that the mainstream has it sorted with any manner of things. This sudden knowledge all came to him very quickly. And there is no explanation for it.

    So its like misplaced faith. Golden-Calf-Worshipping. If I had a sample size survey 19 out of 20 lapsed Catholics I’d consider rounding them up and beating them with sticks to try and get them to go back to church.

  37. Rothbard really liked Acton. Thought he was just marvelous.

  38. See that Cambria? CL understands what I’m on about. Why are you being such a dumbass?

    Birdie, Cl is politely asking you to leave Catholicism alone and stop criticizing it. He’s not agreeing with or least I haven’t seen him agree with your on dumb physics ideas or that mars was populated by the Egyptian ancestors as in star gate.

    neither has he shown a desire to live in a giant t pyramid or build tunnels under neighbors yards like a gofer.

    So lets not get carried away here.

    Stick to these sorts of pieces and you’ll do fine.

    ” a man’s got to know his limitations”, bird and you don’t seem to at this stage. Physics, , monetary economics and AGW aren’t your strengths, so get to know your limitations and you’ll do fine.

  39. Now this fucking idiot thinks he’s a mindreader. Thinks he can speak for CL.

    Fucking boot-nigger scams his first few millions from government backed inflationary speculation and so he thinks he has the gift of second sight.

  40. Stupid cunt thinks he knows more than me about physics, monetary economics, and AGW. He knows nothing about these subjects. He’s a fuckwit. He’s delusional. CL you tell me. Where is this idiocy coming from?

  41. Right then you dumb bootnigger. If you know so much more than me about these three subjects lets have you put forward your reasoned argument about where you differ from me on these matters.

    The fact is you fucking know nothing. So you are just a liar as well.

  42. How about Mars then? You bring Mars up a lot. What reasoned argument have you to add to the Mars debate you fucking blockhead.

    Just the other day you told CL that the alarmists have the evidence on their side. Lets see that evidence then you fucking bullshit-artist.

    You are gutless. Gutless. You don’t need to tell me the evidence. Tell CL. You made the claim. You were fucking lying. Now tell what your evidence is.

  43. See. You are fucking useless mate. Gutless. And a liar.

    • So there you are. Projected his own totally delusional nature onto me. He tried to pretend that he knows greatly more about these subjects then I do. But when asked to come up with the goods in fact he knows fuck all. In fact he’s delusional and knows nothing. Yet he pulled the leftist projection. Stupid bootnigger. Dumb bootnigger go home.

  44. Birdie

    The anger management thing just isn’t working , is it? It’s so palpable.

    CL you tell me. Where is this idiocy coming from?

    How would he know. You’re the only one that can answer that.

  45. “It could work, CL…..”

    And then you lose track of what constitutes “work” in the sentence “it could work” and you don’t say how it could work at all. You just gibber. The man whom logic forgot. You are a fuckwit pal. Of course it cannot work. Even in your specialist field you cannot so much as formulate a coherent logical argument. You are a moron mate. This is all you do these days. You just make assertions and then nothing you say thereafter backs the assertion.

    Dumb bootnigger. If you are going to be a bootnigger at least be a bit smarter with it.

    It cannot work what you are advocating. This has been your argument the whole way through. Your argument is to say “it could work”. But you are such a dumb cunt you don’t even seem to know what you mean when you are saying “it could work”.

    Yes if you steal millions of dollars and give it to me, I could get rich. And I might even lend some of this stolen money out. Yes if you allow me to sell all sorts of shit around the house for inflated prices I could wind up better off. And old towel for 300 dollars. And old pair of jeans for 500.

    Stealing off one person and giving it to another can make the second party rich. But you are fucking moron mate. Now go back and make your case. Don’t bullshit CL like this. CL’s putting up with your constant idiocy is a mystery and I don’t want to put it down to Catholic solidarity at this early stage.

  46. Henry is Jewish but not religious as far as I know.

  47. Well thats interesting. I have a favourable impression of a lot of secular Jews and a lot of religious catholics. How strange prejudice is. But honest injun, he will be doing more harm than good if he doesn’t keep a harsh tone on these economic vandals.

  48. And he’ll do a lot more harm if he started talking about about Martian highways and alternative physics. But he’s smart enough to know and understand his limitations… unlike you bird.

    I’m not bullshitting Cl about anything Bird. He just simply asked you to lay off Catholics but being untrue to your word one simple impulse of anger will force you to break it.

    Now I paid you a complement saying what a good piece it is and you ought to fucus on this stuff (as a man needs to know his limitations) and you do a flip out on me.

  49. What do you know about physics IDIOT? What? You know NOTHING. You know nothing about AGW, physics, ancient intelligent life speculative or real, And you are mentally handicapped on monetary policy.

    You act like its me whose going beyond my understanding. But you know nothing about these subjects. You are an idiot. And delusional.

  50. Seeing as you asked, Graeme, my ancestors are split between Protestants and Catholics. All Gentile. However I’m not sure about my maternal grandmother, whose family were Dutch and Anglicised their name from “Steyn”. I understand this can be a Jewish name.

  51. Yes you are bullshitting CL. You told him that the science is on the alarmist side. Thats a lie.

    You act like bank bailouts can work. Thats bullshit. They cannot. You are just full of shit and you are too lying to CL.

    You made that claim and you won’t back it up.

    So lets have that evidence NOW you fucking lying bootnigger cunt?

    If you reckon you are not lying. Lets have that evidence NOW.

    You were just parrotting something the fellow from Cato said weren’t you?

  52. So you brought up Mars AGAIN JC you dumb barstard. So whay new insights have you got to offer in the subject that you didn’t have last time around? What is your argument exactly. You don’t know fuck all about anything you stupid Goth cunt.

    If you HAD and argument, why didn’t you bring it up on the proper thread? So you have nothing. You’ve got nothing at all.

  53. You started touting pics of mars as some evidence that it had life on there sometime. Do I really have to go through this misery again.

  54. Fucking make an argument you stupid irrational bootnigger cunt.
    You never made an argument then. You never made an argument ever. You never showed any logic whatsoever about the matter. You are just a fucking dummy mate.

  55. You keep bringing it up but you never once make an argument. You are a fuckwit mate. A dim bulb. You are a moron. If you are right, you oughta be able to make a sound argument about it. Dumb Bootnigger. Mindless, dimwitted chucklehead.

    • Come on Cambria you fucking useless bootnigger cunt. You keep bringing it up. What was your logical argument?

  56. On one side, if man forgets history, then he is destined to repeat it (don’t know the originator of that, but probably a frustrated high school history teacher… and then there are those who claim if you dwell on past history, you rob the present.

    We have had carnage and cruelty since the dawn of time, in the 20th Century mass murder became mechanized and scientific. More killing through science if you will.
    I don’t believe in mankind’s capacity to give up the overwhelming greed and lust for power long enough to learn how to value life. JMHO.

    As for Wayne… take a long walk off a short pier!!! I’ll be present in any capacity I like in this conversation, dipstick!

  57. argument for what bird that there aren’t any pics of former life on Mars. We all know that. It’s you that needs to make an argument, or rather apologize for being an idiot.

  58. Hi Hoosie – I wasn’t criticising the presence of women per se. But it’s important to recognise that unprincipled concessions to Leftism, including Leftist mass-murder, become much more likely when men think they can be outbid by their competition in the pursuit of women. You don’t usually improve your chances with the ladies by sticking with a firm pro-McCarthy position, while the other fellas are going all mushy and sentimental for the gulags, let’s put it that way.

    I think it’s best for the single guys to just stay away from a discussion and leave it to us married blokes who have no interest in chasing tail.

  59. OK Wayne, I apologize for calling you a dipstick then and retract the “long walk” I prescribed.

    Man’s inhumanity played out for wealth, power, etc has been present throughout history. It is fun to think about changing it, but not very realistic. Now we see the left wanting to make us all a part of the “Victimhood of Man”. Personally I prefer a side arm and hollow points close by when murdering scum come knocking. Otherwise, leave me alone in peace. LOL!

  60. “argument for what bird that there aren’t any pics of former life on Mars. We all know that. It’s you that needs to make an argument, or rather apologize for being an idiot.”

    No you are lying. So your entire argument rests on you being a lying cunt?

    Was THAT IT THEN? Was that your entire argument you fucking dim bulb bootnigger cunt??? That was it then?

    In fact the photographs show what can only be evidence of some ancient industrial outpost there. But you, being a delusional idiot-cunt think you know better. You are such a fuckwit you think you know point blank about all the goings on on Mars these last 50 million years.

    So where do you get this automatic knowledge from Cambria you delusional bootnigger lying cunt?

    Divine revelation? Did the nuns tell you so? Your buds in Citibank? You welfare queens locked into some infinite intelligence network?

    So you are just a fuckwit mate. You are not capable of ruling such a thing out, in flagrant opposition to the evidence.

  61. I’m not satisfied with that answer Cambria. You stupid cunt. So lets hear it again about MARS. What is your fucking problem about Mars. And how do you think you get this autmatic knowledge you delusional left-wing cunt-ox?

    Have you seen the pictures? Yes or no?

    See you are an idiot mate?

    So what is your argument?

    Lets go again.

  62. So your saying the banded covered roads are not evidence of a one-time outpost on the grounds of…… on what grounds you dumb cunt Cambria.

    Was is it that you think you know? You are delusional if you think you have a handle on all the goings on around the solar system for the last 70 million years. Apparently nothing escapes Cambria. And some pooor bastards could not seek refuge on Mars millions of years ago but that they would inform Cambria of their intentions on the matter. So it never happened, Cambria would have it, on the grounds that if it did, well they would have let Cambria know.

    You are a fucking delusional stupid cunt mate. You are a fucking moron mate.

    Well if this Mars thing that you keep bringing up is a little bit too hard for your thick head then how about this allegation that you claimed to CL. You claimed that the science went against the climate rationalists. That the skeptics did not have the science on their side. That the scientific evidence favoured the alarmists.

    Well thats crap. And you were lying. And you refuse to make good on your evidence. But you don’t have any. Since you don’t need any. Since somehow, delusional fuckwit that you are, you think you are somehow in tune with some sort of automatic knowledge.

    Well lets have your evidence Cambria. You fucking dummy.


    So Cambria. Delusional idiot. And person who thinks he can know, without reference to reason or evidence, whatever goes on anywhere in the solar system (presumably) going back millions of years…… well how about take pity on those of us who are not leftist triangulating parasites, with the gift of second sight, and explain away all these pictures, using your superior and mysteriously gained knowledge.

  64. Notice how on the one hand Cambria is making a big public show of criticising Homer the Keynesian, and yet at the same time is advocating Keynesian policies whenever it comes to financial sector parasitism. And its the exact same triangulation he’s going with with Lambert. Lambert-watch and all that. Then the delusional idiot goes with Lamberts conclusion. So on two subjects now the delusional idiot is playing the same double-game.


    Here is an article where Phil Plait attempts to ontologically make the banded covered roads go away. By recourse to using a not very good photo, turning it upside down, and claiming it looks totally different upside down. But it doesn’t. It still looks the same. Then he gets another picture of something different. Of sand dunes and likely on a totally different scale. And he makes the banded covered roads go away via association with a picture of something else entirely.

    Perhaps this is the incredibly powerful reasoning that the dumbass Cambria is relying on for his perfect understanding of all comings and goings in the solar system for many millions of years.

  66. Evidence of ancient open-cut-mining on Mars, alongside examples from earth:

    What do you know about this Cambria? Being as you have automatic knowledge of all comings and goings, stretching millions of years past. Nothing passes under the nose of Don Cambria………… (bootnigger).

  67. The Masquerade video is no longer available. So here is their better version:

  68. Probably I didn’t make this point the last time around. I wasn’t putting down the Godley And Creme Number by any means. If anything the artistry of “Strange Apparatus” equals or exceeds that of “Guardian Angel”. I think these are both terrific songs. In fact I spent almost no time in choosing the song to exemplify the higher values ……. and I spent an enormous amount of time looking for a clip that was magnificent but nonetheless seemed to catch the nihilism of the twentieth century.

  69. Here is another example of the excellence of Godley and Creme. This is my way of saying that I wasn’t impugning them, or making them responsible for the hole in our hearts that came about, that century. THAT CENTURY ….. That century, that one would argue, that the Gods turned their backs on us.

    Me I blame bad money. To me “post-modernism” is a gig that comes about when real estate flipping becomes the easiest way to wealth.

    Here they are. Don’t let them be tarnished by me:

  70. Hey Graeme,

    Here is something that might interest you. I only came across it yesterday but am intrigued by the idea.

    Will appreciate your opinion. Not the sort of thing I share with most people because they are too wedded to a “scientific worldview” – which is an oxymoron. There can be no such thing except as a religion. (eg. Skeptics Society)

    Will check back in a couple of days.



  71. Look at this:

    Even Kates is now exonerating the bankers for what happened in 2008. How can you let this outrage pass unnoticed?

    • Kates doesn’t appear to understand monetary economics. I cannot get on Catallaxy and if anyone who knew what they were talking about got on, Sinclair would say “no that sounds too much like Graeme Bird”. You can cut the ignorance with a knife whenever Sinclair is around. But he’s developed a full-proof method for maintaining his woeful lack of understanding.

  72. Graeme,

    I know people at Catallaxy think your more adventurous ideas are nutsville but they have a rather monolithic view of science, not understanding that within any scientific domain there can be a huge range of views. (Eg. a book released just last week, written by two doctors, has asserted that a lot of modern medicine is not evidence based(well der … ). A paper released last week challenges the space time linkage. Note also the “Standard Model is no longer standard but that has been true for at least a decade now.) Regarding your idea about cosmic influences on earthquakes, you are in good company(so fuck ém, I prefer adventurous thinkers than those who don’t have the guts and\or brains to think for themselves):

    There was a recent symposium(2007) by the American Geophysical Union entitled: “Understanding the Role of Sun-Earth interactions in the Environment Preceding Earthquakes”. Mukherjee believes earthquakes are triggered by sharp fluctuations in sunspot activity. Apparently Zhonghao Shou of the Earthquake Prediction Centre in New York, and Laszlo Kortvelyessy of the Kleverberg Observatory in Germany, have put forward very strong arguments for this position.

  73. Well the thing is plate tectonics cannot happen. When you examine it, its a fundamentally impossible notion.

    • Yea bird, you’re right. So Japan moving 8 feet as a result of the earth quake is just bedwetters lying.


      You’re an expert in geo-physics now?


  74. Cuz
    Has SOON turned the corner?

    • You can never tell. Chinese man inscrutable. “Chinese man come here to prosper. Not to change things.”


  76. Sinclair pushing for the death penalty. The problem with that idea is that taxeaters will be doing the killing and taxeaters always reinforce their mistakes. We need to start up a colony in Antarctica. We can get 20 years hard labor out of this fellow. Maybe 40 years.

  77. We save killing for the occasion of just war. This is a situation where we aim at regime leadership and kill half of those on our target list in order to minimise the time at war and the scope of the population affected by war.

    Think of a Venn diagram. In one set we have 10 000 of the most influential people in the target regime. In another set we have 10 000 or so of the most culpable people in terms of our grievance. In the intersecting set we have perhaps two thousand people. The idea is to kill maybe half of these guys as the main war goal, and in the quickest possible time.

    Taxeaters aren’t qualified to kill Australians. The above is the only situation where taxeaters get to kill. Or almost the only situation where they ought to be allowed to.

    Sinclair has to much faith in the public service. But there is nothing they don’t screw up. So his confidence is misplaced.

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