Posted by: graemebird | January 29, 2009

Mass-Delusion: We Have To Get It Straight Who Is Delusional And Who Isn’t.



“I should add that all the quotes are from interactions with other posters, including me, at the Marohasy Bog. ”


You’ve been pretty tardy with the other sites. There is a lot of bad ideas around. I don’t know how it is that people are so delusional as to just know ( occult knowledge?) these ideas are right. To me thats where the really delusional thinking is. For example Keynesian economics is flat wrong. I feel qualified to comment on it, having an economics degree. And yet so many people feel delusionaly that they know for sure that Keynesian economics is magnificent and its nobel-prize-winning practitioners really understand their stuff. So you are a real stooge true-skeptic. But keep up the compiling efforts.

I don’t claim to discover a whole lot of new ideas. That WOULD be delusional. Where I think I have expertise is in discovering bad ideas, sloppy thinking, and recognizing better ideas when they come along.

So on the one hand I say, well this idea is better than this other one, and this idea is clearly wrong. Whereas True-Skeptic thinks she knows there is such a thing as space-time??????

Its true-skeptic and so many others like her who are delusional and not me, a mere judger of paradigms.

How many of you think you know that there was a big bang and that it happened somewhere in the range of 13.5 billion years ago? This is a delusional belief. The paradigm is a very bad one and skates on a thin line of evidence. But you delusionally think you know this nonetheless.

How many think that the government ought to spend up large, and encourage consumers to spend in a recession? This seems right, but its wrong and you ought to not labour under such wrong thinking, since it means a damaging increase in parasitism when people keeping you all alive are already having a hard time of it.

How many of you think that there is more than three dimensions? You might speculate about this. But never has any evidence emerged for such a thing. So its delusional that you think you know this stuff. Or how about the idea that Barry Soetoro isn’t a usurper, and is constitutionally eligible to be President? All known evidence points in the opposite direction…. Yet a lot of people delusionaly think they know otherwise.

I am humble with knowledge. I’M NOT KIDDING. Really I am. I choose the most plausible of the ideas out there, show which ideas are really really crap, and hope someone with better training in various specialties comes along to do a better job. This happened in economics with the astonishing work of George Reisman, and the general superiority of the Austrian school.

An interesting example came up recently with Bill Gaede, largely doing a rewrite on modern physics in an incredibly satisfying way. And all via YouTube.

So we have to start thinking a lot harder about who is delusional and who isn’t here. I make far less claims to knowledge then True-Skeptic. Who believes in the global warming racket, without any evidence at all. And who thinks space warps, stretches, compresses, and can be created like in a computer spreadsheet, pushing all the objects in space outward.

This is all garbage. I don’t buy it. But TrueSkeptic does. Believes it with a burning delusional faith that can never be reached until the crowd of parasites all change their minds in unison.

We have to have a better understanding of just who is delusional and who is not.


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