Posted by: graemebird | February 10, 2009

Superior Understanding Of Planetary Evolution.

Well its back to the drawing board for me.  This helps us understand how the dinosaurs got so damn big. There was less gravity around then.

Neal Adams’ ideas in this regard are entirely superior when viewed by the criteria of convergence. Convergence being the only thing that can give us confidence in our knowledge of things.

Why doesn’t anybody ever tell me about these people?

Here is his website:

Neal Adams Science Project New Model of the Universe Two Guys in a Bar



  1. “John Humphreys is not the only prominent pro-market writer to argue for a revenue-neutral carbon tax….”

    For fucksakes. The idea is old and obvious. A small child could come up with it. I came up with it in 1990 myself before I had heard about it from anyone else.

    But its a fucking stupid idea and you and Humphreys are fucking idiots because there is no economic or scientific justification for it and thats the end of the story.

    What a fucking lunatic you are!!!!!

    But its worse then one stupid treasonous idea. Its two stupid and treasonous ideas rolled into one.

    “John Humphreys is not the only prominent pro-market writer to argue for a revenue-neutral carbon tax….”

    You and John are actually arguing for revenue neutrality. That we go to all the trouble to change things in such a way as to be neutral towards stealing and not reduce it.

    And so we see that all you traitors lock in the oppositions stealing as sacrosanct. Just as Cambria tried to tell us that spending must be locked in during a recession now you and that other traitor Humphreys try to tell us that we must be revenue-neutral when we make a tax change. We must never be revenue-neutral when we make a tax change except if the soldiers were landing on the North-East Coast.

    What is your fucking argument you stupid traitor? Its no use posting Laffer. He’s a practitioner of voodoo economics despite being right about tax cuts. He is no economic authority at all. Just a fellow who had a couple of good ideas.

    So what is your argument.

    And if you cannot find an argument can you at least shake Humphreys down for one.

    That Martian cunt is possessed by the stupid demon and needs to be beaten up with the clue stick.

  2. “The guy behind the theory?”

    You know nothing about it Soon. The theory appears to be inherent in electric universe theory. And in fact its has advocates in the world of geology more generally. Adams explains it very well and I expect has the animation ability to research the theory that was also developed by others.

    Some skills come in handy in areas you wouldn’t expect. Graphic artists who are part-time scientists are still scientists. And science workers who know no reason can never be scientists despite their job title.

    His abilities with graphics and animation are just what is needed here for this particular research. I mean its a stroke of luck you could say.

    This is like when I was trying to get my head around climate science. Anyway JohnZ and other idiots were ridiculing David Archibald. Because Archibald (absolutely wonderful scientist by the way) had insisted that in the course of his job as a scientist (I think) working in the winemaking business (stop me if my memory is wrong) he had been required to take readings of the light all through the day. Something like that.

    Anyway I had hit a sort of blockage in my thinking. And I was wishing I could be taking readings every hour and get the distribution of the wavelengths of the light and the difference when there was clouds and the difference at all hours.

    And I thought that this was just what I needed to get a sense of what was going on. And JohnZ and all those idiots at Deltoid were presuming to laugh at Archibald over this matter. So some people have absolutely no idea.

    And in this particular case neal adams’ animation ability would seem to be about the best tool imagineable for this sort of research as well as to explain his findings.

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