Posted by: graemebird | February 16, 2009

Distinctive Electro-Magnetic Patterns In The Universe.

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Everywhere we see the distinctive patterns produced by electro-magnetic fields writ large in the heavens. Proving that the electric universe theorists are on the right track and the status quo activists like Phil Plait are just blind as a bat and full of shit.



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  1. looking forward to your latest crackpot theory Graeme.

    show me the money!

  2. What do you think those pictures are? You cannot get better than pictures. Where you have magnetic fields you have electrical currents. While gasses aren’t great conducters plasma’s are. And once you start looking at the patterns that plasma’s and magnetic fields cause its something that you can see clearly.

    Hence we see with these large structures in space there is more going on there then merely gravity. Its not pretty pictures made by God. Its plasma physics and its very sophisticated.

    The problem came when people transferred this science directly to what they were seeing in the sky with various false-colour spectrum pictures. What this did is it immediately contradicted the gravity-and-gas alone picture that had been built up over the century. Just blew it out of the water.

    Thats just the way it goes. The science is solid. A lot of very strange other ideas that I have no comment on also are associated with this but this appears to be the structure of the way new ideas come in.

    You cannot fight plasma physics Jason. Its real. Its sophisticated. Its developed. And now we know its highly relevant to what we see in the universe. That is something that only a few people were saying awhile back but now the pictures are there and the pictures don’t lie.

  3. I’ve got a textbook on Plasma Physics on the way. I think its one of the most important fields that there is and its applications for the next few decades are going to be amazing stuff.

    But its not new science. Its well-established and lab-based science. Its the applications to a string of other areas that is kind of new outside of what once was a small minority.

    What do you make of those pictures jason. The unique thing about plasmas and electro-magnetisim IS THAT ITS ALL ENTIRELY SCALABLE. That makes it quite different from chemistry and gear like that.

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