Posted by: graemebird | February 18, 2009

The Royal Commision Into The Fire Deaths: GREENWASH OR STEALTH PLAY?

Rudd not long ago pledged a billion dollars to the study of fire or some such thing. Why did he not merely go and buy a book on it?. That $50 as opposed to 1 billion. 

In the same way why are we having a royal commision into the fires when we know that it was environmentalism that did the killing? The conclusion is obvious. A royal commission would be alright if it were a name-naming truth and reconcilliation affair but without the reconcilliation.

INSTEAD WHAT WE HAVE IS A GREENWASH.  Since already we kmow that the royal commision, according to anonymous sodomite FDB, is being run out of the Victorian Department Of Environment And Sustainability.

Clearly this is the outfit most responsible for the killing. And they get to host the Royal Commision. 


“there is no denying green-movement policies and preferences playing a substantial role in the severity of the fires.”


And yet, here I am denying it. Do you have any problem with any of the reasons I gave for denying it, or do you just want to keep asserting that ‘there’s no denying it’? Doesn’t sound much like an argument.

I’m glad that you accept we’re clearing and burning fuel for hazard reduction more now than we used to. Why then do you keep saying insufficient hazard reduction is the problem? Why didn’t we have massive fatal fires last summer, or the one before that? HINT: the fucking WEATHER!!!!!”




“My authority is my fiance, who works in the Victorian DSE – in summer she actually performs fuel reduction work. The Royal Commision is being conducted out of her office. She has not given me permission to use her name.

You will counter with some slur on her or myself. Perhaps calling me a woman again, which you presumably mean as some kind of insult. [This reveals more about you than anyone else by the way]

Please just save yourself the trouble, and spare everyone else the tedium of reading your peurile nonsense, you fucking moron.”


I’m sorry. But its not good policy to run a royal commision into fire deaths out of the place of the people who caused the deaths. Its not. This is not OK. This is like UN soldiers raping black sheilas. You might think its OK but its not OK.

So its only on the basis of one lone anonymous sodomite that I make these claims. But the idea of this is so callous and corrupt you feel that it must in fact be true.

I’ll back down from these claims when I hear differently.

But hang on in there a minute. If I wanted to get all the files and emails with all the information going between environmentalist groups, the department, and the relevant local councils where the hell else would I set up my enquiry?

This could be one of the best stealth plays ever seen in Australia. Maybe the Victorians are for real after all.

Unbearable Greenwash or Magnificent Stealth Play.

Where oh where have I left my time machine?

It could simply be that this is the normal prosaic venue for serious people making a serious enquiry and my view of the situation has become too jaundiced.  We shall see. Perhaps sanity will prevail after all. Royal commisions in Commonwealth countries really do have a sound track record so far don’t they. One fears that the younger generation of commissioners will not be able to keep up the surprisingly good standards that we have seen in the past.

Can someone tell me HOW these royal commissions have typically risen above the general uselessness of government? So if we are going to get a real quality enquiry, as the general comparative standard of royal  commisions might have us hopeful for……….. well then they have chosen their right offices and hopefully they have swooped on in their like the DEA and really clamped down on anyone taking any files any place else. And hopefully they have seconded a bunch of peadophile chasers to track down every sly email that will relate to the hardcore greens in the department, in the various councils, in the various societies, and most particularly in the international programs like Agenda 21.



  1. I suppose this farce was generally known was it? It wouldn’t be so bad if they had set it up there so they could seize the files and emails.

  2. Winner of lefty awards:

    Crikey. I wind up getting these gongs that Humphreys appears to be actively seeking.

  3. What a complete cunt Adrien is. Faced with direct proof of environmentalists action setting up more tragedy he just pretends the evidence is not there.

    I thought that he’d done a runner but he’s just being a brazen asshole. And what is the lesson here. We’ve got to smash this movement because they are all like Adrien.

  4. Is there any solution other than beating up Adrien? I mean these people are dead and all the survivors are homeless. Its just a fact that this was all caused by environmentalists. And in the face of all these dead and grieving people Adrien is being a completely callous cunt.

    He needs to be bashed.

  5. “Pedo I didn’t say there was no debate. I said the notion that there was no evidence for AGW is preposterous. Understand?
    Stalker shut-up!”

    Well lets have that evidence then Adrien you lying fucking cunt.

    Its very hard to convince the laity that these people are not going to stop their relentless lying.

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