Posted by: graemebird | February 20, 2009

The Stupidest People On The Internet.

These gentlemen are such embarrassing idiots that its impossible to figure out what they imagine that they have caught out their targets for. There is a thread criticising Jennifer Marohasy.

There is a bunch on Bolt. A few on Tim Blair. And for the life of me its more or less impossible to find out what the point is in any given thread.

These people are appalling fascists. Each and every one of them socialist filth. Their callousness toward the Victorian bush fire victims was just astonishing. Hard to believe even now. I shall name these idiots outright. It appears that all the authentic talent has already left Crikey:




These guys combine irrationality, gestapo-like-hate, and total lack of journalistic or prose talent.

I’ll include some of the other fascists from Scotts more longstanding site a bit later. But its quite astonishing because apparently these proven morons are actually well-known!?! Demonstrating that stupid means upward-mobility in modern Canberra.

We’ve heard about third generation welfare families. But with the size of government I suspect we might be getting multi-generational parasitism via that route.

Pure Poison is the blog these guys have started up and it appears to cater to a target audience which can roughly be described as those in the intersecting set. The intersecting set of the two sets which include the set THUGS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS and the second set being PEOPLE WHO LACK PHYSICAL COURAGE.

Two very large sets I imagine them to be. But almost independent sets in the more righteous past. And now in the process of colliding, and therefore the intersecting set expanding disturbingly.

But despite their presumably expanding target market I don’t see this blog moving too far above middling status. Simply because of the astonishing lack of sparkle within the people involved.



  1. FFS Graeme will you fix up your formatting
    you’ve got your posts all over the place.

  2. I don’t know whats happened. Probably some viral attack. I’ve been trying to fix it for awhile now and I cannot get it.

    I notice that Cambria isn’t coming back from stupid-town anytime soon.

  3. By the way. You do see how we could have our cake and eat it too if Rio went under? Thats an important point. And one you might be able to explain to Cambria if you were in the same room and were talking maybe one word at a time with really focused non-verbal communication.

  4. JEREMY SEARS (sic)

    These guys combine irrationality, gestapo-like-hate, and total lack of journalistic or prose talent.

    At least they can spell names corectly.(sic)

  5. Great comeback Adolph Hussein.

  6. could be communists infecting your site, Graeme

  7. Why do you suggest this in a derisive way?

    It was a great mistake I think for William Buckley to blackball the conspirational right and to make conspiracy on the right a bipartisan no-no. I notice that you conservative types take allegedly bipartisan understandings as absolute gospel, which is sloppy on your part.

    As I said it was a great mistake. Because communism was a conspirational movement in spades. The environmentalism/global governance subset looks to be at least heading that way. And I think we can now be fairly confident that both Patton and McCarthy were murdered. And no State Funeral (reserved only for Presidents prior to that)can make up for our disinterest in McCarthy’s death now.

  8. By the way I do understand why he did it. On the one hand it is the case that and excessive conspirational outlook can amount to a mental disorder and too often does. And on the other hand there was so much anti-hebrew winds blowing in those same cultural trends.

    But the fact is the leftist hard-core were active conspirationists, their poxy spawn, and their jihadist allies are that way also.

    And we don’t want to be dupes about it.

  9. Graeme, as far as I’m aware, none of the folks behind the blog above are ‘socialists’, still less, fascists.

    If you dislike the critiques on Bolt, Blair or whoever, you can always valiantly fight the commie conspiracy on Crikey yourself, you know.

  10. No you are lying. I went there, and was moderated and then wiped with only insiders seeing the polite and moderate posts I had written.

    Don’t lie again or I will come around and slit your puppies throat.

  11. By the way don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking the heritage of Crikey. When you think about it that was a heroic entrepreneurial venture. And it did seem to spin off the authentic talents of at least two very sharp journalists. Its not like it didn’t fill a void either. Lord knows we need two or three more rags of that sort. Of the sort as it was when it first started leastways, but with a more human and therefore non-leftist slant.

    Now I aint interested in re-aquainting myself with the names of the two gentlemen. I remember seeing one of them getting punched on stage by someone drunk, and half his size, and him running away like a Club Troppo sissy-boy.

    But when either of these two guys would talk suddenly the antenna was on. Suddenly I could somehow sense that I was listening to a real journalist and someone with those sort of intense observational skills.

    We are talking about two blokes with the intense observational skills of an Albrechson, but without the ethical stature, personality, brains, hygiene, commonsense, or striking good looks.

    I notice that the crikey bottom-of-the-barrel dregs and hangers-on, after starting this poison site, are yet to have a shot at Albrechson.

    If you are listening you little she-bitch-male-scum, my advice for you is not to muster the faux-bravodo to take a shot at her. She is just as likely to show up wearing a tie on top and the tightest-fitting horse-riding gear ever worn by a serious journalist down below……. and she is likely to pull off a stilleto and make you bleed, cry, pee your pants, and humiliate yourselves in a way that you will never recover from the rest of your useless lives.

  12. “Graeme, as far as I’m aware, none of the folks behind the blog above are ’socialists’, still less, fascists.”

    The above sentence is historically and morally senseless. As far as you know. As Far As You Know. AS FAR AS YOU KNOW????????????

    You know NOTHING mate. You are a fucking idiot.

  13. Birdy num num, maybe Crikey would give you a gig if you could turn your penchant for abuse toward something constructive. Sane theories in economics, physics, history or politics would all be good places to start.


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