Posted by: graemebird | March 6, 2009

I’ve Shown This Video Before.

But still it remains the ultimate youtube for male-female relations. And it will always be the Rosetta-Stone to show the Preferred behaviour of the male of the species on all occasions.

The mysterious Major Dobbs finds behaviour that he does not approve of. That he himself is somewhat responsible for.

The entry of the Bronson persona of course pre-empts most of the felt need for realism. But still we cannot help thinking that the Majors command of a roomful of pathetic thugs would somehow be more realistic if he was from the provinces of the Anglo-Saxon world. A Mysterious Major ex-of the Australian SAS perhaps? From Russian extraction but with a learnt American accent perhaps?

But the Majors background is not for us to know.

He’d have to be ex-Australian SAS.

Just on account of he can carry her on out of there and not even care about watching his back.


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