Posted by: graemebird | March 6, 2009

A Guarded Pro-Lifer

I’m absolutely astonished at how much of my gear is getting through to the children at the ABC site “Unleashed.” The thing is when you don’t believe you gear is going to get through you can be flippant about the quality. You can say the craziest things and be very surprised when the crazy stuff you say actually gets past.

I reviewed some of the things I said in favour of the pro-life advocate Teresa Martin.

I decided that I was NOT ASHAMED. And I decided that I should post them all here in no particular order. Bearing in mind I always want our girls to have a clean and safe choice early on. Even if I would bite my knuckles in most individual cases hoping that a good girl would choose life. There is a difference between what is right LEGALLY and between what is right MORALLY as any good AQUINIAN would appreciate.

Graeme Bird :

04 Mar 2009 9:09:18pm

Great work Teresa. I’m not saying I agree with you 100%. But this shows great moral courage to come on here and just say this outright. And plus I’m tremendously pleased by the distress you must have caused in these dumb-leftists.

It is a shame that the taxpayers will have to help raise these kids. But on balance I’m on your side on this one.

Graeme Bird :

04 Mar 2009 10:34:25pm

Teresa you just keep doing what you are doing you absolute sweetheart. These leftists just want to tell us that we are nothing and that we are not better than animals and that there is nothing sacred at all ever.

Theirs is a nihilistic cult and we must all fight against it with the attitude that the outcome depends on our efforts alone and also with the attitude that we must fight for the right side without caring which side will ultimately win.

Graeme Bird :

05 Mar 2009 8:57:53pm

Right. I would tend to think that there needs to be a short window of opportunity to end a pregnancy. But given the nihilism and anti-human thinking that is out there at the moment I’m happy that there are some out there taking the more purest view.

Graeme Bird :

06 Mar 2009 4:07:56pm

Purist. Because the logic is that life begins at conception. I wonder if we cannot standardise life and death and make it, for the sake of some choice in matters such as this, begin with the brainwave and the heartbeat, same way that it ends. The would give a legal three week window. Or about 19 days. We might extend it to 3 months where genetic damage is assumed.

Graeme Bird :

06 Mar 2009 5:25:01pm

Fortunately Madelaine was there or I would have just assumed that MacBeths three witches lived on.

The children might reduce the waiting list of willing adoptees and the poor mother may be overcompensated when she was old enough to be free?

Thats not a satisfactory conclusion of course. Horrifying for some that the poor child would have to go to term. But once the crime was committed all choices are horrible. I’m not saying one way is the best or only choice. I’m only saying that the choice I outlined is not beyond the bounds of reason for someone who would say that life begins at conception.

You might not agree but you would be hard put to overmatch a good Christian in logic, that this outcome is a comparative abomination.

Graeme Bird :

06 Mar 2009 5:16:40pm

By the way realitycheck. There is really no need for you to be rude in this case is there? Its not as if the good girl is saying something with nasty pre-meditation is it? Its not like some skanky leftist trying to deny us our right to cheap liquid hydrocarbons or something like that? She’s clearly sincere in her love of children, babies, life and her respect for the individual.

I don’t think rudeness is called for at all in this disagreement you have with her.

Graeme Bird :

06 Mar 2009 4:05:32pm

We don’t need to mention God because we are talking about the dignity of the human individual and the obsessiveness of those who would undermine that dignity. It would certainly be a good thing if we could point to a higher being as guarantor of that dignity.

My disclaimer here is that I don’t want us to return to the possibility of freelance action with coathangers and things. But surely a civilised compromise can be worked out here.

Graeme Bird :

06 Mar 2009 6:19:51pm

I don’t think its been worked out properly. The average abortion isn’t the flushing away of a tiny sub-tadpole. Its all blood and meat and crushed brains and barbarism.

And we can do better. We say to our girls what Jesus said to Judas: “What you must do do quickly”.

We have to get them to commit in a binding way early on. And if they commit to life then there is an argument for much kindness and help.

Graeme Bird :

06 Mar 2009 5:59:58pm

In comparison to Teresa what you dumb-leftists know about life could be written in crayon on the back of a postage stamp.

Here is this lovely thing of truth and beauty speaking on video:

Third video down.



  1. Somehow I feel the urge to express my not so common feelings about abortion.
    Being a liberal-pro-choice person for many years has left me with feelings about it that are not so common among Christian Conservatives. You see I am against abortion, but believe Government should stay out of it and it should be a choice.

    How I have come to that is really based on my faith. The one thing God gave mankind is the ability to decide and choose. We choose to believe in Christ and the concepts of the Bible and the tenants laid out for us there, or we don’t. I have chosen to believe. My choice, honors God and my action of living and making decisions according to my faith helps me grow. When I think about abortion, it is a choice as well. We choose to go to college or not, we choose to vote or not, we choose to drink or engage in activity that the Bible warns us not to do or not, etc. Life is choices.

    When it comes to my faith, I am instructed not to Judge. That doesn’t imply anywhere that I am not to judge only those of faith, but all mankind. That tells me that mortal man is in no position to fully understand the motivations of another, but God is. I am also supposed to practice my faith in such a way that I will be known by my love. God is love so that makes him the source I think. I also take it upon myself to believe that in order to be “known by my love”, it means my best influence for God is achieved by doing things with all people from love and not opening my yap to spout to them how wrong they are or that they are murderers. If you live in faith and reflect God’s love, you are in a position to be a guiding light and friend to those facing difficult decisions in life and can truly glorify God in that role, by being a loving and supportive friend. That doesn’t mean you condone abortion, it just means you can talk and present alternatives, state your feelings about it personally, without judgement and make an impact hopefully. You may not talk one out of it, but when they need to talk with someone who can help them deal with the emotional aftermath, well, you get a chance to bring them to God in a very honest way.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but when I was living without faith, I was never very approachable by sanctimonious fire-eating, judgmental people of any religious ilk. There is a huge difference between being spirit filled and a religious zealot. One is truly connected with God, the other is only connected with their own ego and need to feel superior. That is not connected to God.

    I think it is more in line with God that we make choices along the way, using the ability he gave us that no other creature can do. I also think it is our duty to offer support and guidance, to make our feelings about abortion known and why we feel that way.

    It honestly makes me sick to think about human life discarded in a garbage bin. It makes me sick with all the forms of birth control available, that some women think of abortion as birth control. It troubles me that young women can have such a love sense of self-worth, that they could even entertain the idea of destroying the life of a human being that is part of them. Those are the problems I have with abortion. It is a symptom of how little self respect and dignity our modern society has given young women. This troubles me.

    Also, not being normal for a Christian, I have ideas about when abortion would be clinically a solution to a bigger problem.

    *If you have a high school aged daughter who has been raped, you would want to make sure she had no STDs and I would not think she should have the burden of having a child that she is not yet equipped mentally, emotionally or financially to raise, especially with it being conceived by a violent act. My feelings go this way for any rape victim, but it is an exceptionally tough thing for underaged girls.

    * I feel a young mother who already has a husband and child or children to raise and is in danger of losing her life due to her pregnancy, should have the option to abort. If being pregnant proves after the fact to be suicide, I would the choosing for the life of the mother would be what’s best for the family.

    So there you have it. I believe abortion to be morally and spiritually wrong for me, because I am a Christian and believe life begins at conception and it a sacred trust between God and the mother. I resent it being used as birth control and will tell anyone so. I think any abortion that takes place after the first trimester should not happen. Liberals will raise cain that Capitol Punishment is “cruel and unusual punishment” without a thought to the victim or victims cruelly and heinously murdered, but will line up in droves at an abortion mill screaming it’s their body and right to choose, and they are talking about their own seed! What’s wrong with that picture?

    Obambi thinks it’s OK to let a child die in a late term abortion, which is just about as cruel as it gets! And if they survive, you better not dare give that little human life any aid or comfort!!! That is sanctioning murder and is evil in my book and IMHO. I will use my judgement on that one. People are definitely cruelly killing a human being at that stage. Common sense should tell you that.

    So, call me confused if you will. I just believe we owe it to our children to educate them on sex, birth control, what abortion is, etc BEFORE the state gets done with them and desensitizes them and fills them with their self-serving drivel.

  2. Wow… I got rather long winded on that one didn’t I?

  3. It troubles me that young women can have such a love sense of self-worth… Oops!

    Try “low sense of self-worth”… NOT “love sense”. Geez!

  4. Graeme, I apologize. I was having an optical migraine while I was posting this… (still am!) So I goobered up a lot toward the end.

    If being pregnant proves, after the fact, to be suicide, would not the choosing for the life of the mother, be what’s best for the family and right in the eyes of God?
    I think this should be up to the mother, doctor and God to decide.

  5. I suppose that the government really has to step in at some stage though. Sometime before or after the kid finally leaves home. So its really a matter of figuring out where that ought to be from a legal perspective.

  6. No it is true. You are a fucking liar. He voted “present” in practically all his votes. But not on that score.

  7. Why come on here just to tell fucking lies you cunt DH???

    Why would you want to do that? Its because you are a leftist and leftists lie all the time.

  8. Yes DH… it’s true. A child aborted in the last trimester feels the pain of being yanked from the womb and being left to die with no comfort.

    Just like what happened in Chicago when a nurse found a child that had been tossed in a laundry bin to die after a botched partial birth abortion! The nurse basically broke the court order gotton by a young attorney and State Senator, Barack Obama, and held the baby for the 3 HOURS it took him to die!. It is true and documented DH. One of many stories the Obamamessiah and his Goons don’t want people to know about. I don’t know what kind of kool-aid you drink, but this man is pro-death. Next there will be legislation to euthanize people that are sick and too old to work and pay taxes. The blind people that defend him as he destroys my country make me wonder if there is any hope for this world.

  9. What the fuck are you talking about you stupid cunt. You are wrong. We know the voting record of this man. It public knowledge you fucking compulsive lying cunt.

    Where is YOUR evidence you filthy lying dog. He was one of the politicians on record that voted for partial birth abortions. And its pretty clear that he’s serious about it too. Because he made a point of almost never voting for or against anything at all. This was one of the few exceptions he made to a pretty empty voting record.

    Eugenics is pretty central to the thinking of many marxists. And this exception that he made gives us a pretty clear indication of where his act really is. Sickening particularly as this weirdo is playing a black man. And its so many black babies that are aborted.

  10. I doubt that this piece from an article on the National Standard will be enough for a freaking, lying liberal moonbat DH, but it states Obama’s record.

    It gets worse yet. In an act of breathtaking injustice which the Obama campaign lied about until critics produced documentary proof of what he had done, as an Illinois state senator Obama opposed legislation to protect children who are born alive, either as a result of an abortionist’s unsuccessful effort to kill them in the womb, or by the deliberate delivery of the baby prior to viability. This legislation would not have banned any abortions. Indeed, it included a specific provision ensuring that it did not affect abortion laws. (This is one of the points Obama and his campaign lied about until they were caught.) The federal version of the bill passed unanimously in the United States Senate, winning the support of such ardent advocates of legal abortion as John Kerry and Barbara Boxer. But Barack Obama opposed it and worked to defeat it. For him, a child marked for abortion gets no protection-even ordinary medical or comfort care-even if she is born alive and entirely separated from her mother. So Obama has favored protecting what is literally a form of infanticide.

  11. Oh, and if you want to argue by quoting nut rags like the Daily KOS, don’t even go there.

    This article is called “Obama’s Abortion Extremism” by Robert George. You can even go there and email him your arguments, it’s on a Town Hall site. I’m sure you have lots of facts to refute this man!

  12. Come off it you fucking moron. Huffington post quoted compulsive liar, electoral fraud and usurper Barry Soetoro from an interview he gave TO A CHRISTIAN MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!

    And thats evidence for WHAT.

    You are just a fucking moron mate. You have not been able to justify a damn thing you’ve ever said!!! How does this Huffington Post jive prove anything.

    You are an idiot mate. An idiot. So now we have another filibuster from you because you came on here, told lies, gainsayed hoosiermom about a perfectly plausible story, given Obama’s extremist voting record, and when asked to justify your lying claim that it didn’t happen you come up with some idiocy that is not the least bit relevant as evidence for what you are claiming.

    Show up under your own identity you cunt. Then you won’t make quite as much of a cunt of yourself.

  13. Where is your evidence that this story is untrue you fuckwit.

    I’m going to have to wipe you for straight lying unless you come up with something beyond hard left spin.

    We need concrete facts from the incident referred to.

  14. Right. Thats it. I’m sick of this. DH you have to exercise some discipline and come up with evidence that directly matches the claim you are making. You are messing up my blog with your constant habit of making a claim and then linking stuff or saying stuff that in no way constitutes evidence for the claim.

    You have a whole other filibuster going and nothing you’ve said at all relates to the claim you keep repeating. This is called LYING. And we don’t approve of it around here.

    Each post I will check to see if the evidence relates to your claim. If it doesn’t you get wiped. You are watering down the quality of my forum with your endless filibusters.

  15. The name of the nurse is Jill Staneck and I read the article last year and remember it saying that the nurse finding the baby was told that Obama issued a court order on behalf of the mother. At any rate, Jill Stanek testified to the practice in a Chicago Hospital and blew the whistle on Obama’s lies on the issue. This comes from an Associate Press item.

    On the Infanticide Claim against Barack Obama

    On March 30, 2001, Barack Obama stood on the Illinois Senate floor as the only opponent to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Essentially the bill stated that if a child were born alive due to a botched abortion, a doctor would be called in to care for the child. It was a straightforward bill, allowing doctors the opportunity to take a viable baby into care and give the child the opportunity at life.

    However, Barack Obama, then an Illinois state senator, claimed the bill would be unconstitutional. “I mean, it – it would essentially bar abortions, because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this is a child, then this would be an antiabortion statute. For that purpose, I think it would probably be found unconstitutional.” Put simply, since the viable baby was born alive due to a botched abortion, then the child would still be referred to as a “fetus.” And under abortion statutes, fetuses do not have the right to life.

    So what becomes of these children born due to botched abortions? According to nurse Jill Stanek of Chicago’s Christ Hospital, she discovered the “fetuses” in a Soiled Linens Utility Room, left to die. Unable to stomach the thought of these babies dying in misery in something little more than a garbage dump, Stanek lobbied hard to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. She appeared before the Illinois Senate Judiciary committee and told them of her experiences with the viable babies.

    Huffington Post lies and promotes Obama’s left wing lunacy., just as you are doing. They are not a legitimate source DH. Like Obama, who was caught in his lies, you too are a liar for defending him and calling people who give legitimate sources liars. What a stupid moonbat you are.

  16. My comment above was based on reading some of Stanek’s testimony last year. It is not a lie and you are blowing smoke when you try to avoid the substance of what is being said here to defend your marxist Messiah.

    • DH. Any time you want to show up and make some idiotic claim… thats fine…. But just make sure that what you are saying is evidence for the claim is actual evidence that relates TO THAT SAME CLAIM you idiot.

      Do you think you have the gift of second site DH? Do you have powers not available to conservatives DH? I don’t think you do. So if you make claims that you don’t have evidence for thats LYING. Since without powers of extra-sensory-perception we only know stuff via EVIDENCE.

  17. Site diety sez: Unacceptable. Factcheck is run by Annenberg. Thats Obama’s outfit. They’ve lied for him before. On the certificate matter for example.

  18. Reality check is left wing propaganda BS. You can go through life believing your lies DH, but they don’t cut the mustard for those who like to live in reality. Obama’s voting record and statements are public record, and Jill Stanek never “admitted to lying about Obama” and still stands by her testimony. Her website contains no refutation… and why? It is on the record of the State Senate how he not only voted against the Born Alive Protection Act!! You left wing loons do nothing but lie and promote your lies.

    Obama promotes the destruction of innocent life that cannot defend itself… period. His wife raises funds for partial birth abortions and when it was pointed out during the election, Obama claimed his “campaigning buddy/wife” was OFF LIMITS, How cowardly the left wing lunatics are.


  20. Graeme, after reading this lunatic lover of death’s defense of his far left wing, marxist Messiah, I don’t understand what happened to the Democrat Party. I was a Democrat most of my adult life and never thought it would reach such a level of denial and stupidity. The level of immorality blows me away! It has changed since the time of JFK. I’m going to bed because I have more important things to do with my time than look up data to support sanity, knowing full well this lunatic will not only not bother to read it, but will refuse to enter the realm of reality since it doesn’t fit his agenda.

    Good night my friend.

  21. Its pretty startling alright. Since when have other people had to disprove non-eligibility. Imagine if you took that attitude trying to get into Australia. Imagine if you said you had your valid Visa but refused point blank to hand it over.

    Clearly the Barry supporters are the weakminded amongst us.



  23. I’ve just linked to a devastating takedown of the archy paper over at the graeme bird forum.

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