Posted by: graemebird | March 8, 2009

The Enemy Is Complacency.

Fascinating new video by the natural philosopher Bill Gaeda. The free enterprise oriented economist can find for himself opposing forces that could mitigate or overide the concept of species extinction that Bill is talking about here. But the problems with being confident about this supposed free-enterprise overide are:

1. the great ignorance and anti-economics of the neoclassical/Keynesian thief-economics consensus.

2. the fact that lunatics have been getting people to worry about non-problems.

3. the afformentioned mitigating forces in free enterprise are simply not being allowed to work. Or allowed to work effectually enough.

4. Problem fatigue leading faux-free-enterprisers to betray us by (for example) pushing for a carbon tax and at the same time dismissing authentic realities and problems. So Humphreys obsessively pushes for a carbon tax yet tolerates fractional reserve.

Humphreys and his ilk would tolerate nationalisation of our strategic assets by communists. They oppose tax exemptions outright. Overfishing? Not a problem to them. Makes them tired. So no enthusiasm for taking fish farming out of the tax system or establishing homesteading rules for ocean territory.

I could expand on these deficiencies in their theory and action all day long and just burn myself out through anger. But the real problem, which comes about for many reasons, not least because the economists aren’t buffeted around by the recessions their incompetence creates, is

5. COMPLACENCY. The enemy is complacency. Complacency allowing the toleration of bad economics, of boom-bust inducing fractional reserve. Complacency in patronising non-problems. In keeping quiet about rampant spending. In just not getting things right and being idiots and attemting to triangulate. Number 5 is complacency. But its shot through in 1-4 and its a task to seperate matters.

Here is the new Gaeda video. And I hope everyone takes the concepts seriously. Take it all seriously, independent of opposing forces in the modern economy that you may think will hopefully overide what Bill is talking about here. Underneath I’ll include some comments I made discussing this video with Bill. I didn’t act the soothsayer over at Bills blog. But we are in a lot of trouble. It is not going to be a pleasant few decades coming up.

Post 1

Absolutely fascinating Bill. Great work. I liked your ending too. Did I detect a slight backing away from the idea that matters were absolutely hopeless?

I’ve been trying very hard these last three years to alert people to just how badly in trouble we are. Mostly for different reasons than the ones you put up. I’m finding it particularly distressing to see my most important allies (I’m Australian) really scuttling their act via bad policy. Its as if they don’t know that there is almost a perfect storm brewing of great stress coming from a range of factors that will have the four horseman waiting behind even the whiter clouds looking out for an opportunity.

But given the potential for ubiquitous uranium and thorium power generation, enhancing our carbon resources…….. well I think its important to hold out some hope that we can hold it together if we all keep our heads.

Your theories on extinction which appear pretty good to me need not necessarily leap across the chasm of a species that had discovered and adhered to 100% backed commodity money and an obsession with clarity and fairness in property titles.

Sadly the momentum for bad policy appears so bad at the moment that we may conform to your species extinction (or at least collapse and murderous downsizing) formula.

I try to put the word out against this sickening complacency I see and will of course spread your new video where I can.


  1. I think you’ll like this site

  2. Yeah thanks. Its rather good isn’t it. And you get the idea that when he runs out of worthies he could rewrite it to a terrific level of quality should he be paid to do so.

    Good to see Wellington there. I’m particularly prejudiced toward Wellington. Because thats when the British pursued a sort of Reaganesque strategy for taking down the Corsican menace. Which meant they really did have some regard for their duty to protect their own soldiers. But they ought not have tried to bring him down on fiat money.

    Thats what fractional reserve does to you. I would say that you neoclassicals don’t account for this in your computer models. But no economic modelling is useful and all of it is just idiocy. Well there might be a way to make it worthwhile. But I’ve not seen it yet.

    But supposing that one mistakenly thought that selling or lending fake, make-believe gold was somehow (ludicrously) a cost-saver? Stooging people a bit of a winner from a cost perspective?

    Well even allowing that wrong point of view how hateful is fractional reserve when we arrive at war??? What that means is you have to go off gold and silver and then you leave matters open to the leftists. The leftists who suddenly find they can attract sheilas for a change. And now they can print up all this money, degrade the soldiers pay, and harm the country for decades to come since it is always a challenge beyond any committee to figure out how to go back on commodities.

    This was part of the lethality of the Corsican you know. He fought while France was on gold and silver. That was part of the reason the little land lubber was so hard to beat.

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