Posted by: graemebird | March 14, 2009

Advocacy? Lurches To The Left? Finding Religion? Is John Z Going To Lie Again?

Two ducklings get hatched at the kids place. One golden with golden down and the other a little black duck. The kid is still a toddler. 3 years old when the ducklings hatch. The chooks are kept penned up but the Mother duck and the ducklings are allowed to walk around the giant lawns and through the hedge to the orchid and the toddler follows them around.

The kids mum takes the kid to church. She tells him about heaven. About God. About how God lives in heaven. When she works she leaves the kid at his grandparents. Or sometimes with one aunty or another. The ducklings grow older and the kid somehow grows less talkative then he used to be. Earlier he would talk flat out to all and sundry and even to his teddy bear Big Ted. But now he don’t talk so much. The duck, that had the golden down, as a duckling, now has feathers that are white. Somewhat dirty white. And the black duckling has transformed into a big black duck. Every month the kids talks less.

Then the White Duck, that had been golden, dies and the kid almost stops talking altogether. Its not clear at all that the kid is unhappy. He just chooses to talk to a minimal degree. His Mum talks to him about the fate of the duck. She tells him that the white duck went to heaven. She tells him that the white duck is with God now. After that the kid talks a little more. And the black duck gets killed by the neighbours dog. The kid had seemed to lose interest in the black duck long before in any case and he was not witness to the attack or the aftermath.

But he knew about it. He knew about the fate of the black duck. And one day, when he was 4 years old, he started talking to one of his aunties, who was looking after him, about how the black duck got killed by the neighbours dog. His aunty said that it was very sad. His aunty said that she understood how sad it was. She picked the kid up and gave him a big hug and then sat him on her knee. She said that he was right to be sad for a while. She said that the black duck was a friend to him and that it is always sad when friends die. But she said that he must try to not be so sad. The kids aunty told him that she loves him so much and please will he keep talking to her more and to his family and not to be sad for the black duck. On account of the fact that the black duck was now in heaven.

But the kid interrupted her at this point.the kid said with all the sternness that a four year old could muster. The kid said that the black duck never did go to heaven. He said that the black duck just died. He said that the dog killed the black duck and the black duck is dead. But he said it was the white duck that went to heaven and the kid said that aunty was not to be confused about this detail. The kid said that it was the white duck that went to heaven . The kid said that the white duck died and went to heaven. The kid said that the white duck died and he went to heaven to meet GOD.

The toddler explained that the white duck died and went to heaven to meet God, but that God killed the white duck again, and ate him.

What do you make of that John Z?


Supposing I was in the top 5 theological theoreticians in this country as opposed to amongst the best arbiters of economic science? Suppose that? Is there a Gotcha moment from the above? A mini-Gotcha for Mark Hill?

I’m not going to put down or turn my back on my friends who are for tariffs in the short or long run. Tariffs are an initiation of force. They are about twice as bad as some initiations of force. Certainly not as bad as a carbon tax right now just for one example. Not even the least bit close.

Tariffs are not to be held up as the one and only appalling initiation of force and everything else ignored in a shitrain of leftist reversal.

Now can we all grow up a bit. Tens of thousands of regulations and only the reserve asset ratio meets your disproval. Dudes ripping us off every minute of the day and only tariffs get your disfavour.

I’ve said what I advocate. And I advocate two things.

1. Forming an alliance with anyone who is in favour of massive Australian reindustrialisation, regardless of who amongst them think that tariffs are necessary.

2. While not being for tariffs myself, I’m not going to pretend that they are some ultimate sin; Worse than all other put-upons. Nor am I going to pretend that tariff reductions might not lead to loss of industrial capacity…… AS A PROXIMATE CAUSE.

The real cause is neoclassical trash-talk and ill-will.

3. If I could get all I wanted with mass-sackings and monetary policy I’m confident that I can prove a trend towards powerfull reindustrialisation that would assuage my presumed allies on this matter.



  1. Absolutely extraordinary insightful and spirited talk by Selgin about private coinage.

    A really top flight lecture. I don’t agree with him on all aspects of monetary policy but what amazing findings he has about private coinage.

    The private coins were made of unsurpassed beauty. This was the solution to counterfeiting.

    Imagine what coins of copper, silver, platinum and gold, coming in all engravings of the highest order of artistry would do?

    [audio src="" /]

    This Selgin. I don’t think of him as any authority on monetary policy. But what a spirited historian.

    Imagine that little aborigine boy getting these coins in his hands and wanting to hoard them.

    It would change the whole equation of saving, poverty and progress.

    It just shows what a champion Lew Rockwell is. It doesn’t matter that he would disgree here and there with Selgin. Rockwell can see quality a mile off.

  2. great
    here we are in the 21st cemtury when we should be able to pay for everything with a swipe of a card and you’re going on about heavy beautiful fucking coins.

  3. Is there nothing you won’t lie about?

    Here we have proof that Australian economists are willing to lie about everything.

    For starters we don’t just have swipe cards do we. Now we don’t. We have notes and coins as well. And secondly free enterprise money obviously involves digitization as well. And you happen to know I’ve talked about digitization for years.

  4. Brid,

    Will you please fuck off with these coins? You use them. we don’t freaking want coins Bird, you statist idiot. Leave people alone.

  5. You stupid lying bootnigger cunt.

    Don’t impose your socialist money on me you parasitical cunt.

    What are you claiming here? That free enterprise is an imposition, and that the costly socialist money represents freedom?

    It may represent “freedom” for you you god damned welfare queen.

    Clearly you are a liar. You are claiming in effect that free socialist shoes would represent liberty. And privately manufactured shoes would represent an imposition of some sort.

    Well privately manufactured money WOULD be an imposition to you you lying welfare queen cunt. Because it would mean there would be no way you could make money domestically involving yourself in utterly worthless behaviour.

  6. So has everyone finished lying yet? Free enterprise money is not statist as Joseph Cambria idiotically contended. Free enterprise production of goods is NOT an imposition as Jason Soon, leftist liar that he obviously is, contended. Nor does it mean the loss of swipe cards as he idiotically claimed.

    And I have never expressed approval of tariffs as JohnZ claimed. JohnZ also blatantly lying.

    Is that it?

    Because I want to make sure you’ve finished lying before I get on with the subject of Sado-Pigouvianism.

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