Posted by: graemebird | March 17, 2009

Apparently Communists Have Blacklisted This Site

Can someone tell me who these communists are and what this is all about? The way this sort of thing works is that they start creating more outrages then concerned citizens can possibly go after them for. Like Soetoro hiring people who all have scandals in their closet. Or hiring Hillary as secretary of state when she is constitutionally ineligible. This tires everyone out.

It is absolutely critical that people get in there quickly and start firing these quislings and communists. If no-one is fired over this then the leftists will see the opportunity and start the more general persecution.

Somewhere, somehow someone must lose their public service job.

Jason Soon earlier ridiculed me for my concern at hard leftist lunatics being called to Canberra. Others have ridiculed the implications of the known facts of communist infiltration into Washington during the 30’s. Cambria has actually praised Julia Gillard. See where that leads. She’s about to destroy thousands of small businesses and unemploy tens of thousands. And of course they all stick up for a marxist conman named Barry Soetoro, even though he is destroying our most important ally before our very eyes. Even though he is OBVIOUSLY hell-bent on destroying the American currency.

Now its not OK to have communists in the bureaucracy. Its not Ok. Its NOT. It may seem OK to you recovering leftists but its not. Like UN soldiers raping black chicks, no-one seems to care but its not alright. No matter how much you think its not a biggie its not ok and it must be stopped. Leftists have a right to private property. They have a right to free speech at least if they are not on the public tit.

Leftists have no right to public sector jobs.

And they must be sacked when found. Or in this individual case, if they show solidarity you have to sack a whole chunk of these people, saving the taxpayer a great deal of money.

Many centrists, triangulators and appeasers will be genuinely offended by these outrageous leftist threats. But they will not call for sackings of the leftists doing the threatening. That show of weakness puts us all at risk. I demand that someone in government is sacked over this. It would be better if they were publicly horsewhipped and put in the stocks.

Actually it looks like a case of internal appeasement of leftists. It looks like in order to get some kiddie-porn site on the blacklist some leftists just obstructed matters until the appeasers agreed to putting the pro-life site on that same blacklist. As if defending the life of children was equally culpable as exploiting them sexually.

This same leftist infiltration that managed to produce this outrage has to be compared also to the leftist infiltration that lead to lunatics in defense destroying our chances of getting the Raptor. Which would have seen our position secured for another 15 years at least.



  1. “Yea, but he makes it all about him.

    I praised Gillard for doing the right thing and now he decides to use that against me and others…

    Bird doesn’t seem to understand that it’s principles and not people. If Gillard does the right thing she does the right thing.. end of story.”

    No you are not getting it Cambria. Its not OK to have communists in the public service. Nor in the white house. You heap ridicule on anyone who makes the social fucking faux pass of pointing this out but its not ok.

  2. faux pas Graeme

    faux pas

  3. have you come up with that EVIDENCE you were born in New Zealand yet?

  4. Your continual idiocy is not funny. There is no constitutional clause wherein I have to prove the circumstances of my birth. So what is your point?

    You see Barry the marxist….. and the reason why you find it a social necessity to support him is precisely because he is a marxist….. you being a weakminded and feeble sort of character…. you see Barry the Marxist is a usurper because of the American constitution. And for no other reason. If he was trying out for dancing with the stars he would be fine.

  5. So what we are all saying here is that you people are so fucking dimwitted that though you yourselves could produce your birth certificate in 5 minutes the fact that Barry, the Indonesian of Kenyan birth, felt it better to spend 800,000USD to fight any lawsuit which might lead to him revealing his birth certificate.
    And you are so fucking retarded that you see nothing wrong with that?

    Well what is the matter with you?

    You are an idiot. All of you are idiots. And you wouldn’t be compelled socially to accept this but for the fact he’s a marxist.

  6. Are we clear yet that its not OK to have communists or radical leftists of any stripe setting policy?

    Are we all clear about this? Or is there some controversy here?

    What possibly could the controversy be about? We know what happens. You just get one or two of them. They start hiring everyone else that they know is there type. They start setting the zeitgeist of the place, and so the hard-leftists start wrecking everything, and the simple-minded….. those that would not suspect Barry for example…. simple minded idiots like this go along with it.

    ITEM 1.

    the leftist zeitgeist has such a powerful effect over Jason he can never back away from the mass-murder of women and children (operation keelhaul).

    ITEM 2.

    The leftist zeitgeist has such a power effect over most leftists they cannot see the sense in blocking nuclear weapons descending on a city.

    ITEM 3.

    The leftist zeitgeist is so powerful over our economists that none of the non-Keynesians had the strength of character to challenge the Keynesian fiscal multiplier AS A CONCEPT.

    ITEM 4.

    The leftist zeitgeist is so powerful over Jason he thought it odd that others thought it was the defense departments duty to equip our lads with the best dogfighter available to them.

    By inviting communists into it then you hand over the entire decision-making process to the communists and the dim-witted. Freezing most everyone else out. Ruining the careers of the smarter in any department.

    But there are three layers here. The communists. or we could just say committed utopian-eschatologists. I say communist for short. You have your communists. The next layer is the dim-witted. Overlapping is the next layer of compromisers.

    How devastating are the compromising filth. Well the whole scam could never work without them.

    Take the fact that its been getting colder. The left right now would want to shut up about the cap-and-kill. They must be getting nervous by now. But there goes Sinclair Davidson, after pleading a no-Pigou-zone, to the point of technical idiocy in the subject of economics…… And he chooses this time THIS TIME to be promoting a carbon tax.

    What the fuck is wrong with you people?

    You are just pathetic parasites the lot of you.

  7. Nice work one getting blocked by the commies!
    I’m gunna get more blogging done, here’s today’s


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