Posted by: graemebird | March 18, 2009

How Does Barrack Obama (Barry Soetoro) Rig Elections?

Same way his couzie-bro Raila-Odinga does. With foreign money and lies. It may be easier to trace the resources for Odingas campaign as a warmup. Its not democracy if the election was bought illegally by foreigners. And we ourselves may soon be subject, if we are not so already, to this way of influencing both elections and decisions from the outside.

Its not the size of personal donations that count. But they ought to come from individuals and not corporations. And they ought to come from individuals who are CITIZENS of the constituency where the election is held.

Obama turned down 90 million dollars in taxpayer money so that his funding would not be audited. It seems that at least 200 million dollars of his funding was illegal. That would appear to be a grave underestimate but somehow no investigation has gone ahead.

More Later About This Underacheiving Crackhead.


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