Posted by: graemebird | March 18, 2009

The Obviousness, Transparency, And Blatancy Of The Walking Fraud That Is Obama/Do Ye Aspire Not?………To Be More Than Pack-Animals?

“You didn’t answer the question (yet again). Which of the following are in on the conspiracy?”

You really have to be a dim bulb to ever reach for the conspiracy-override-argument.

This is not even a case where three or four alternatives make sense.

Like for example I recognise that with the Mars pictures something totally unexpected could come out of left field. I’m only putting forth the best explanation. And its like this with a number of topics. Fundamentally I’m an expert in judging the plausibility of paradigms in parallel. I’m expert in judging the quality of various paradigms. Opportunity cost is usable but it violates basic standards of what constitutes a good doctrine. So once George Reisman pointed this out, it becomes obvious, and that ought be the end of the matter. Its neither right nor wrong but its feeble and must be dropped…..

… But this business about Obama is quite a different matter. Just how lost in pack-animal idiocy are you people?

Soetoro is a blatant fraud. A no-talent moron. There is one thing and only one thing he is good at and thats when he has a mike in his hand and walks around with an array of tele-prompters. Yes he’s a pretty good shot in basketball as well, if you believe thats relevant.

He’s such a fake-ass shithead. His fraudulent act could not be more transparent.

Now lets make it clear. I look down on you people. I think of you as far lesser people then myself. Certainly intellectually, and moreso morally. But do you have no aspirations at all of being free from the tribe? Of being non-tribal? Of being something more than air-brushed and manicured baboons? Of being a WESTERN MAN no matter your colour or ethnicity?

If you guys cannot look at the facts objectively and deduce the reality and the blatancy of this moronic scam-artist, then you have no hope of ever having a valid opinion on any matter, big or small, whatsoever.

Face facts. Grow up. Stop running from reality. Because if you are just unable to recognize such a lame, if well-funded scam such as this, you have to consider Euthanasia. Or castration. Or in your case Pamela, get your tubes tied sweetheart. Because if you are all so useless as to not be able to break from the pack in the face of such a blatant fraud, then you really cannot risk your seed being passed on.

Do your best to mitigate your congenital faults but you cannot, you must not, risk passing on the bad seed.



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