Posted by: graemebird | March 19, 2009

How Did Barack Obama Make It Into Harvard?

On the basis of his Columbia academic record? Not on your nelly. And his Columbia application would almost certainly reveal him as a foreign student. An Indonesian national. If Soetoro got into Harvard on the basis of good grades we would have access to them. But he did not. I’ve just knocked this together quickly since Jason Soon wrongly imagines that Obama is some sort of intellectual that writes his own books and has the smarts and dedication to progress from a High School in Hawaii up to Harvard and right into the Harvard Law Review position. He had no such smarts or dedication. He got there with a little help from his friends. Not a proper thread. Just a quick explanation.

It simply has to be understood that this fellow is not in any way Presidential material. Sure he cuts a fine figure at 20 paces (up closer he begins to look like a real dummy again). Alan Keyes and Ron Paul (especially when Ron was a little younger) are clearly Presidential material. As was Reagan. But Obama is a dumb ignorant marxist. He may have some inherited intelligence-potential, but its never been applied. He’s had everything handed to him like he was royalty of some sort.


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