Posted by: graemebird | March 20, 2009

Diesel Is Mastery/And Its Supply Is Potentially Unlimited.

The process shown in this YouTube could be enhanced further in cost-effectiveness if we already had ubiquitous nuclear power. Note that water is one of the ingredients here. And then the mix is put under heat and pressure. But a nuclear power plant has steam and hot water as its natural by-products. Hence its only economic to have the nuclear power plant and the trash-to-diesel plant side by side. Energy sources are not strictly competitors as the idiot pro-nuclear promoters of the carbon tax so ignorantly assume. Nuclear is a COMPLEMENTARY industry to hydrocarbon production. Got that Soon, Humphreys et al you dummies?

You will see in this video that even sewerage can be turned to diesel. Its all true, though it sounds too good to be true. And of course this means that staff members of the Australian Communication And Media Authority could be turned to diesel also. And they could wind up coming out the back of your exhaust pipe as CO2, that is to say plant fertiliser and an enhancement to the biosphere.

Its a pleasing thought but I’d settle for their sacking and banning from the public sector and I wouldn’t settle for anything less than that. Anyone who isn’t calling for an end to their careers, at the very least, isn’t being serious. You’ve got to get over your idiocy towards Joseph McCarthy and realise he was only acting like a decent citizen and trying to get risky people to take up work in the private sector. And we certainly need more people in the private sector to reindustrialise and move to surplus trade balances.

Anyway here is this diesel creation process. The amount of oil we can pull up is limited on a decadal basis. That is to say its limited for the next few decades. But the amount of synthetic diesel we can produce has no practical limit and what is required is the total destruction of the hateful environmentalist movement. Or to kill two birds with one stone, the institution of mass-sackings in the public sector. And naturally we cannot tolerate any quislings who would attempt to promote a carbon tax. So pull your heads in Sinclair and Humphreys. Humphreys particularly has acted for years as if he has been possessed by some sort of anti-carbon demon. But carbon-dioxide is life. And diesel is mastery. Diesel is liberty.

Unfortunately this youtube cannot be imbedded.


  1. check out this cool bio Graeme

  2. Right. I’ve never heard of him. I’ll have to find out more about him. Funny that he’s not more well-known.

  3. Good on you for highlighting this hero Jason. Malcolm, who I find very appealing and perhaps unjustifiably so, is with us since he is also appealing to many on the left. But this fellow is airbrushed, as you say, from our collective memory.

    Just when I think you are no good you do the right thing by highlighting this man. But did you HAVE TO CALL HIM A GUN NUT? What about calling him a second-amendment enthusiast? Its not to late to amend your post in favour of the amendment. It doesn’t matter what your judgement call is for Australia you know.

    Imagine if you are a black man, and needing to look after your beautiful pregnant wife and your beautiful small children. And some hooded assholes are planting crosses on your lawn while you are working an afternoon factory job.

    You cannot be there 24 hours a day. And you are likely tired most of the time. You have to be able to warn these inbred crackers that if you see a 1950’s car coming up your winding road the first thing you go for is your torch and the second thing you go for is your rifle, with shotgun and sidearms to hand. And you have to tell them that you are not perfect and you might make mistakes under pressure so don’t even turn up my road. Because if I even so much as THINK I see a hood or something that ought not be there you kids are going to be as dead as vaudeville.

    You didn’t need to call him a nut. His people could not rely on the Police and so he had to rely on the second amendment. And thats what I have to assume until I get around to researching him a bit more.

  4. no offence meant by gun nut Graeme. It’s reclaiming the term, like homosexuals reclaiming the term ‘queer’

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