Posted by: graemebird | March 21, 2009

Evidence Of Sensational Progress In Education In Monetary-Economics.

For the last 3 years I’ve been trying to educate Catallaxians in the subject of monetary-economics. Of course they have proven too dim and intellectually dishonest to absorb any of it. But people most often stay silent on the internet. They read and absorb things. And we all who are involved in desperate education efforts (such that after this collapse people will know how to pick up the pieces) ought to simply take it on faith that there are many out there learning about the subjects we are speaking on. Not necessarily agreeing with everything that we are saying. But at least absorbing and learning these messages.

Here is a sensational example of people having absorbed some of this knowledge. And the educators having no way of knowing how many good people they are reaching. Deserves to be blown up to full screen so that you can be part of the atmosphere.

Central banks are horrible abortions. Totally unnecessary and a cancer on society. But the American version is the most hateful of all. We can end these ghastly aberrations in human life without monetary implosion if we first phase out bank-cash-pyramiding and set policy so as to automatically move towards commodity-money.

People who are new to this subject or are true anarcho-capitalists alone excepted;the worm-tongues in this whole affair are those centrist quislings who suddenly put on the anarcho-capitalist hat (a stance that in truth they despise) and pretend that the one abominable regulation that could ever exist in this world, is the regulation that is known as the reserve asset ratio. Anyone from an economics background who is not an anarcho-capitalist, who puts this idea about, is a self-selected liar and traitor.

I advocate the use of several commodities. But in truth this would only be realistic if we could absolutely be quits with ponzi-money and make it both a social and legal anathema. Because this is unlikely we will rely on gold and silver. We ought to go with silver first in the knowledge that some time in the future gold is likely to outcompete silver. Silver with fractional reserve is likely to be both unstable and inflationary. But silver with 100% backing will be righteous until such time as it begins to lose value some decades into the future and gold would then likely outcompete silver on a free market.

If we could lock in a hatred for fractional reserve and if most countries made it illegal then we would likely be able to have several commodities in the air as money and this would be economically a better thing.

But realistically I think we ought to go with silver first and gold down the track.

Further to this theme of education; Two years ago, who would have thought some babe from CNN, who one would normally expect to be a leftist airhead, would be both willing and able to have this interview with Ron Paul on what amounts to international TV?



  1. Magnificent talk by Rabbi Lapin.

    Many of my fellow atheists make me think that they will never grow out of adolescence. Actually I was radical-antireligious when I was young and it embarrasses me a bit now. Yes its true that a belief in God cannot be proven via logic. The wise believer simply assumes these things, and having done so, must have the humility to remember this, and though he may believe with unshakeable faith… still he cannot impose himself too much on those that have not made these fundamental assumptions. He must use reason as supplement to these assumptions and he assumes that this reason is his best guess to what would please God.

    I haven’t enough sought out the spoken-word presentations of Rabbis. But when they have presented themselves to me its usually been a very heart-warming and pleasant experience. Whereas culturally speaking I’m far more Christian, listening to Christian intellectuals can be a far more patchy experience and I wonder why that is.

    I’d pay money to listen to, and meet the Catholic scholar Robert Novak. And I’d try and convince him on the score of gold or silver money and against bank-cash-pyramiding. In the end, though brought up a Presbytarian, I sort of think of myself as right-wing Catholic. Or pre-Protestant Catholic. I think of myself in line with Aquinas–Acton-and the Catholic convert G K Chesterton. I went to say William of Ockham, but had to scrub that since I hadn’t read him in the original. I’ve read often Acton and Aquinas but in short bursts. Since when I downloaded their works they were too volumnous and I couldn’t find the stuff that I was interested in.

    G.K. Chesterton is interesting to me. He appears to be about the sanest man in the world.

    In any case if I was listening to a Catholic scholar talking it would more likely be the case that 5 out of 6 cases it would give me the shits. But the one speaker I did like I’d like 110%. Like a Novak or something.

    Yet I almost always like talks given by rabbis up to 70 or 80%. I don’t know why that is and I have no theories about why that would be.

    Ok so I’m rambling. But this is a particularly good talk by rabbi Lapin. I reccomend it to all of you. I reccomend that if you are secular, or atheist you grow up and start to be supportive of your Judeo-Christian paternity, and of your believing friends.

    We need all the help we can get to defend the idea that we are not merely animals. I’m very fond of Dawkins and Hitchens too. But they represent my teenage view of the situation.

    I’m more fond of Alan Keyes. And those two fictional Catholics in the movie THE EXORCIST who got to the business of dealing with radical-uncertainty and evil in the best way they could and wound up giving their lives to save the girl.

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