Posted by: graemebird | March 26, 2009

Any Hawaians Or Kenyans Here?

The leftist liars and their faux-libertarian centrist posing allies are getting about with a series of mantras, all of which imply that they have seen some sort of representation of a birth certificate which states that Obama was born in Hawaii.

They have not seen any such certificate ever. Fake or otherwise. Any Hawaiians or Kenyans here??


Well then we can safely say that none of you have ever seen any such representation of a birth certificate, on the internet, or anywhere else. Obama’s birth certificate is under seal in Hawaii. That it is under seal proves that he is a usurper. As any honest consideration of the problem would reveal.

But is everyone clear now that they have never seen any birth certificate of Obama’s, or any certificate at all purporting to show where Obama was born.

Once these mantras get out and about that appears to be enough for these zombies. They will then imagine that they themselves have seen a birth certificate that they’ve never laid eyes on. They will have flashbacks, and its somebody elses life. They will be akin to a droid who has been implanted with false memories.

Everyday we have people from Catallaxy and elsewhere continually making idiots of themselves afresh with delusional behaviour of this sort.

Now apparently there is no such thing as law anymore. By common consent amongst leftist and make-believe fake-ass libertarians, there is no law at all and it all amounts simply to leftist discretion.



  1. More fallout from the dirtbags pro-Communist campaign in Kenya.

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