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Forgotten Chinese Forced Abortion Victims ….. Cry Over Me ….. Even For A Moment.

Modified from comments on this forum:

The unbelievable fascism of the grodscorp people never fails to amaze me. It would be going too far to say that they shocked me. But let us imagine how totally alone a women would feel, having had her child murdered by the Chinese Communists, for no reason at all…….

.. And supposing later on she could read English and this is what she read:


In this Bolt thread, Adrian of Canberra takes a standard wingnut theory to a higher level of hyperbole:

“As soon as you start putting limits on the size of the population, the greedy vampires from the abortion lobby with come out looking to cull children from the scene – China style.”


Thats Toaf for you. How callous is that? I’m pretty sure that even the socialist Hitler had more human feeling than that. One time someone whose wife had been murdered by Stalin confronted Stalin in public about it and Stalin, apparently quite ashamed…. dissapeared from the public gathering….. When he later re-appeared he had brought the aggrieved man some flowers that he had picked himself.

What do you make of this toaf fellow?

They come around and they rip the child out of her body and they murder her baby.

And Toaf is gloating at these poor women. He’s laughing about it.”

For his next trick Toaf is now in denial about recent Kenyan history.

Toaf appears to be the most purely fascist of that grodscorp crowd. Some of the others know when to shut up. Apparently the history of how Raila Odinga got to power in Kenya is “fabricated”. Like all fascists he’s a holocaust-denier. No children burnt in Kenya. No killing at all. That the BBC was there giving us a blow by blow account every night doesn’t matter.

“I think it is Blair’s Law, THR. First the fusing of the Bird and AWH theories about the USSA, the Bird meets Aurora/Jerome Corsi in a fabricated version of Kenyan history.”

We won’t see Toaf come out against forced abortion or the organ-snatching murders anytime soon. Nor the DDT bureaucratisation holocaust. Nor the killing-by-fire setup in Victoria. It never happened. The environmentalists never stopped people from controlling their property. They never banned people from gathering firewood on any public land whatsoever.

You can lead a horse to water. But if he won’t drink it might be time for the glue factory. If the dramatic musical interpreter cannot assist in my attempts to make human offal like Toaf try and identify with these girls (who all of us have let down)…. well Toaf might consider pre-emptive euthanasia. Its important not to pass the leftist seed on.

Here is some of the aftermath of the Odinga/Obama team. All a fabrication in Toafs view.

The violence actually started prior to the election. The campaign to say that the election had been rigged got off to a headstart. It was merely a leftist tactic. No evidence exists that the election was rigged at all. It wasn’t rigged. This was just the Odinga/Obama campaign lie.

Here is Obama early on stirring up racial trouble in Kenya as he co-campaigns with Odinga. Its a very prosaic video, without much in the way of commentary. But listen carefully to when Obama finally speaks. Each time you hear him speak you will see that he is stirring up racial trouble and implying that the Kenyan government is corrupt. Now think about this for a moment. Here is a US Senator, during a worldwide campaign against Islamic-Fascist-Terrorism…. He’s taking time out from his own Presidential campaign. And he’s overseas desperately trying to get a Marxist-Islamist-supremacist elected in then-peaceful Kenya.

You would think he had given the entire US election away by such horrific anti-American anti-Kenyan behaviour. And listen to his speeches. They are not about how terrific Odinga is. They are a relentless non-stop insinuation of corruption in people of another tribe to the people he is speaking to.

Here’s Jerome Corsey who the vermin Toaf reckons is making it all up.

It will take a little longer for this Marxist Obama, to have the same effect in the US as he has had in Kenya. But it will come and its not something you will be having to tell your grandchildren about.

Just try and grasp the enormity of what was going on here. Since it shows who is Obama’s real constituency. Its not the people of the United States. Here he is taking time out from his own campaign. Taking time out to both campaign and raise money FOR SOMEONE ELSE. When for any normal candidate every hour and dollar would need to be spent on your own campaign. This is absolute proof that we are witnessing the breakdown of democracy by virtue of the fact that election results can be rigged by outside money. The best way to track Obama’s backers is to start running down the funding for Odingas campaign.

There is no historical precedent for an American Presidential candidate to be planning and carrying out the stirring up of violence and the blatant overturning of the results of an election, through violence, in another country. All of you are just going to have to pinch yourselves and wake up to what is happening here. We saw what foreign countries have tried to do here, going after our Defense Minister. We saw how Australia turned down the chance to buy the Raptor. Maybe what we are seeing is a new development in democracy. But there it is. You have to accept these things when they come up.

“So you reckon its a conspiracy.” In fuckwit centrist circles this is held to be some sort of winning argument. Go back to your Schaums outline series on logic because only a drooling moronic cunt would think such idiocy in the first place. There is no “you reckon there is a conspiracy” trump-card in logic.

To disagree with my own view of the history of this matter is TO PUT FORWARD A THEORY that is blatantly ridiculous. Like Obama so much loved his alleged cousin that he was willing to sacrifice his own election for this man. And he did so without any third party backers in mind whatsoever. Just a farcical view of the situation. Ludicrous.


  1. Bird, you either do not understand my position (likely) or you are deliberately lying about it (equally likely). I would take a few moments to refute the accusations you make here but I know that, being a coward, you will simply delete my comment or overwrite it with your own stupidity (possibly in capitals). So my challenge to you is that you visit my blog, search for one of the many posts I have written about Kenya, and engage with the topic in a mature manner. If you refuse to do that, then the childish attacks you launch from this blog will simply be seen as the hypocritical and demented rantings that they truly are. The challenge is yours to accept or decline. Do you have it in you to accept?

  2. Listen. Enlighten me about Odinga not being a Marxist if you want. But don’t try and pull that Joe Wilson nonsense on me where you show up in Africa, talk to a few black people by the pool, subsequently lie about what you’ve been told, and then pull an “I was there and I talked to everyone” trump-card. Because you were also in Australia and you were not able to identify environmentalism as the key relevant cause to all those deaths in Victoria. So you have no trump card.

    You are going to have to make a case in favour of Raila based on reason alone without some arbitrary trump-card, not relying on Annenberg OR fight-the-smears.

    So what did you want to tell me in Raila’s favour. Because the hard-left only appears to have a few tricks on the fly, but they are devastating. Yet once you know what they are and you see the signs of them ……….. well lets just say its going to be pretty hard for you to dig Raila out of this one.

    Now the technique we are looking for here is the parallel campaign technique. So if you want to rig an election the best way of doing it is you launch the campaign to rig the election, and with it you launch the parallel campaign to say that your opponents are rigging the election.

    Raila is now Prime Minister right? That would give him nominally the second most powerful position in the country is that right? And yet he didn’t get many votes? Is that right? Now how do you explain this anomaly?

    I shall defer to your greater knowledge of Kenya for the time being.

    Now about this accusation that I’ve been lying about you. Well maybe so. Maybe so. I haven’t bothered to sort out your actual view on matters at all. I don’t know what you think. But you leftists over at grodspost and elsewhere are going to have to learn that if you (for example) wear a Che Guevara tee-shirt just for kicks, you are going to be held responsible for being in support of a child-killer. And my assumption will be, that that the tee-shirt wearer is a callous prick who supports human eradication in some shape or form, not excluding the killing of innocent women and children.

    And so it goes all the way down the line. You insinuate that the DDT-bureaucratisation-holocaust never happened you better have a damn good reason for your point of view. Or you will be judged as being soft on mass-murder like all holocaust-deniers.

    This is the place to come to if you reckon you’ve been lied about. And we can clear these matters up. Put forth what your actual position is, without third party swarming. Either that or tell Scotty four-eyes to take the shackles off, but then that would seem pointless because your fascist bully-boy mates would turn it all into a thread of doom like they did when they were defending enivironmentalist murders in Victoria.

    No swarming nutballery, generalised contempt, or full-spectrum-flippancy, can get in the way of you clarifying your attitudes on this site. You have the hall, the stage the floor and the mike.

    Explain away.

  3. Once a marxist steps in wiki’s objective position ends.

    But here is something about their history:

    “Until the unrest occasioned by the disputed election results of December 2007, Kenya had hitherto maintained remarkable stability despite changes in its political system and crises in neighbouring countries. A cross-party parliamentary reform initiative in the fall of 1997 revised some oppressive laws inherited from the colonial era that had been used to limit freedom of speech and assembly. This improved public freedoms and contributed to generally credible national elections in December 1997.

    In December 2002, Kenyans held democratic and open elections, most of which were judged free and fair by international observers. The 2002 elections marked an important turning point in Kenya’s democratic evolution in that power was transferred peacefully from the Kenya African Union (KANU), which had ruled the country since independence to the National Rainbow Coalition (Narc), a coalition of political parties.”

    You can confirm the general thrust of this hey Toaf?

  4. Right. Its pretty clear that Toaf had nothing. He was just relying on fight-the-smears, combined with this I’ve been to Kenya trump-card idiocy.

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