Posted by: graemebird | March 27, 2009

Hospitals/Decades/Rural Realities/The Advantages Of An Illegal Marxist President.

The argument has moved on so do try and keep up. We know that Barrack Obama is NOT the President but rather an Usurper.

All sides in this conflict know this now. Since we know that he was born in Kenya and we know which hospital he was born in. This is the case for practically all people born in hospitals in this world. So its no surprise that it is the case also with Obama. You see when they bring you back from the Hospital there is really only one Hospital they bring you back from. Hence people who knew you when you were brought back from the Hospital are all likely to know which Hospital that was.


And babies are (or were) special. There is nothing more exciting than having a new baby in the extended family. So disputes over which hospital a person was born in have never been known to happen with family members 4 or more years older than the individual in question, and they have not happened in this case.


That might seem like a mindless (as opposed to an enlightening) redundancy but its not. As I must explain to my younger or city-born readers. Yes its true that if you have a cousin or niece born in a big city, in a rich country TODAY!!!!! ……… Yes its true that in that case there could be some sort of mistaking which hospital, such an individual was born in, after we fast-forward 40 or 50 years. Perhaps it was Westmead? Perhaps a home-birth?

Third world countries in 1960 were countries of a sort wherein you had only one of each thing in a major area. You know one major radio station plus the BBC and thats it. TV yet to come. Occasional broadcasts of the thoughts of Chairman Mao on shortwave. Only a few large general hospitals (usually set up by European Christian-Missionaries) in an entire country.

In the early sixties America was still famously so much richer than everyone else. The Asian economic explosion had not been kicked off as of then. The Europeans hadn’t recovered. The third-world oil billionaires hadn’t yet come into existence. Its hard for people to now realise the scope of the economic hegemony the Americans then enjoyed. Perhaps the Swiss had overtaken the Americans by that stage. If so almost no-one else.

So it is inconceivable that an American teenager, having to give birth in Africa in 1961, would go anywhere else but to one of the very large district hospitals. And no matter how old the older relatives would get (saving only in the case of authentic clinical demensia) there could never be any mixup as to which hospital the person was born in.

I was born in the main hospital of the town of my birth, perhaps 3 or 4 miles from the house I subsequently lived in for the following 7 years. You would have to drive a very long way to have been born anywhere else in the district. No-one in my extended family more than 4 years older than me, could ever get in a shouting match as to which hospital I was born in. Leave it up the the New Yorkers or the Mexico-City Folk born in later years, to have such disputation. But if the options are New Zealand, Hawaii or Kenya, and the time is the early sixties, there can never conceivably be an honest disagreement as to where that new baby was born.

And there is no such disagreement in Obama’s case either.

This goes for you, me and Obama. And in Obama’s case there has never been a disagreement that violates what I have said above. Just as there has never been any such disagreement in your case or mine.

If there was some conflicting testimony by relatives or friends older than Obama this would be another matter. But there is never likely to be any such conflict. Not for you, me or Obama. And in Obama’s case there is no such conflict also. The Hospital he was born in looks over the Indian ocean on the coastal road in Kenya. I’ve heard it called the Coast Providence Hospital Kenya. I’ve heard in called the Provincial General Hospital on the Coastal Road in Kenya. This is just a retranslation back into the English and we are talking about the same hospital. And there is never conflicting testimony when it comes to babies being born in hospitals and there is no conflicting testimony in this case also.

So the issue has moved on. What are the advantages of having an illegal marxist extremist pretending to be President in violation of the US constitution?

Could there be some advantage to this?

Maybe if you think there is an advantage to an illegal imposter, who we know has already promoted Islamic extremism, and running multi-trillion dollar deficits…. Maybe you ought to make that case if you believe that there is some benefits to be had from this.

Because the situation has moved on. His status as a usurper being TOTALLY UNCONTESTED.

Yes yes yes they will merely assert that he was born in Hawaii and that he is not a usurper. But thats no contest since they cannot come up with evidence for such a proposition. No hospital no evidence.

In 1961 Kenya appears to have had less than 8.5 million people. And this a rural, third-world, country. It would beggar belief if it developed that there was some sort of birth-Hospital controversy, within the family…. And in fact, just as there is no birth-Hospital controversy for you or for me, neither is there any such controversy in Obama’s extended family.



  1. Predictably Toaf rallies around the Raila Odinga. Murderer of women and children. And rigger of the elections. He won nothing and yet by violence he is now Prime Minister. This show of raw violence must be impressive to Toaf:

    “Bird, head over to my blog and leave a comment if you have an issue with anything I might say. I have written plenty about Kenya. My disagreement with Jerome Corsi’s pathetically weak smear against Obama and Odinga was aired at Aurora’s blog, too, before it was decommissioned. So yeah, drop by: I promise not to alter your comments, abuse you, swear at you, or delete your comments. Stop being a coward.”

    The pro-fascist proof lies elsewhere. And by god don’t insult my good buddy Raila.

    All pretty predictable.

  2. This is a pretty good film.

  3. Good work Mr Bird
    We must do all we can to bring down the n……. usurper.


  4. I’m watching the film Michael. But to me its hopelessly optimistic. I mean if these guys were that much in control there would be a chance that they would stop things going too badly so as to maintain some sort of semi-benevolent parasitical hegemony.

    If Obama was that much of an Anglo-American billionaires puppet then he wouldn’t be better or worse than any other President. And he wouldn’t be a frontman for people that are neither Anglo nor American.

  5. Watch it right through. It goes right into how the Carbon Tax is really about setting up an international bank.

  6. There’s also a lot of good stuff on the Federal Reserve, the creation of a domestic KGB, and so on.

  7. Yeah I’m still watching it. I agree with about one quarter of it. The truth is more horrible then what Tarpley and Jones are saying. Because they give the impression of powerful management. As if the real guys running things were like some mummified version of the old Doges that used to run the Venetian Empire. That would almost be a plus. So they underestimate what total lunatics Soetoro and Immanuel are. And how much damage Paulson has done. Since after all if these people were merely frontmen, rather than incredibly dangerous lunatics running amok, well it wouldn’t matter if we can take him away in chains or leave him be.

    I mean this guy has to be stopped. Its not a neutral thing that he’s there. If Bilderburg could pull him up and get him to cut spending that would almost be a good thing. If they could tell him to fire Immanuel and repudiate the ground upon which Paulson walks, well there would be hope for us.

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