Posted by: graemebird | March 29, 2009

An Absolutely Pathetic Forgery.

Obama has never released his birth certificate. His birth certificate is under seal in Hawaii. Rather he released a really pathetic forgery of a “certification of live birth”. This is no birth certificate. The certificates are two different things. I stress this because leftists are lying about this in compulsive non-stop fashion. This certificate of live birth is not just a fraud. But a clear and obvious one. Not even a good fraud.

Plus Jay McKinnon came forward and admitted to the forgery. But this doesn’t stop Obama from keeping it on his website.
Here is an explanation of what to look for. Its actually just a summary of all the many things wrong with this forgery. There are many more small details that are wrong with it.







  2. I do find it strange that all of Barry’s academic records are under seal. Isn’t the Third Estate incurious these days? The man’s president – surely the public would like to know about how well he fared academically and what sort of minor theses he wrote etc.

  3. Steady on CL. He is not the President. He’s a usurper. The constitution of the United States rules him out of being President entirely.

    He cannot release his application papers to Columbia because he almost definitely applied as a foreign student. As Barry Soetoro of Jakarta, Indonesia.

    His exam results will likely show him up as an under-achiever with really poor grades.

  4. CL are you sure you want to be hanging too much with that Catallaxy crowd anymore? These guys are really damaged goods you know. Were you witness to the contempt that they had for a Christian minister who signed a sworn affidavit about an interview he conducted with Obama’s grandmother?

    The Catallaxy crowd merely assumed this fellow was lying. Flat out. And then they poured scorn on him for having signed the sworn statement under assumed name because of the mass-murders that had been orchestrated in Kenya less than a year prior.

    These Catallaxians are not libertarians. They more resemble Jacobins if you ask me.

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