Posted by: graemebird | March 31, 2009

Mass-Sacking Categories/Economists Who Won’t Repudiate The Idiotic Keynesian Multiplier.

Brought to the front from March 2009 to prepare the reader for the threads that are to come. Remembering always that Sinclair remains unforgiven for his lazy confirmation of the existence of the Keynesian multiplier ( when in reality it does not exist) during his presentation to the Senate. It was an incredibly lazy thing to do. As it drew on a crap post by Mankiw, ON A FUCKING BLOG, posted only days before Sinclairs own presentation to the Senate. Mankiw’s own useless opinion at least seems to have been on the basis of statistical work by Robert (THE PATSY) Barro.

Its pretty clear that there is no reaching these lunatics. Either they are too stupid to realise what a moronic idea this is. Or they are so disloyal to their ultimate paymasters that they are helping to continue this self-evidently moronic idea out of what the lawyers call “professional courtesy”. Professional courtesy is where the lawyer betrays his client and gets all chummy with the skanky idiot on the other side of the argument who is lying about you and trying to have you subjected to compulsion to reinforce these lies.

So the only answer is to sack them all and just save us a whole lot of money. Thats a few dollars to make up the two billion that traitor Kevin Rudd is throwing us more into debt every week.

It seems that our economics academy is weeding out anyone smart enough to not get involved in this gigantic emperors clothes phenomenon. So only repulsively stupid people like Nick Gruen and Mark Hill are making it through all the way to get their economics degree. Asking Mark Hill for evidence for this idiocy just shows why none of these people are fit to talk about economics. Because all this fuckwit does is keep on lining up people who agree with him that it exists. They are usually people who seem to have sold out. In that they probably tried to say it didn’t exist early on but were given such negative reinforcement that they had to somehow argue via some other mechanism.

We hold cash balances. And that money we receive that is not used to replenish cash balances is spent. Stealing money off one person doesn’t change this fact. It will not increase spending in any shape or form. It will simply alter what categories the money is spent on.

Now this ought to be obvious. But it is greatly helpful to lunatics like Rudd or Gruen, who want to get us into debt by 2 billions more every week, to think of the money as SANCTIFIED BY THE ACT OF GOVERNMENT STEALING.

You see if you are a parasite and a thief its greatly helpful to have this idea that stealing sanctified the money, and makes it special and somehow gives it great power.

It is this voodoo-economics, and other macromancy, that is the cause of our problems and so any economist who fails to repudiate this idiotic concept in the strongest possible terms must be fired and stripped of his government pension, for the sake of the rest of us. Because we have families to look after too you know. And we don’t need you guys betraying us when we are paying for your kids as well.

A policy to increase overall spending is an INFLATIONARY policy. A policy to decrease spending overall is a CONTRACTIONARY policy. But fiscal policy is neither inflationary nor contractionary, it is merely idiotic.

If you want contraction there is only one right and proper way to do this. And that is to increase the reserve asset ratio. You don’t sell bonds and retire cash-money because that increases our debt levels.

If you want policy to be more inflationary…. that is to INCREASE nominal spending overall, what you do is you produce new cash and you use it to RETIRE debt. Never is there any excuse to increase debt to increase spending. Since increasing debt does not increase spending, rather it is just the parasites stealing off you and your kids and betraying our country.

So we have monetary policy. And there is good monetary policy and pseudo-monetary policy which is really just more parasitism.

To review. Valid monetary policy is increasing the RAR when you want policy more contractionary. Valid monetary policy is debt retirement via new cash creation if-and-only if you want more spending… if and only if you want policy less contractionary and therefore more inflationary.

The above are the only two valid and ethical measures of monetary policy that there are under fiat currency.

What about cutting interest rates I hear you say? This is simply subsidising parasitism. And it doesn’t work either, expect by secondary effects, of either reducing the effective RAR or increasing the amount of cash or cash-substitutes out there.

So we ought not call these other measures MONETARY POLICY. Rather we ought to call them what they are which is bank subsidisation. Some confusion about this will exist in this country since we have the complicating factor of the variable home mortgage. But we shall gloss over this for our purposes here.

Now notice how our economists assist parasitism at every turn. First they want us to go into debt to shower money on the taxeater parasites. Next they want to lend money out to the financial sector parasites at bargain basement interest rates.

Only when things are in total crisis will they use authentic monetary policy. Which is either increasing the Reserve Asset Ratio or Debt retirement via new cash creation.




  1. Look at this idiot Sinclair and the way he is tripping himself up by his own inaccurate terminology.


    Well you see I don’t think it is. And I wonder where he’s getting this idiocy from. So I’ll ask him. Sinclair. Where are you getting this idiocy from?

    Further to that Sinclair is claiming that not only is communist nationalisation good for business. But general non-communist government nationalisation is held to be good for business also in Sinclairs view.

    Now how has Sinclair gotten himself into this mess?

    He has gotten himself into this mess by not being clear enough about his wording. Bullshitting and claiming that patriotism is Xenophobia he then takes another step and says Xenophobia is bad for business. Fear of foreigners is supposed to be bad for business. Well I don’t know about that. It could be. In fact it really really could be. So you dive into his little screed to find out what he means and he means nothing of the sort.

    We find out that he isn’t saying that Xenophobia is bad for business. Rather he is saying that communist nationalisation is good for business.

    Say what you mean Sinclair and then you are less likely to make an anti-economics dickhead traitor out of yourself.

  2. Mr Bird
    Add Bob Hawke to the list of quislings who must fast firing squad when we reclaim the country,25197,25272596-5013404,00.html

  3. He may be too old and senile to be fully responsible for this silliness.

    Only Costello and Sheridan have broken from the tribe on this one it seems.

    Are there any other commentators who are not hell-bent on communist nationalisation of our gear.

    I’m appalled at how badly the concept of free trade is being abused. It used to be about our blokes being able to go anywhere, fill up a container and bring it home. Or if some foreign nationial wanted to start a company here in Australia we would look favourably on giving them access.

    Now its all about these parasites getting some quick money off foreign governments via selling our sovereignty out.

    These people make me sick not just for their betrayal and self-serving parasitism. But also for their abuse of economic science.

    Notice its only strategic resources and infrastructure that gets them all excited. They specifically want to sell off the stuff that ISN’T a matter of competitive business producing new stuff.

  4. Mr Bird
    Someone was impersonating me back in some thread a while ago. He was doing a pretty good job of it too. I was going to tell you but it appears you have deleted the thread anyway?

  5. I’ve taken some threads private. I wasn’t sure about it. The comments were going a bit far and the pattern next to your name was different. So I thought you might be in a bad mood or that it might be an impersonator. I thought I’d better wipe one or two comments either way. I didn’t check the the IPN or whatever you call it. But definitely the coloured pattern was different then usual.

  6. Kevin’s buddies assaulting Chinese Catholics:

    In fact a few days ago, 55-year-old Fr Paul Ma, a priest in Dung Lü, was arrested for celebrating the Eucharist with a few underground parishioners.

    Members of his congregation are concerned about his fate because he has heart condition and is not likely to get treatment whilst in detention.

    Controls and arrests are up because of the coming anniversary of the death of Mgr Joseph Fan Xueyan, bishop of Baoding, who was killed by police in 1992. The faithful traditionally visit his grave and organise prayers in memory of the martyr.

    After decades in concentration camps, Bishop Fan was seized by police in early 1992. On 13 April of that year police reported him dead, his body showing torture marks, left at night stuffed in a plastic bag on the front door of relatives.

    Sources told AsiaNews that two other bishops from the underground Church have been missing for a number of years lost somewhere in police custody with nothing known about their fate.

    The first one is Mgr James Su Zhimin (diocese of Baoding, Hebei), 75, who was arrested in 1996. Nothing was known about him until November 2003 when he was spotted in a police-controlled hospital in Baoding, undergoing treatment for heart and eye problems, only to vanish a few days later.

    The second clergyman is Mgr Cosma Shi Enxiang (diocese of Yixian, Hebei), 86, who was arrested on 13 April 2001, never to be heard of again. Ordained in 1982 Monsignor Shi had spent 30 years in prison. Arrested in December 1990 and released in 1993, he was forced to live in isolation until his latest arrest.

    According to the aforementioned sources, tens of underground priests are also languishing in prison and forced labour camps. Tens of other underground bishops are being held in isolation as well.

    Hawkie’s in China, though, happily looking the other way and making a squillion. He says he’s now over that whole Tiananmen Square massacre thing. Funny that.

    • Fractional Reservist Bastards

  7. I hate him CL. I hate him so very very much.

    Those people so dim as to imagine that taxeating “experts” have expertise think he’s some messiah diplomat. But he’s diplomat from the stupid-town subdivision of hell. Imagine hooking up an appointment with the number 5 guy of an implicitly antagnonistic nation more powerful then ones own? Thats a dimplomatic fail right there. Because the country who requests a meeting pays a price.

    And what is his diplomacy in aid of? These are not supposed to be just to schmooze and grandstand. These are business sessions and you have to be able to get something vital for your country out of them.

    So we are not out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Diplomatic fail. We don’t have the Raptor. Diplomatic fail. And we have lost strategic ground against the Chinese and given them a launchpad for the application of soft power (for starters) to subvert our democracy……

    … And just as a sideline why are these Christians still being persecuted if this fucking moron is an even halfway competent diplomatic. Diplomatic fail fail fail.

    Now for his next trick he’s going to piss more of our strategic and economic ground away with a third stagnation package.

    I hate the milky-bar-kid so very fucking much.

  8. Hey Graeme
    Have you read the latest about our milky bar kid?

    News Ltd reported that on a flight from Port Moresby to Canberra Mr Rudd shouted at a 23-year-old attendant because his request for a special meat-free meal could not be met.

    The attendant burst into tears and reported the matter to the senior cabin attendant. She later composed herself and continued with the in-flight service.

  9. I saw the newspaper headlines. He’s a fucking thief and a tyrant and he’s entirely flippant about the deaths of our soldiers. He’s a real prick.

  10. Goddamn Son of a fractional reservist Bastard Whore Fucking Cunt

  11. I have attempted to alert the moderators of ABC unleashed. I have attempted to alert them to any latent sense of honor, and the angels of their better nature, that may yet lie within them:

    “I’m going to ask the powers that be that future comments that simply re-iterate points you’ve already made will be moderated.”

    For the love of God maintain your sovereignty and independence. This anemic upstart is the very rolling-thunder of repetitive Keynesian propaganda ….. and yet he accuses me of being a one-trick-pony.

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